Boruto Manga Chapter Number 69

Delta on the cover of ‘Captives’ (Image: Boruto manga chapter 69)

boruto manga chapter 69, titled ‘Captives’, gave us a little more detail about how Eida’s skills worked. We also have a lot of queer moments!

Whether certain fans want to accept it or not, the Naruto franchise has always had something strange. There’s a reason why parts of the fandom still talk about the “love” between Naruto and Sasuke and why those two as an endgame still made more sense than being linked to Hinata and Sakura, respectively.

And while the queerness wasn’t too obvious during Naruto‘s story, except for the existence of two queer characters named Haku and Orochimaru, the boruto series seems to be okay with making certain things a lot clearer. Oh, how times have changed!

The queer energy in ‘Captives’ is undeniable!

Since Eida was teleported to the Hidden Leaf Village by Code in the previous manga chapter, the beginning of ‘Captives’ had Delta attack Eida, only for Eida’s ability to stop Delta in her tracks. Delta fell so in love with Eida that she fell to the floor, blushed and even thought Eida was cute.

Captives Boruto manga chapter 69 review
Delta is influenced by Eida’s strength in ‘Captives’ (Image: Boruto manga chapter 69)

There’s also an interaction between Mitsuki and Salad, which I’ll get into in a moment. I mean, if you’re still unable to see the strangeness emanating from the… boruto manga after reading chapter 69, i don’t know what to tell you.

As Shikamaru tried to make sense of his current Eida-related predicament, the chapter jumped to Boruto and Sasuke who had a nice chat about how Boruto didn’t like the village blaming Kawaki for proving Boruto. Boruto had no ill feelings towards Kawaki because he was the one who made Kawaki promise to kill him if Momoshiki took over his body. As for Boruto, Kawaki was his brother and he was thankful that Kawaki didn’t get cold feet when Boruto needed him the most.

I could understand why Sasuk felt guilty about the whole thing. As Boruto’s teacher, and literally a full-grown ninja, it was his responsibility to not only protect Boruto, but also bear the burden of killing his student when there was no other option left to save Boruto’s life. But Sasuk had previously failed to keep his promise. You could argue that Sasuke’s inability to act (sort of) led to Boruto taking matters into his own hands and reaching out to Kawaki to do what Sasuke couldn’t.

‘Captives’ had a lot of foreshadowing regarding Sasuke’s future development. He told Boruto that his time to show his determination to protect Boruto and the rest was probably getting closer. He also told Boruto to hold on to his old ninja headband. From what I’ve learned from reviewing content over the years, when a certain character handed a prized memento to someone they were close to, it more often than not meant their end was near. I don’t think Sasuke won’t die (yet). But I have a feeling he could be seriously injured soon.

As for the conversation Mitsuki and Salad had with each other while watching Boruto and Sasuke chatting from a distance, the current chapter made it clear again that Mitsuki is in love with Boruto. Mitsuki felt guilty that he couldn’t be with Boruto during his time of need. Not only that, but Mitsuki made it very clear to Salad that he would end the lives of anyone who managed to actually kill Boruto.

Salad also got the chance to share her feelings for Boruto. She too felt guilty for not being able to support him sooner. Salad was also mad at herself for not being powerful enough for Boruto to depend on her and Mitsuki like he can rely on Kawaki.

Mitsuki said Salad loved Boruto too, made me laugh. I don’t know if Salad and Boruto will be the endgame, but Salade having feelings for her teammate (who she actually grew up with) and wanting to protect him made sense. Those feelings don’t have to grow into something romantic, but they still have to exist to motivate Salad to do her best to offer Boruto her support.

From now on, Salad and Mitsuki’s determination reminded me of Sakura’s bow during the Naruto era. Sakura worked hard to become a powerful ninja because as part of Team 7, she didn’t want to be a burden to Naruto and Sasuke.

However, while Sakura was the female lead of Naruto, she was still treated primarily as a love interest. The main story focused on Naruto and Sasuk. That’s why I’m worried about Mitsuki and Salad. I don’t want Mitsuki and Salad being pushed away to fit supporting roles (and any love interests), with the story being all about Boruto and Kawaki. Above all, I want Salad to have a purpose separate from Boruto. Salade did say that she also wanted to get stronger to one day take the title of Hokage. So at least that’s good.

Coming back to Eida, which was a major threat to Shikamaru and Amado, I liked how ‘Captives’ let Shikamaru use his genius intellect to figure out how to deal with such an opponent. He realized that Eida couldn’t read minds. So communicating with Amado through Ino’s telepathic ability was the right choice. He also realized that Sasuk and Naruto would struggle with Eida’s ability to make people fall in love with her and asked Ino to avoid coming over to help. I don’t know if Ino can handle something like that. But at least Shikamaru told her to do it.

Shikamaru was also able to deduce that Eida had nothing against the Hidden Leaf Village. She just wanted to be with Kawaki. I am very curious if she will accept Shikamaru’s offer or not.

As for Eida’s weaknesses, Shikamaru was able to use his Shadow Possession Jutsu on her. As far as I could understand, Jutsus worked on Eida even when a person was under her control, as long as the Jutsus were not primarily intended to cause harm. So maybe she can succumb to a powerful Genjutsu?

I think Eida’s brother Daemon probably has a similar weakness. He is able to fend off attacks that have murder or malicious intent. However, I think Genjutsu or some sort of Sealing Jutsu could work on Daemon.

We also found out that Eida’s ability to make people fall in love with her gave rise to different symptoms depending on who she was next. Simple creatures like Delta and Code, for example, fell in love with her. A strong-willed person, such as Shikamaru, may instead exhibit headaches, muscle stiffness, and fever.

Regardless of the symptoms, the bottom line was that even if someone wanted to kill Eida, their body wouldn’t allow it. According to Amado, the only way to stop Eida, who could not control her ability to captivate others, was to kill her.

I understand that some readers may be disappointed by boruto manga chapter 69 due to the lack of action and waiting a whole month to get an episode with a lot of queerness in it. haha!

However, I found ‘Captives’ quite entertaining. It gave us more details about Eida, focused on Shikamaru’s intellect, and allowed Mitsuki and Salad to talk about their feelings. With how things ended, I’m curious to see what’s going to happen.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • I think Kawaki deliberately talked about killing Boruto in front of Sumire because he wanted her to stay in the room while he talked to Naruto. Many people send Kawaki and Sumire and I understand why.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitsuki and Salad followed Sasuke and Boruto to the lab.
  • While I’m glad to see Salad and Mistuki want to get stronger, how will they achieve such a goal? Kawaki and Boruto are now on a whole different level.
  • I joked online about how funny it would be if Eida’s ability only allowed her to captivate straight people (regardless of gender). I really want Eida to try her ability on Mitsuki, just for him to smile at her and say, “Was that supposed to do anything to me?”

How about ‘Captives’? Do you think Eida will change the loyalty?

Let us know.

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