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One of the most interesting and exciting genres in anime is noir. Not many anime can live up to the mysterious and harsh tone of noir, where most likely a confused detective or a rebel for no reason has to take in the ups and downs of life and all it has to offer. When animated correctly and with care, a noir anime can be a groundbreaking series that has a huge impact on anime fans around the world.

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When an anime can harness the cynical tones of noir and the fear of the main character or their surroundings without making the series too gloomy, it can tell a unique story that allows viewers to walk in the main character’s shoes and lose weight. feel on their shoulders. These are some of the best examples on offer.


7 Going out

Going out is an anime specializing in the suspense and fear that stand side by side in the noir genre. Going out is a terrifying mysterious occult anime that many fans will become addicted to in the first few episodes. A young detective named Yuuki and his assistant, Inga, must get to the bottom of the tragic murders that are beginning to unravel in Tokyo.

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Yuuki has an enigmatic reputation among his peers, but his detective skills are top notch and earn him their respect. When things start to get worst, Yuuki must put his intellect to the test and accept the impossible in order to get out alive or be consumed by his business.

6 Sample

When a famous surgeon saves a young boy’s life, his fate is changed forever in the most tragic of ways. Kenma Touzo had the life he always dreamed of until he was faced with the ethical choice of saving a politician or a child; he chose the latter.

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While Kenzo would fall from grace after making this choice, the ramifications of his actions were yet to truly reveal themselves. Thanks to several deaths of his colleagues, Kenzou’s position and status would be restored, but Kenzou suspects that a dark shadow is following him and wants to hug him in his darkness at the expense of those around him. Sample takes viewers on a dark and horrific journey where saving one life costs dozens of others.

5 Ergo proxy

Set in a dark post-apocalyptic future where humanity inhabits the last city on Earth under a glass sky, what’s left of humanity now lives alongside cybernetic creatures called “AutoReivs”. AutoReivs are servants seemingly created to aid and advance the survival of people.

Re-L is tasked with investigating recent murders and getting to the bottom of a series of events that have caused AutoReivs to turn against their human masters and become self-conscious. During her efforts, Re-L uncovers man’s twisted history and a secret buried for thousands of years.

4 Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the shell is a classic of anime and is at the top of the futuristic/cyberpunk genre alongside legendary animations such as Metropolis and Akira. The Ghost in the shell franchise consists of five full-length feature films and four original anime series.

Makoto Kusanagi is the protagonist of the series and the focus of the story’s study of the human condition. Ghost in the shell is set in a grim Tokyo future where cybernetic enhancement and human-machine hybrids are typical aspects of everyday life. Along with a thrilling mystery of cerebral cyberterrorism, Ghost in the shell also asks the question, “can a cyborg be a human?”

3 gun grave

gun grave is one of the most captivating anime in the noir genre. Although it is not the most famous anime from its creator, Yasuhiro Nightow, who is known for the Trigun anime, it has stood the test of time and has become a cult classic alongside other giants in the genre. gun grave tells a story of ambition and betrayal as two childhood friends seek power, fame and fortune.

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With dreams of making it big, two street punks get the keys to the universe after joining the country’s most prominent crime family. However, absolute power corrupts and the bonds that bind are ripped to shreds by the greed and ego that develop while living privileged lives. Harry McDowell and Brandon Heat face each other in a war based on friendship, lies, love and loyalty.

2 Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass is a unique twist on the crime-hunting and thrilling noir genre. In a distant future, crime in Tokyo is now ruled by a special organization and controlled by a system known as the Sibyl System. The Sybil system analyzes a complete record of each citizen’s brain chemistry to determine if they are prone to violent crime and stops the act before it happens. The Sibyl system is absolute and serves as the judge and jury of the people it prosecutes. Special agents are appointed to dispense the justice of the Sibyl system, which is where the main character, Akane Tsunomori, comes in.

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Akane, a new rookie recently assigned to a team of experienced inspectors, now works to arrest and kill indictees. Throughout her new job, Akane is constantly at odds with the lethality of her profession, while still fully devoting herself to the Sibyl system. However, Akane peeks behind the curtain of the Sibyl system and discovers a world-changing secret that could plunge the city into chaos.

1 Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a classic among the classics. The anime single-handedly defined an entire generation with its incredible story, beautiful animation and impeccable direction. Created by the late great Shinichirō Watanabe, Cowboy Bebop took anime fans to the stars in a dramatic story about a lost killer turned bounty hunter on his journey of self-reflection and revenge.

Along with the main character, Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop also tells the stories of various supporting characters who have been in the galaxy and back. Cowboy Bebop has also received a live-action adaptation recently released on Netflix. Tears, laughter, anger and stoicism are the main themes of this emotional rollercoaster of a story that everyone can enjoy.

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