Anime arcs that would benefit from a movie adaptation

A piece is one of the longest-running anime series of all time. The series aired in 1999 and has since released over a thousand episodes. While many people are reluctant to watch it because they tend to think it’s too long, raving fans feel the anime is too short.

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The anime has many arcs and they all provide incredible entertainment. The number of episodes per arc varies, and sometimes when a person wants to rewatch a specific arc they have to go through many episodes because the anime tends to add content of its own which makes it difficult to rewatch an arc . So a movie that spans a specific arc can save time, especially if the movie has adapted one of the longer ones A piece bows.


6 Whole Pie Island

The Whole Cake Island is one of the best arches since the time jump. Luffy’s group decided to sail to Whole Cake Island to get Sanji back from Big Mom’s clutches. Sanji was used by the Vinsmoke family to forge an alliance with Big Mom, but Luffy wasn’t ready to let go of his beloved crew member. So he decided to sail to the territory of the Yonko and confront Sanji.

The arc has a total of 95 episodes, making it one of the longest arcs in the series. The arc delved into Big Mom’s past and also explored the dark history of Sanji and the other members of the Vinsmoke Family. If this arc had been turned into a movie, the arc would have been easy to watch for those who don’t have enough time to watch it again. The film adaptation would also have added more details to the fight between Katakuri and Luffy. The straw hats leaving the territory of the Yonko would have been the perfect ending to the film.

5 Wano Country Arc

The Wano Country bow is arguably the best bow in the series yet. After leaving Big Mom’s territory, the Straw Hats made their way to Wano, where they were to meet the King of Beasts, Kaido. While the arc is almost over in the manga, there is still some time left before the anime is done with the arc.

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The Wano Country arc is over a hundred episodes long. The arc is absolutely mesmerizing and the animation quality is better than most arcs. A movie adaptation covering the arc would be quite lengthy, but it would allow fans to move through the story much faster. The movie would be fast and there would be a lot of fights, which would make it a great watch.

4 dress rose

The Dressrosa was the first arc after the time jump where the straw hats were in real danger. After forming an alliance with Trafalgar Law, Luffy and co. on his way to Dressrosa Island to take down Donquixote Doflamingo. Sadly, the Straw Hats had to break up, but that didn’t stop the arc from being great.

The arch showed Doflamingo’s true nature and how he managed to take over Dressrosa’s land. In addition to Sabo’s return, Luffy’s Gear Fourth also debuted in the arc. The arc has a whopping 118 episodes, which is by no means a small number. It does feel stretched at times, so a movie would fit much better.

3 Fishman Island

The Fishman Island arc is often overlooked in debates about the best arcs, but it is without a doubt one of the most important arcs in the series. The Straw Hats visited Fishman Island after leaving the Sabaody Archipelago. While the arc didn’t feature powerful enemies, it tackled some crucial themes.

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​​​​​The Fishman Island arc showed how widespread racism is in the world of A piece. The hatred between Fish-men and humans was sad to watch. The arc has just over 50 episodes. If the arc were to get a movie adaptation, it could put a little more emphasis on the arc’s themes, as many fans tend to overlook these on the first watch.

2 Loguetown Arch

The Loguetown arc has a lot of meaning in the story. It is the last arc in the East Blue Saga and is the last place the Straw Hats visit before heading for the Grand Line. The arc introduces two new characters, which are important to the story. These are: Smoker, a naval captain, and Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

The arc is set in Loguetown, the place where Gol D. Roger was executed. In the arc, Luffy is on the brink of death, and like the Pirate King, the young pirate smiles as he faces certain death. The arc is 7 episodes long, which can be turned into a suitably timed movie.

1 Enies Lobby arch

The Enies Lobby Arch is one of the best arches in the series. It focuses on the Straw Hats and their battle with the CP9. The Straw Hats followed CP9 to Enies Lobby as they tried to rescue Robin from their clutches. After Robin declared her wish to live, the Straw Hats began their battle against the CP9.

When all the Straw Hats managed to defeat the members of the CP9, they eventually escaped the Enies Lobby and gave the Going Merry a proper goodbye. A movie about the Enies Lobby arc would be perfect as it would allow fans to relive some of the best moments in the series without having to go through 41 episodes.

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