Boruto chapter 70 release date, time and spoilers for the latest manga episode

The spoilers for Boruto Chapter 70 have finally leaked online to tease out Code’s epic new transformation, but what date and time will the manga release online?

Another month, another slow build up to the release of the next Boruto manga chapter. As is the case with every installment of the monthly manga series, the new chapter is trending worldwide on social media platforms thanks to the leaked raw scan spoilers.

While some fans will want to avoid spoilers at all costs, which is kind of hard to get on social media these days, there’s a significant section of the community that loves nothing more than to obsess over every new fantastic detail.

So, what date and time will Boruto Chapter 70 be released worldwide; and what are the leaked spoilers teasing about what’s happening in the new manga episode?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 70.

Boruto chapter 70 release date and time

As confirmed by the series page on Viz Media, Boruto Chapter 70 is slated to release on Thursday, May 19.

The new installment of the hit manga series will launch at the following international times, according to Manga Plus:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM PDT
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM EDT
  • UK time: 4pm BST
  • European time: 5:00 PM CEST
  • Indian Time: 8:30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 11:00 PM PHT
  • Australian time: 12:30 PM ACST (May 20)

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers Leak Online

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 70 spoilers have leaked online courtesy of the popular Twitter page’Abdul_S172′.

Chapter 70 will reportedly be titled “From the Bottom of Your Heart” and begins with Shikamaru telling Ada to defect to Konoha if they want to stay close to Kawaki.

Meanwhile, Code warns Amado to stop skipping responsibilities, but then also confronts Ada – which seems to be bothering her. Ada’s eyes are fixed on her, while Shikamaru looks definitely concerned about her.

Naruto shows up at the lab, but struggles to gain access via the passcode. Shikamaru tells him that there is a delicate situation going on and that they should not be interrupted. Boruto and Sasuke appear behind Naruto as the scene returns to Ada, who now realizes the situation and says the door to the lab is locked so Naruto and the others are safe from her powers.

Shikamaru then says “It’s senrigan” and immediately experiences a mental connection to Amado – hinting that they probably have not only the present, but the past as well. The scene then switches to Kawaki, who is awake and talking to Sumire about Amado’s obsession with Karma.

Switch back to the lab, where Amado screams in pain as Code digs his claws into her shoulder. Amado says they can’t wait any longer for Shikamaru to help him, while the panel returns to Ada’s eye. Ada says that Kawaki is coming, which initially seems to scare Amado who thinks through the mental channel with Shikamaru that Kawaki can probably work with Code now.

Despite the argument still going on, Code opens a Claw Mark Portal and Amado begins to push through it. In an effort to stop them from escaping, Shikamaru uses Shadow Possession Jutsu, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on Code of Ada.

Ada then summons Delta, who immediately tries to kick Shikamaru – the distraction is successful in allowing Code and Ada to pass through the portal. Ada then yells goodbye to Delta, with the two saying they love each other.

Just as Kawaki storms into the lab through an air duct, Code exits the portal screaming threats at Shikamaru. Kawaki and Shikamaru have a conversation about what just happened, with Kawaki using Isshiki’s jutsu to close any remaining claw gate markers.

Go to Code’s lair, where Daemon is already berating Amado; the group talks about what’s next, with Amado doubting they’ll save their lives after the limiters are disconnected.

Amado lets go of the limiters as a cloud of smoke fills the room, when the dust settles Code’s air is now even more prickly with a new design in his eyes. Everyone in the room is shocked by the transformation, with Ada and Daemon awed but slightly afraid of Code’s newfound powers. The chapter ends with Code saying, “I’m sorry Amado, the wound hurts, doesn’t it? I’ll relieve you of that pain in the twinkling of an eye.”

Will there be a new anime episode this weekend?

Yes, the good news for Boruto fans is that we’re getting both a new manga chapter and an anime episode this week.

Episode 250 is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, May 22nd and will be titled “Funato’s Blood”. The new episode will be released worldwide via the Crunchyroll streaming service from the following international times:

  • Pacific Time: 2 AM PDT
  • Eastern Time: 5 AM EDT
  • UK Time: 10 AM BST
  • European time: 11 AM CEST
  • Indian Time: 2:30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 5:00 PM PHT
  • Australian time: 6:30 PM ACST

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