Apex Legends Season 15 Catalyst Abilities Revealed

Here are the abilities of the new legend, Catalyst, for Season 15 of Apex Legends revealed in the Eclipse launch trailer.

A few teasers have already been released for Apex Legends Season 15, as well as some leaks suggesting who the new legend will be. The new legend has been confirmed to be called Catalyst and she was first introduced to us in the Stories of the Outlands: Last Hope video.

In it, we learn that Tressa Smith, aka Catalyst, comes from the same home planet as Seer, called Boreas. Cleo, the moon for Boreas, is dying and Catalyst and her friend Margo disagree on how to make it and we don’t find out what happens to her boyfriend.

Apex Legends Catalyst Story

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse Launch Release Date

Season 15 of Apex Legends will launch on November 1, 2022 and the season launch trailer has just been released. In this video we see the possibilities for Catalyst in action and we also see that Seer has struck a deal with Duardo Silva to bring the Apex Games to their home world, to a map called Boreas.

Catalyst doesn’t want to hear Seer’s explanation of why he brought the Games to their home planet, which will make for some interesting jokes between the two in the new season.

Apex Legends – What are Catalyst Abilities?

The possibilities of the new legend have not yet been confirmed by Respawn itself, but we can see what the possibilities look like in the trailer. Catalyst uses ferrofluid in a variety of ways for its capabilities, and we’ll explain what was featured in the trailer.

Her ultimate is an iron tower, where the ferrofluid rises from below. In the trailer we saw that it was used as a kind of wall, which you can penetrate, but which slows you down, making you an easy target.

Apex Legends Catalyst Ultimate Ability
Apex Legends Catalyst Ultimate Ability

In the trailer, Seer used his ultimate ability Exhibit, which doesn’t seem to work on the wall at all and seems to break it. Since this is just the launch trailer and not actual gameplay, it’s possible that Seers ultimate may work after it’s posted, but has yet to be seen.

According to leaks, the Iron Tower can be used to push you up so you can directly reach the high ground without moving, but this was not shown in the launch trailer, so we’ll have to wait and see if it can be used in this way. As it stands, it seems to be a great defensive tactic to keep teams from pushing when you need to heal.

Apex Legends Catalyst Tactical Ability
Apex Legends Catalyst Tactical Ability

It looks like Catalyst can launch the ferrofluid into balls, which can be used to trap enemies, making them an easy target. We see it used on Fuse and Maggie in the trailer, but it looks like there’s a different way it’s used.

At the start of the trailer, we see Catalyst save the people she’s with by shooting the ferrofluid into the air, creating a barrier to keep the objects from falling on their heads. It doesn’t seem likely that it would be passive as it seems to work in a similar way.

Apex Legends Catalyst Ability
Apex Legends Catalyst Ability

There may be a switch so you can choose whether to stick it to the floor or create some sort of barrier. According to leaks, this ability is called a ferrous shot, which on impact creates a ramp of hardened ferrous fluid that can be expanded with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls (max. 3 structures).

Passive ability doesn’t appear to have been demonstrated, but according to leaks, standing near your ferrous fluid structures, doors, and other Legends placeables will bolster their integrity and allow them to take significantly more damage and become Reinforce named.

We’ll have to wait for the gameplay trailer to be released so we can see her skills in action!

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