Best Thicc Fortnite skins of all time

Fortnite players can choose from a range of cosmetics, and new skins are added with each update. As one of the most popular battle royale games, it’s impossible to ignore the impact of its pop culture collaborations. New outfits, events and missions are regularly added to the game to create Fortnite a fresh experience for players. These popular cultural collaborations bring different skins from a variety of genres, including anime, comic book superheroes, athletes, celebrities, musicians, professional players, and content creators.

It is normal for players to wonder what a thick skin is and how it is relevant in Fortnite. Thicc is intentionally misspelled and is often taken as a compliment to curvy shapes. a ton Fortnite skins fall into this category and players can obtain these cosmetics when rotated in the Item Shop. While skins do not provide a tactical advantage in the game, players can stand out from the crowd with their unique style. So if you’re looking for the thickest Fortnite outfits while earning the win royale, we’ve got you covered.

Below you will find the top 10 thicc Fortnite skins of all time.

fat Fortnite skins

10) Cat Lady

Image via Epic Games

Catwoman is a charismatic superhero from the DC Universe, and Fortnite players love this outfit for a variety of reasons. Catwoman’s iconic cat burglar outfit compliments the character’s figure and makes it harmonize with other attractive Fortnite cosmetics. This comic book outfit became an instant hit with DC fans and was first introduced as part of the Gotham City set.

9) Poison Ivy

Screengrab via Epic Games

Poison Ivy is another iconic DC character that joins the list of thicc Fortnite skins. This character has two style edits, one standard and the other showing her human side. Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s villains and Epic Games added this outfit to the game with the Last Laugh bundle.

8) Harley Quinn

Image via Epic Games

The infamous Harley Quinn is an iconic DC villain who often teams up with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The Harley Quinn skin was released in Chapter Two, Season 1, and has since become a popular choice. The style edit of this outfit, Always Fantabulous, shows a different version of Harley Quinn.

7) Wonder Woman

Image via Epic Games

Wonder Woman is one of the main DC superheroes and her outfit was first released in Fortnite Chapter two, season seven. Players had a chance to earn these cosmetics by finishing high in the Wonder Woman Cup. The style edits for this outfit include the regular Wonder Woman skin and an armored version. Both styles are common in the community and the Wonder Woman outfit is one of the best female superhero skins in the game.

6) Black Widow

Image via Epic Games

Black Widow is part of the Marvel series and is an Avenger from the Marvel universe. This outfit was released in Chapter One, Season 8. Black Widow is one of the popular Fortnite skins, and it comes with two style edits. Players also love the Black Widow Snow Suit outfit, which was later released during the Black Widow Cup in Fortnite Chapter two, season four.

5) Harlowe

Screengrab via Epic Games

Harlowe is a battle pass skin from Chapter Three, Season 1, and is popularly regarded as one of the Fortnite skins. This epic outfit came with several style edits that allowed players to customize the character. All the style edits fit the character’s mood perfectly, making it one of the best battle pass skins in the game.

4) Penny

Screengrab via Epic Games

Penny is a character from Fortnite: Save the World and Epic Games were first added to the game in Chapter Two, Season Three. Penny is one of the remarkable women’s skins with a different body type than traditional Fortnite skins. This makes the character easily recognizable and it is one of the most popular outfits in the game.

3) Kratos

Image via Epic Games

The God of War, Kratos, is another Fortnite skin. Released in Fortnite Chapter two, season five, this outfit is part of the Gaming Legends series. The Kratos skin became popular with fans, and seeing him perform various dance emotes is the funniest instance in the game. Kratos’ muscular features make him one of the fattest Fortnite skins, and it’s frankly intimidating to see him as an adversary.

2) Head Chef

Image via Epic Games

Master Chief was admitted again in Fortnite Chapter two, season five, and it’s part of the Gaming Legends series. Master Chief is an iconic figure in the gaming community and his Fortnite skin makes him look tougher and stronger. This outfit features a Matte Black style edit that makes Master Chief look like a ruthless space killer.

1) Chun-Lii

Image via Epic Games

Chun-Li is one of the popular characters from Street Fighter and this outfit has been added to the Gaming Legends series. Players recognize Chun-Li as the fattest Fortnite skin, and the reasons are simple. The style edits fit this character’s physique perfectly and it is the most popular Fortnite skin.

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