Boruto Anime Episode 244 Review

Buntan tells Hebiichigo about Shizuma’s betrayal in ‘Rift’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 244)

boruto anime episode 244, titled ‘Rift’, spent a little more time exploring the dynamics between Kagura and the three Swordsmen. As the battle with Funamushi’s troops draws closer, our heroes can win with their fingers crossed without sustaining major injuries.

In the previous episode, Kagura took everyone to the small village where he grew up. ‘Rift’ continued with Kagura and the rest of the ninjas who were fortifying the village’s defenses. Our heroes hoped that destroying the two bridges would force Funamushi’s 100-strong army to move toward the ravine. The plan worked, until Denki and Iwabe noticed a three-man scouting team running toward the village.

I loved the tense atmosphere the writers were able to use in this episode. Not only did Kagura, Boruto and the rest have to hide their presence from the Scouts, but they also had to bring back three children who were playing in the area the Scout group would pass through.

I don’t know about you, but I really thought their cover would be blown up if the scouts reached the village. Why do babies cry at the most inopportune time? ugh!

While Denki and Iwabe were able to handle the situation of crying babies, when I am on the… boruto anime writing team, I would have had Salad used Genjutu on the scouts to make them forget they heard a baby cry. I think the boruto anime should show Salad using more of her Genjutsu skills.

With the scout group returning to Funamushi and saying there’s nothing suspicious going on in the village, I’m excited to see our heroes finally take on Funamushi and his squad of elite fighters. Because this is a ‘war arc’, and while I’m not against Boruto and the rest getting hurt, I don’t want these injuries to be life-threatening.

Right now I’m really worried about Hebiichigo’s fate. Her current character meant she wanted to kill Kagura so she could be free. And while she learned to trust Kagura (in a sense), I wouldn’t pass up the writers on letting her sacrifice herself to save Kagura’s life. Such a moment could make up for Hebiichigo’s earlier attempt to kill Kagura and show her appreciation after Kagura took the Curses away from the Swordsmen.

As for Buntan, she still wants revenge on Shizuma (whom she was in love with) for betraying her during his prison break. So I think Buntan will be safe and the anime could return with an arc that includes her fight with Shizuma. I liked Buntan’s conversation with Hebiichigo, where Buntan told her the truth that Shizuma only cares about herself and Hebiichigo needs to be careful who she trusts.

‘Rift’ also did a good job of showing the difference in power between Boruto’s crew and Funamushi’s team. While Boruto, Salad, Mitsuki, and Kawaki were incredibly skilled ninjas, they were understandably concerned about fighting 100 elite fighters at once. They still have a long way to go before they are capable enough to handle small armies like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi on their own.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I laughed at Salade calling out Mitsuki for being too soft for Boruto. I mean, what else was Mitsuki supposed to do? He is in love with Boruto!
  • Are the anime writers ever going to explain why kids were immediately interested in Kawaki?
  • Poor Metal Lee. All he wanted was to form a friendly bond with Hebiichigo. If Hebiichigo survives the current arc, I wouldn’t be against those two being a thing.

What did you think of ‘Rift’?

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