Best Mega Pokemon for raids

Over the years, the pokemon franchise has significantly changed its games by introducing new features that affect the core gameplay. Pokemon Silver introduced players to hatching eggs, allowing players to breed the perfect Pokemon. And Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokemon fans presented Alpha Pokemon, which are stronger than normal Pokemon. But the most notable change in the pokemon franchise was Mega Pokemon, which debuted in Pokemon X and Y.

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Mega Pokemon are temporary evolution trainers that can be activated (if the Pokemon has a Mega Stone) during a trainer battle. These Pokemon are bigger and stronger than their counterparts, making them essential for competitive trainer battles. In Pokemon GOMega Pokemon are also important, especially for 5-Star and Mega Raids. But not all Mega Pokemon are worth the investment, so players should carefully choose the ones that will help them take out difficult Raids with ease.


8 Mega Blastoise

One of the first water-type Pokémon to receive the “Mega” treatment in Pokemon GOBlastoise is a must-have Pokemon for trainers who want to build an excellent Raiding team. Once Mega has evolved, a full maximum Blastoise has 264 Attack, 237 Defense, and 188 Stamina. And while the Attack stats aren’t the highest among Mega Pokemon, the high Defense makes it a solid tank that can take a massive amount of damage.

As for the moveset, the most optimal build players can have with Mega Blastoise is Bite (Fast Move) and Hydro Cannon (Charged Move). Bite’s fast attack allows players to charge Mega Blastoise’s Charged Move quite quickly. If a player has Squirtle Candies left, he can learn Blastoise Ice Beam as a second Charged Move.

7 Mega Pidgeot

Undoubtedly, Pidgey and Zubat rank highly as some of the most annoying Pokemon you’ll encounter in the wild, not because they’re strong, but because they’re common in a player’s playthrough. And while Pidgey and all of his evolution is nothing to brag about, his Mega-Evolution is a powerful contender in the Raid scene. Mega Pidgeot has 280 Attack, the same attack stats that Mega Rayquaza and Shadow Moltres have at max level.

Players will want to learn Pidgeot Wing Attack (Fast Move) and Brave Bird (Charged Move), two of the strongest Fly-type moves in Pokemon GO. It is also easy to obtain Pidgey Candies, as players get 1 Candy for every 1 KM they walk, making them the ideal Buddy Pokemon.

6 Mega Venusaur

Mega Venusaur made its debut on August 27, 2020 and has been a worthy Mega Evolution to include in a Pokemon team ever since. These Mega Evolution stats are 241 Attack, 246 Defense, and 190 Stamina, making it a balanced Raid Pokemon. But players should be wary of fighting Fire-type Raid Pokemon as it is highly susceptible to Fire damage due to its Grass and Poison.

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The moves to teach Venusaur are Vine Whip (Fast Move) and Frenzy Plant (Charged Move). Frenzy Plant is one of the strongest Grass-type moves Pokemon GO, especially since it is a 2 bar movement. Solar Beam (Charged Move) is a good alternative if a player does not have Charged TMs to use on Venusaur.

5 Mega Houndoom

Mega Houndoom is one of the best dual-type Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO. As a Dark and Fire type, Houndoom is the perfect counter for Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Grass, Ice and Steel Raid Pokemon. In addition, Mega Houndoom can learn one of the strongest DPS attacks in Pokemon GO (Snarl), making Legendary Pokemon like Deoxy melt relatively easily.

But for Mega Houndoom to be a Dark-type powerhouse Pokemon, players must teach him Snarl (Fast Move) and Foul Play (Charged Move). If a trainer already has a solid Mega Absol build, players can also use Fire Fang (Fast Move) and Fire Blast (Charged Move) to make Mega Houndoom more focused on Fire-type damage.

4 Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos is one of the least popular Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO because it is relatively soft in terms of Defense. But aside from the weak defense, Mega Ampharos has a base attack of 294, higher than most of the other Mega evolutions mentioned earlier.

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The only real threat to Mega Ampharos is a ground-type Pokemon, as it is an Electric-type Pokemon. Fortunately, there are very few Ground-type Raid Pokemon, so players shouldn’t worry too much. Players must learn Ampharos Volt Switch or Charge Beam (Fast Moves) and Zap Cannon (Charged Move) for the most optimal damage.

3 Mega Aerodactyl

Despite being a Flying-type Pokemon, Aerodactyl cannot learn any Flying-type moves, meaning players are usually limited to Rock-type moves. Fortunately, almost all Rock-type moves that Aerodactyl can learn are quite powerful against any Raid Pokemon. For the Fast Move, players can learn Aerodactyl Rock Throw, and for the Charged Move, players can choose Ancient Power or Rock Slide.

The only downside to using Mega Aerodactyl as the favorite Raid Pokemon is that getting Mega Aerodactyl Energy isn’t easy, especially since Aerodactyl is not an ordinary Pokemon that can be found in the wild. But some special research tasks reward players with Mega Aerodactyl Energy, but the best way to get it is by hatching eggs.

2 Mega Charizard Y

Mega Charizard Y is hands down the best Fire-type Mega evolution in Pokemon GO. In addition, Mega Charizard Y can reach a maximum CP level of 5,037 (one of the highest in the game). In terms of power, Mega Charizard Y has an attack power of 319 and a defense power of 212.

As for movesets, players have several choices for Fast Moves, all of which work effectively against Raid Pokemon. The first option players can use for their Mega Charizard Y is Fire Spin (Fast Move) and Blast Burn (Charged Move). The other options are Air Slash and Wing Attack (Fast Move), but they are less popular among players.

1 Mega Gengar

Undoubtedly, Mega Gengar is the best weapon of all Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO and must be on a player’s Raid team. And while it doesn’t have the highest CP, Mega Gengar has the best Attack stat in the entire game, 349. But what stands out to Mega Gengar is that almost all Fast Moves it can learn are Raids-capable.

Here are some of the best picks for Fast Moves: Lick, Shadow Claw, Hex, and Sucker Punch. As for Charged Moves, Shadow Ball is by far the most effective, but Focus Blast can also be used but is more of a niche Charged Move. Overall, Mega Gengar is the best mega investment players can make while playing Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is now available for iOS and Android.

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