Animals choose Pokémon starters in cute aquarium video

Everyone has their favorite appetizer pokemon, and a group of animals at a local aquarium recently joined in the fun by choosing one of the original trios Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. At the beginning of each pokemon game, the player has a choice between one of three adorable starter Pokémon to serve as their first Pokémon and the starting point for the larger collection they will hopefully build as they travel the world on a quest to become the greatest Pokémon master in the game. to become the country. Adding gravity to this early pick is the fact that only one of the three starters exists in each pokemon game – if a player wants to collect all three, he must trade with a friend.


Apart from providing variety to each new pokemon playthrough, these starters each embody one of three elemental types: grass, water, and fire. These elements balance each other in a variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and this early pick of entry-level Pokémon serves as an easy-to-understand lesson in how pokemon‘s battle mechanics work. In addition, the original Pokémon Red and Blue starter picks of the plant-like Bulbasaur, the fire-breathing Charmander, and the aquatic Squirtle acted as a difficulty for the first two Gym Battles of the games, as Bulbasaur will have a much easier time fighting Brock’s army of Rock-type Pokémon and Misty’s squad Water types than poor Charmander – with Squirtle as an intermediate option. The decision on which starter Pokemon to start their journey with ultimately depends on the individual preference of the player.

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As it turns out, it’s not just people who love picking out their favorite original starter Pokemon. A Reddit user at the handle of Lucasmh recently shared a video shot at their local pet aquarium at r/pokemonshowing a group of animals choosing a toy or colored ice block that represents one of the Pokémon Red and Blue‘s Starter Trio. It seems that Charmander is the most popular of the three starter Pokemon picks, as an otter, duck, and skunk all select the fiery lizard during their respective segments. Meanwhile, another otter went with Squirtle, and a tortoise defied all odds by plucking Bulbasaur – complete with an adorable scene of the toy dino riding atop the large reptile’s back. In the comments section, fans have speculated as to why most animals chose Charmander, with a likely explanation for the bright, warm orange color compared to the cooler blues and greens of the other two starters.

Animals prefer Pokemon Charmander over other starters

As the animal kingdom picks its favorite stater from the start pokemon generation, human trainers are about to make that important decision again in the near future Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. ‘s new starter Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were among the first of the new batch of Pokémon revealed, and they will continue the series’ tradition where players can choose between Grass (the feline Sprigatito), Fire (the crocodile-like Fuecoco), and Water (the duck-like Quaxly) . Fans are already speculating about what the later stages of evolution of these three creatures will look like, formulating theories based on the evolutions of previous Pokémon starters.

In the meantime, it seems that even animals have their favorite starter Pokemon, and most apparently go out with the fiery Charmander when given their pick of the classic trio. Pokémon Red and Blue. One can only wonder how the starters of other pokemon regions would do if tested in the aquarium, especially with a new generation already on the way.

Source: Lucasmh/Reddit

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