Boruto Manga Chapter 71 Review

Code on the cover of ‘Hindrance’ (Image: Boruto Manga Number 71)

boruto manga chapter 71, titled ‘Hindrance’, was a very chatty chapter where Eida made her annoyance with Code very clear.

Ever since Code decided to free Eida from the pod she was being held in, it has been very clear to her that they are not a team. Eida has helped Code capture Amado to get rid of Code’s limiters because she wants a way to get close to Kawaki. The moment Shikamaru made Eida the offer to stay in Konoha to get to know Kawaki better, the fandom knew Code’s days were numbered. Eida didn’t need him anymore. By staying with Code, Eida was also seen as Konoha’s enemy.

While we’ll have to wait to witness Code’s actual power levels in battle after he finally had his limiters removed by Amado, I liked how he seemed powerful enough to fight against Eida’s influence. Even though she told him to stop and not kill Amado, Code’s body was still able to carry on, without Code’s mind collapsing under the pressure of not listening to Eida. She had to ask Daemon to intervene to prevent Code from ending Amado’s life.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I thought Daemon made that code fast pretty funny. After going to great lengths to knock out his limiters, Code still wasn’t strong enough to face someone like Daemon. I’m also here for Daemon’s cocky personality. Daemon had a point. He didn’t care who came second or third in the overall net worth. Most importantly, he was still in first place. And while Code had grown stronger than Jigen and Sasuke and Naruto could fight, he paled in comparison to the powerhouse that Daemon was.

Shoutout to Bug for trying to help Code. The fandom tries to find a way to find Daemon’s weakness. And ‘Hindrance’ gave us an answer. It turns out that Daemon can only reflect attacks on him while touching someone else with his hands. So, as far as I know, the best way to defeat Daemon is to isolate him or restrict his movement. However, that is easier said than done. To address such a weakness, Daemon’s taijutsu skills and speed are off the charts. Even if he can’t resist an attack, he’s still strong enough to take on an opponent with his raw strength and speed.

Now that Code has no choice but to run away, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him again soon. He continues to hate Kawaki for ruining his life. Code is adamant about destroying everything Kawaki loves. So let’s see how he’s going to do that, because Eida will destroy Code if he hurts Kawaki.

As for Eida’s conversation with Amado, I think the whole fandom knew Amado was up to something big as far as Kawaki is concerned. There’s a reason he re-implanted the Karma Mark on Kawaki. I hope we get an answer soon. Certain fans assume that there is some kind of wish fulfillment with the Otsutsuki God. So I guess Amado wants to use Kawaki as a key to fulfill a wish? hmm.

Now that Amado says he will vouch for Eida, it will be very interesting to see her and Daemon accompany Amado to Konoha. I can’t wait to see what kind of conversation those three will have with Shikamaru, Naruto and Sasuke. And how will Eida react when she comes face to face with Kawaki? She blushes at the mere mention of his name.

How about ‘Hinder’?

Let us know.

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