After Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon needs a break

By now you’ve probably heard it Pokémon Scarlet and purple Might as well run around like a Slowpoke with three of its four broken legs. With pop-in, textures and frame rates envious of GameCube games, the latest pokemon adventure barely lives up to the standard set by other games on the Nintendo Switch, despite Nintendo … Read more

Play the best free anime slots online

November 25, 2022 Anime has taken over Western pop culture in a way that was not believed some 30 years ago. While it was available it was very limited to select channels. Now adults tune in to mostly Japanese anime series like Attack on Titan, Shigurui, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, … Read more

Vietnam: Nation’s animation still has plenty of room for growth

Vietnam News 5:02 PM JST, Nov 28, 2022 Despite more than 60 years of growth, Vietnamese animation has not met the development potential and expectations of the public. While veteran filmmakers are concerned that Vietnamese animation productions still have many limitations, the youngsters are confident in the creative ability of Vietnamese cartoonists. Vietnamese animation began … Read more

Any free reward that you can redeem before the live event

There’s just over a week left before Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 comes to an end. Obviously, players have very little time to unlock all of their Battle Pass rewards. However, there is also good news for free-to-play players. Epic Games has introduced several rewards in recent weeks. If gamers haven’t bought the Battle Pass … Read more

Where to find the Covert Cloak in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Philip Trahan ❘ Published: 2022-11-27T19:52:59 ❘ Updated: 2022-11-27T19:53:12 Game Freak takes competitive battles up a notch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thanks to new items like the Covert Cloak. Here’s everything trainers need to know about finding a secret cloak for themselves. A completely open world and three different storylines weren’t the only major changes … Read more

10 anime characters who love shopping

Whether it’s clothing, manga, or other miscellaneous items, some anime characters just can’t stop spending money. Some of them are impulsive spenders who have probably maxed out all of their credit cards at this point. Other anime characters are average shopaholics who are rarely seen without shopping bags and constantly daydream about going out to … Read more

10 Anime Heroes Everyone Is Looking For

There are some anime heroes that fans universally crave. Fans can’t help but respect their ambition and lofty goals, even if they’re not the most likeable on paper. Some anime characters have just gone through so many horrible things and endured so much trauma that fans have no choice but to root for them. RELATED: … Read more