Arceus does one thing better than any other Pokémon game

Of all the games in the pokemon series, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has one thing that does it better than any other. Its version of the Pokédex is better than any other version in the main sequence to date, and it has made significant changes from others. pokemon spell. The next games in the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violetwill hopefully follow in his footsteps when they release on November 18th.

The Pokédex is a digital encyclopedia containing information about every existing Pokémon. Each generation of games has its own model, most of which in early iterations take the form of a small handheld device that resembles a PDA. Over the years, it has become more and more streamlined and the latest versions are similar to smartphones. In the games, players must catch a Pokémon or evolve it from a previous form to complete the entry in the Pokédex. This is different from the anime, where the information comes preloaded. Completely completing the Pokédex is one of the main goals of players in pokemon‘s mainline series games, and the primary purpose of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


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The reason why Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘Pokédex is so much better than other games’ is because players can complete it themselves, which is not possible in other games. Due to version-exclusive Pokémon, which only evolve when traded, and the fact that there’s no way to get all three starters without trading, players will have to trade with others through online features if they have the Pokédex in most games. want to complete. This can be very frustrating and will hopefully be left in the pokemon future of the mainline series. Unfortunately, exclusive versions have been confirmed for Gen 9, meaning Pokemon SV won’t solve the series’ problem with the Pokédex, but there’s still a chance Gen 10 will make it solo in the main series.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus does the Pokédex well

Pokemon Legends: Arceus does not have a counterpart version, meaning players can find any Pokémon in the game without having to trade. The Pokédex also trumps those in the main series with the minor challenges players complete to fill out the entries, rather than just catching the Pokémon and being done. This can be a bit of a drag, but it’s still a lot of fun and adds to the replayability. It also motivates players to explore and interact with it PLAsemi-open world more than they would have if they could complete the Pokédex more easily.

It seems unlikely that future entries in pokemonThe main series of the series will bring back Pokédex features exactly like PLAs, but there are a few they can take from them to improve. For example, bringing back the Linking Cord item that allowed players to bypass trade requirements for evolutions could go a long way toward helping players complete the Pokédex more easily. Future generations can also add a few small challenges to their Pokédex entries, such as Legends: Arceus should create a nice balance between the traditional version and that of Hisui.

There are other ways future pokemon games can also improve their Pokédex. Even if they don’t get rid of trading evolutions or version exclusives, they can still provide players with a way to get the missing entries for them. For example the Fire red and leaf green games for the GBA allowed its players to get the Pokédex entries for rare Pokémon that couldn’t be caught wild, the Eeveelutions, from Bill, because they only had one Eevee per save file to evolve into them. Something similar in the future pokemon games can make their Pokédex as good or better than Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ and let players fill them in themselves.

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