Best Pokemon Performances

The top performers are more concerned with their pokemons‘ aesthetic qualities than their fighting abilities and would rather use each creature’s move set to add some beauty to the world instead. unlike pokemon Competitions (which also evaluate attractiveness), these creative Trainers must physically contribute to their cute critters’ routine on stage to further amplify the entertainment factor and qualify as a successful pokemon Performance.

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Another major difference between Performers and Coordinators is their ranking system as there can only be one Kalos Queen at a time while multiple winners can share the Top Coordinator title. Nevertheless, trainers dedicated to pokemon Competitions also need to exercise their performance talents, as major events often add entertainment segments to their competitions.


8 Chloe and Eevee – Pokemon Journeys

Chloe and Eevee just started their pokemon Achievement journey and need to practice their skills more often to overcome the nerves and fear. Either way, Eevee has certainly developed a penchant for all theatrics and this daring duo has made their mark in Pokemon Travel as potentially the next great artists.

While Chloe and Eevee’s debut show isn’t exceptionally comprehensive, Eevee deserves special credit for using Fairy Dust so well, just because he just learned it from Slyveon earlier that day. The girls’ enthusiasm is so infectious that even Goh and Ash are eager to give them a chance to play under the big top in “Pokemon Circus! Booster and Thunders!!” (with comical consequences, to say the least!)

7 Shauna, Ivysaur and Flabebe – Pokemon XY

Shauna showcased her first routine in Performing a Pathway to the Future!” as she boldly entered the Coumarine City Rookie Class Contest with Serena by her side. Shauna and Ivysaur dominated the beautification portion of the competition before effortlessly taking the stage in the freestyle segment with a spectacular collaboration.

Fairy Wind and Petal Dance combine beautifully to add a sparkly fuchsia hue to the stage, while Shauna shows off her rhythmic gymnastics skills with a matching pink ribbon in tow. As an adorable finishing touch, Ivysaur makes a huge heart with his vines, lifting Flabebe into the air and then giving the team their very first Princess Key.

6 Ursula and the Eevee Twins – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

While Ursula may not be the most likeable character, she certainly made an impression during the performance stages of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. As if having two Eevees on stage wasn’t impressive enough, Dawn’s rival took the initiative to evolve her twin hairballs mid-match, using a handy set of fire and water bricks.

The crowd goes wild as Vaporeon and Flareon glide across the stage, followed by corresponding sparkling elemental orbs in their wake. However, this momentous event is a one-time spectacle and unlikely to be repeated, as Ursula’s energy must be reserved for her new fire and water type Eeevelutions.

5 Jessilee, Meowth and Gourgeist – Pokemon XYZ

a disguised Jessilea takes a break from her Team Rocket duties to show off her hidden talents as a Performer during the epic Master Class tournament. After making the semifinals (along with Serena and Shauna), Jessie shows off her green fingers by prioritizing her Gourgeist’s Grass-Type moves in a spectacularly dramatic showcase during “Performing a Pathway to the Future!”

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The magnificent villain stands in all her glory on a mile-high pedestal made of vines, while fireworks from the Seed Bomb erupted around her. The extravagantly dressed Meowth prances across the stage for some extra flair before rounding things off with some Fury Swipe-induced sparkle. As always, however, Jessie is more concerned with showing off her own beauty than her Pokemon’s, but she bows surprisingly graciously when Serena is victorious.

4 Zoey, Gastrodon and Lumineon – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

The lovable Zoey acts more like Dawn’s ally than a rival during the girls’ joint ventures in pokemon Matches; but having already won three major competitions, Zoey has a lot of wisdom to share! For the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Zoey decides to show her Water-Type pokemon and stands out from the crowd with her successfully executed water-based routine.

After the Grand Stage reveals a pool from within, Lumineon’s Aqua Rings are elegantly dispersed by Gastrodon Water Pulse, resulting in a glittering shower of droplets trickling through the air. After showing off their acrobatic skills, Lumineon and Gastrodon form three towering water tornadoes that send them and their Trainer soaring to the skies. Zoey’s performance and her success in the competition round earned this redhead the championship title.

3 Aria and Braixen – Pokemon XY

This reigning Kalos queen has emerged victorious from several pokemon Showcases, however, her first appearance in Dreaming a Performer’s Dream!” was a game-changer. Aria’s pyrotechnic themed routine makes perfect use of Braixen’s Fire-Type moves, theatrical and elegant as they mesmerize the crowd during the Lagoon Town pokemon Showcase.

The pair work perfectly together by throwing Braixen’s flaming stick among themselves and spinning it gracefully like a stick. After an intricately woven flaming curtain falls to the floor, the grand finale closes with an ornate Fire Blast, dazzling the audience with a passionate performance that inspired Serena to take up the craft herself.

2 Dawn, Cyndaquil and Buneary – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

While Dawn is best known for her ambitions to become a pokemon Coordinator, she must use her performance talents appropriately during a select number of Roadside Competitions. The Grand Festival is Dawn’s most memorable moment on stage as her pokemon make a long-lasting impression by combining fire and ice for a sensational effect.

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For starters, Cyndaquil and Buneary theatrically emerge from their Pokeballs, creating a huge illuminated arc-shaped illusion out of nowhere. Dawn makes sure she uses the entire stage as Buneary’s Ice Beam creates gleaming icy sculptures before Cyndaquil uses Flame Wheel to start a joyride on the frozen roller coaster. The pokemonsJoy is extremely infectious as they seem to be having the time of their lives before shocking fans with an epic smokescreen, revealing a flame-covered icicle orb encasing the incredibly cute Buneary at its core.

1 Serena, Sylveon, Delphox and Pancham – Pokemon Journeys

Serena has also provided the fandom with a significant list of memorable performances over the years, but her contribution to Pokemon Travel is perhaps the most spectacular occasion. During her long-awaited return, Serena takes Chloe under her wing to show her the ropes of Pokemon Performance, while Slyveon teaches Eevee some valuable tricks.

Serena’s Braixen has since evolved into a Delphox, and her Pokemon’s combined efforts are as spectacular as ever. Her entrance is heralded by the rain of contrasting colored rings and stars on the audience, emitting some strong K-Pop vibes (especially when judging her stylish outfit choice!) A glittering flame-and-ice sculpture closes her showcase with a bang like Serena steals the show as the unofficial best performance of the day.

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