Boruto Chapter 72 leaked spoilers predict an ominous prophecy and the return of the Ten-Tails

The Boruto: Naruto next generations manga is back after a month hiatus, with chapter 72 set to be released on August 20, 2022.

However, leaked spoilers are already circulating the internet, giving fans a taste of some interesting events to come.

The manga is currently in the midst of what has been dubbed the Code Arc, and the events of Chapter 71 have left fans speculating about several possible outcomes.

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What Boruto leaked manga panels tell us about the upcoming Chapter 72

Momoshiki’s appearance

The leaked manga panels begin with the front page of Chapter 72, featuring none other than Momoshiki Otsutsuki himself.

Momoshiki made a rather destructive appearance in chapter 65, resulting in a battle with Kawaki and nearly killing his ship. After repairing Boruto’s organs with the remaining compressed Otsutsuki DNA, Momoshiki left his ship with a vague and foreboding prophecy.

Mmh, I think Momoshiki is trying to break Boruto’s heart and mind before the BIG tragedy happens. It would be an easy way for Momo to manipulate him.#BorutoCh72Spoilers #BORUTO

With the focus on Code, Eida, and Kawaki in Chapter 71, fans didn’t expect Momoshiki to reappear so soon.

His appearance may provide answers to doubts about Momoshiki’s status as a villain, namely whether the Otsutsuki can still take over Boruto’s consciousness even if he can no longer fully reincarnate.

Momoshiki appears before Boruto and reiterates that only desperation will end his future and that Boruto cannot control his destiny. Boruto: “This is just a joke, right?! (Like: Please don’t be silly). My future is mine to decide!!!” #borutoch72spoilers

This theory is further reinforced with another leaked panel from the upcoming chapter. It shows Momoshiki standing in front of Boruto similar to how he had appeared in chapter 67. He does not appear to have owned his ship. Instead, he once again warns the young protagonist that he cannot control his destiny.

The following page has also been leaked. It shows Sarada and Mitsuki arriving to find a frustrated Boruto, who takes off after his conversation with Momoshiki.

Eida arrives in Konoha

Chapter begins with Amado calling Shikamaru and informing him about everything that happened. Daemon and Eida have locked the outfit🤣🔥! #borutoch72spoilers

The spoilers for chapter 72 confirm that Eida and Daemon do indeed travel to Konoha, with Amado in tow.

The panel shows Amado calling Shikamaru to tell him what had happened at Code’s hideout and Eida’s decision to ally with Konoha. It’s possible that Amado left out certain bits of crucial information, including his statement to Eida that Kawaki was his trump card.

Hinata is worried

Hinata expresses her concern for Boruto’s safety and cries, but Boruto promises that no matter what, he will always come back, and that’s a promise. #borutoch72spoilers

The leaked spoilers for chapter 72 also include panels of Hinata crying, presumably after discovering her son’s near-death experience. Boruto reassures his mother by swearing that he will always come back to her.

Code awakens the Ten-Tails

YOOOO!! CODE MAKES AN ARMY! LOOK AT THESE BEINGS. CODE HAS FULL CONTROL🔥Side Text: “The power structure has changed. Even when it becomes a lone force, it devolves into mad revenge with the liberated power of code. #borutoch72spoilers

The most concerning leak shows Code seemingly trying to awaken the Ten-Tails, who take on humanoid form.

The spoiler has sparked new theories among fans as the panels make it seem like Code is building an army to get revenge on Kawaki. This is the first time since the Fourth Ninja War that the Ten-Tails have returned as a tangible threat.

The leaked chapter 72 manga panels foreshadow a major attack on Konoha village, which could result in the deaths of key characters such as Sasuke, Shikamaru, or even Naruto.

Given Kawaki’s obsession with Naruto, such an event may explain his hostile attitude in the post-timeskip scene shown at the beginning of the series.

If Boruto really goes rogue and leaves the village and his loved ones at this point in the story, that will be the cause of his prophecy “Be careful those blue eyes take everything from you” and it’s very soon according to Momoshiki, imo in the next+#BorutoCh67spoilers

Momoshiki’s warning only adds fuel to this theory, as it foreshadows that Boruto will face something devastating in the near future. Readers further know that this could be because of the blue eyes he inherited from Naruto or a new power he awakens.

It could even be the result of him awakening Momoshiki’s own abilities, the true nature of which remains shrouded in mystery.

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