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Like the real world, the pokemon The world has more than a fair number of creepy crawlers. From moths to worms to spiders, there are plenty of Pokémon with way too many legs and eyes for their own good. Unsurprisingly, many of these Pokémon are Bug-types, which gives them resistance to three different types and access to a handful of fun moves, such as Signal Beam.

Bug types have been around since Generation I and were originally the only type to be super effective on Psychic types. However, the first spider-based Pokémon did not appear until Generation II. Since then, the series has taken on a colorful and eclectic variety of spider Pokemon. Today we take a look at which Spider-Pokémon is supreme.

Here’s every spider Pokemon in the series, ranked.

6. Spinarak

Screen grab via Nintendo

Spinarak is last on our list because it just doesn’t look all that original. Unlike many other Pokémon that are based on real animals, Spinarak doesn’t have much to distinguish it from real spiders. Even the Pokédex description says that “it waits motionless for the arrival of prey”, which is what real spiders do. The only saving grace is the charming smiley face on its back, which makes it look adorable – how cute as a spider can be anyway.

5. Ariados

The spider Pokemon Ariados.
Image via Nintendo

Ariados gains only a small advantage over Spinarak due to its increased power potential thanks to its status as an evolved Pokémon. Like many Bug Pokémon, it is a double Bug and Poison type; this actually made it less impressive in our eyes, as so many other Bug types have the potential to poison their enemies. Ariados has a nice color scheme and a neat design, but in the end it’s just a more powerful Spinarak.

4. Galvantula

Galvantula is in a cave.
Screen grab via Nintendo

Unlike Ariados, Galvantula actually has an interesting type combination. Known as the EleSpider Pokémon, it makes sense that it is a dual Bug and Electric type. Also, unlike other bug Pokemon, it has quite late evolution: it doesn’t evolve from Joltik to level 36. Early evolution is a trap that many Bug types fall into; it gives them a lot of power in the beginning, but causes them to battle against Pokémon, who get that power boost later in the game. Galvantula completely avoids this problem with its late evolution. It’s also – dare we say – cute.

3. Dewpider

A Dewpider is ready for battle.
Screen grab via Nintendo

Dewpider has a unique design compared to Bug types and Pokémon as a whole. While the type combination is not unique, it is a double Bug and Water type, which it shares with Surskit. Its funny water bubble head is like nothing else in the Pokémon world. According to his Pokédex entry, he covers his head with this water bubble when he has to land to find food. It also compares the size of water bubbles with other Dewpider. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but hey, Dewpider is cute.

2. Araquanid

Araquanid stands in an underwater cave.
Screen grab via Nintendo

Araquanid is the evolved form of Dewpider. It shares the main bubble and typing with water and insects with its pre-developed form, but it has much more power as an evolved form. Araquanid was one of the first Bug types we took at the end of a year pokemon game; it’s pleasantly surprising how that side of the Water type helps defend against the Fire types and Rock types that usually cause Bug type to jump away in fear. Despite its relatively early evolution, Araquanid is a great choice for combat.

1. Joltik

A little Joltik.
Screen grab via Nintendo

Joltik makes us drop all our troubles about calling a spider cute. this thing is cute! It’s Galvantula’s pre-evolved form, and while it doesn’t evolve until level 36, we don’t mind it staying in its pre-evolved form a little longer than most other bugs. Despite its hilariously small size (check it out next to a Beartic), we wouldn’t be so upset if we found one of these in a house. It learns a wide range of Bug-type and Electric-type moves and has only two weaknesses, making it a good choice for combat. You can’t go wrong with Joltik.

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