‘Another Fierce Battle’ – Boruto Anime 248 Review

Boruto attacks Funamushi in ‘Another Fierce Battle’ (Image: Boruto anime episode 248)

boruto anime episode 248, titled ‘Another Fierce Battle’ featured our heroes who had to face Funamushi’s small army again and suffer another loss.

When Denki and Iwabe were kidnapped by Funamushi’s men in the previous episode, “Another Fierce Battle” started and Boruto and his friends started to worry. However, they couldn’t leave the village unprotected to look for Denki and Iwabe. Obviously those two are still alive, but I liked how the writers handled the situation. Poor Metal Lee had to convince himself that nothing had happened to his teammates, even though he had no proof that they were still alive. At this point, all they could do was wait for Funamushi to attack the village again and then start looking for their kidnapped comrades.

Seeing Boruto and the rest feeling anxious about Funamaushi’s next move added to the overall tension in this episode. The writers made it clear that Funamushi was waiting for something and I liked how that plot point played out near the climax of the battle.

The little scene where Buntan told Salad not to think about the battle ahead also made sense. No matter how much Salade tried to predict what would happen, she just couldn’t be sure until the fight actually started.

Hebiichigo also had a similar scene with Metal Lee. He also had to slow down a bit. But the moment Hebiichigo told him the reason she was alive was because she wasn’t going to sacrifice her safety for others, I knew something bad was going to happen to her. I could see that Hebiichigo Metal would somehow protect Lee during the upcoming character development battle. But what I didn’t expect was how it would turn out for her towards the end.

Since the previous episode gave us a flashback to Hebiichigo’s childhood and what led her to become a ninja, I think I should have understood what the writers had planned for her in “Another Fierce Battle.” I had started sending Hebiichigo and Metal Lee. But that ship has now sunk as far as canon is concerned. Sigh!

The writers seem to be very serious when it comes to casualties during the current arc. After losing Kagura to Funamushi, in the last episode our heroes also lost Hebiichigo to Funamushi. Like, when the hell is Funamushi going to die? Buntan stabbed him to save Boruto. So fingers crossed Funamushi succumbs to his injuries in the upcoming episode.

As for the battle itself, the stakes were raised by making Funamushi’s remaining soldiers bloodthirsty. They were okay with putting themselves in the line of fire if it meant hurting Boruto and his team. Such a reckless fighting style made it understandable that our heroes were struggling.

Boruto came up with a counterpart to Funamushi’s powerful Jutsu and made for an interesting moment. After consulting Mitsuki, Boruto realized an agreement between Funamushi’s Jutsu and Seigetsu. When he didn’t have access to much water, Funamushi’s body absorbed water to activate the Jutsu, leaving his body vulnerable to lightning strikes.

However, Boruto’s strategy was not effective enough because Funamushi had another power up his sleeve. It was revealed that the thing Funamushi had been waiting for, which had our heroes on edge at the start of the episode, was natural rainfall so he could use his ‘Water Style: Raging Jellyfish’ attack.

Funamushi’s latest power made for a nice visual, he’s literally sitting on top of a giant raging jellyfish made of water, but I do want to get him off the board. As for my opinion, while enjoying the current storyline, I do think it is being stretched a bit. Even after the last battle, Funamushi seems to be alive and our heroes are still in the village. So I hope things change for everyone because Boruto and his friends who keep fighting Funamushi over and over again seems to be getting almost boring.

What did you think of ‘Another Fierce Battle’? Did you want Hebiichigo to live?

Let us know.

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