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Currently, Pokemon GO has enough Pokemon for trainers to catch in the wild. However, evolving it follows a different process than the console games. Most notably, any Pokemon that can only evolve by being traded while holding an item will require an evolution item on top of the required amount of Pokemon Candy.

The Johto region was the first to introduce developing a Pokemon through trade while holding an item. Johto Evolution items make up five of the current seven Evolution items in Pokemon GO. Only certain Pokemon can use them, and getting these evolution items all comes down to luck.


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How to get Johto Evolution items

There are a total of five Johto Evolution items:

  1. Metal layer
  2. dragon scale
  3. King’s Rock
  4. sunstone
  5. Upgrade

In the main line pokemon games, trainers would have to give one of these items to their Pokemon before they can start a trade. Once their Pokemon reached another trainer, it would evolve and consume the item. Trade consists in Pokemon GObut it seems TO GO abandon the trade evolution requirement to make it easier for players to evolve their Pokemon without relying on anyone else.

With the exception of the Sun Stone, Johto Evolution items are used on a Pokemon to evolve them into a Johto Pokemon. For example, Seadra needs a Dragon Scale to evolve into Kingdra. Since these are hard to obtain items, Johto Evolution items are not directly available in the in-game Shop. If players want an Evolution item, they should try their luck at PokeStops.

Unlike Ultra Balls or Super Potions, players don’t need to be a specific level to get an Evolution item. The downside here is that the drop rate of an Evolution item is meager 1%. This means that if players are looking for a specific Evolution item, they may spin more than a few PokeStops until they get the item they want. If players are lucky, they will get the item much sooner.

Running a PokeStop is easy. Players just need to get close enough to the PokeStop until the blue cube on the overworld map turns into a blue PokéBall. They can then tap the icon and slide/spin the disc. PokeStops can drop 3-9 items depending on a player’s luck. Players can also run Pokemon Gyms. The method is the same as a regular PokeStop, only players need to tap the icon in the lower right corner to access the gym’s disk. It’s worth noting that even if the Gym isn’t the same color as the player’s team, they can still receive items.

Each PokeStop/Gym has a 5 minute cool down period. The overworld map shows a “spun” Stop/Gym as a purple PokeBall symbol. With this in mind, it’s entirely possible for players to just camp at one PokeStop or Gym and keep spinning the disc until they get the Evolution item they need.

The “Spin of the Day” mechanic allows players to use PokeStops . to spin seven days in a row will receive more than 15 items on their seventh day. If players miss a day, the PokeStop sequence will be broken and they will have to start over. Since there is a guaranteed Evolution item on the last day of the streak, players should take advantage of this feature whenever they can.

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Evolving Pokemon with Johto Evolution Items

Just getting the Evolution item is not enough. like most Pokemon GO players will already know by this point, most Pokemon can only evolve when they get Candy. This means that in addition to the Evolution item, players will need a certain amount of Candy for their Pokemon.

The best way to get Candy is to use Pinap Berries when catching Pokemon or when walking a Buddy Pokemon. There are also Rare Candies, which when fed to a Pokemon will convert the Rare Candy into a Pokemon-specific Candy. Transferring a Pokemon also guarantees one piece of Candy, but this method is not recommended unless players have multiples of the same Pokemon.

The Pokemon that can evolve through Johto Evolution items are quite rare, but players can obtain them through one or more of the following methods:

  1. Hatch Eggs earned from Adventure Sync rewards and PokeStops. The 2K, 5K and 10K eggs can be received at a PokeStop/Gym. 12km Eggs can only be earned by beating Team Rocket Leaders.
  2. There are also timed and special research tasks that can have one of the Pokemon as an encounter reward. Unfortunately, most of these have already passed, such as the Decode porygon Special investigation.
  3. Catch them in the wild. Knowing a Pokemon’s type makes it easier to know what habitats they are most likely to be in. Water types such as Poliwag/Poliwirl and Horsea are easier to find near bodies of water such as lakes or rivers.

Here’s every Pokemon compatible with Johto Evolution Items:

Evolution Item Evolution Evolves from How to evolve?
dragon scale
  • (Evolving Horsea) Give Horsea 25 Candy
  • (Evolving Seadra from Horsea) Give Seadra 100 Candy + 1 Dragon Scale
Metal layer
  • Give Onix 50 Candy + 1 Metal Coat
  • Give Scyther 50 candy + 1 metal jacket
Upgrade Give Porygon 25 candies + 1 upgrade
  • Bellossom
  • Sunflower
  • Whimsicott
  • lilligant
  • Heliolisk
  • gloom
  • sunken
  • cottonee
  • petili
  • Helioptile

  • (Evolving Strange) Give Oddish 25 Candy
  • (Evolving Gloom) Give Gloom 100 Candy + 1 Sun Stone
  • Sunflower: Give Sunkern 50 Candy + 1 Sunstone
  • Whimsicott: Give Cottonee 50 Candy + 1 Sun Stone
  • Liligant: Give Petilil 50 Candy + 1 Sunstone
  • Heliolisk: Give Helioptile 50 Candy + 1 Sun Stone
King’s Rock

Pokemon GO is now available for mobile devices.

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