All Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four Battle Pass Skins

The Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four Battle Pass is here, here’s everything you need to know about the skins you can collect from it.

Like every season, the Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four premium pass offers a variety of new skins for players who decide to purchase it. Each page of the pass has one new skin for players to collect, with the bonus rewards for players reaching level 100 with multiple skin styles in the battle pass on each page.

Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four Battle Pass Skins

There are several new skins, including a Marvel tie-in at the very end for players who get all the way into the triple digits. Here are all the skins in the Battle Bass organized in the order players will unlock them and sorted by page.

Page one skins

Paradigm (Reality 659)

The revelation that Paradigm was voiced by actress Brie Larson meant that a subsequent skin for Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four was practically inevitable. The first page of the battle pass unlocks Paradigm’s default skin, which is essentially just Larson in Fortnite’s telltale style.

Page two skins


Bytes is another of the main cosmetics of this chapter and will get a variety of styles later in the pass. Bytes brings a classy yet spooky look to players who want their outfits a little more toned down.

Page three skins

Paradigm (sparring suit)

This is the first optional style for Paradigm, changing the dark tones and bright highlights for white and green, which version players prefer will be to taste as this is just an optional style.

Bytes (Wanderer) and Bytes (Pony Tails)

Wanderer brings a bright and almost tie-dye look to Bytes’ long shirt, while the Pony Tails look ties his hair together in his titular style.

Page four skins


Grriz is probably the most bizarre skins of this pass, depicting a little bear with a console controller inside a much larger magical mechanized bear, such as an ursine Gundam. This skin is sure to be popular given its vibrant colors and downright ridiculous appearance.

Bytes (Loe Traveler)

This is one of the skins that Bytes changes the least, simply adding a big black jacket to his outfit.

Page five skins

Meow Skulls

Fans of emo fashion will love this battle pass, Meow Skulls is an anthropomorphic cat wearing an outfit straight out of Hot Topic featuring a number of themed spiked fish spines to replace chains, and two cans of sardines to mimic dog tags. mimic.

Page six and seven skins

Lennox Rose and Lennox Rose (Fresh Vandal)

Lennox Rose is yet another original character available in the pass, the next two skins to unlock are her base style and the Fresh Vandal option, which opts for a messier and brighter image with paint splatters all over her outfit.

Paradigm (Moonbase Battlesuit)

This is yet another full-helmet Paradigm reskin, featuring teal, white, and brown.

Page eight skins


Twyn is the eighth skin that players can unlock in the Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four battle pass. With a green cloak and dark clothing, Twyn’s original style is much more subdued, but probably offers better camouflage than the brighter skins.

Meow Skulls (Cloud Nine)

No, this doesn’t mean the feline figure has signed to an esports organization. Meow Skulls (Cloud Nine) is simply an outfit that swaps the dark colors of Meow Skulls for light pink, blue and white.

Page nine skins

Twyn (Stryder)

Speaking of pink, blue, and white, Twyn gets another cosmetic option that swaps outfits and genders. Twyn (Strider) is Twyn as a woman, making Twyn the first canonical transgender and genderfluid skin. The outfit is a killer purple plaid skirt, a “Truth Or Dare” sweater, and a head of blue hair. This option is much brighter than Twyn’s male offering.

Paradigm (oceanic camouflage)

This incarnation of Paradigm is much more familiar to fans, with Larson’s face replaced by the enigmatic helmet, but replaced by blue, pink, and white. This choice of colors is likely an intentional choice on pages eight and nine, with the Epic Games team putting in a statement of support for their transgender fans.

Page 10 skins

Spider Gwen

This is most likely the skin everyone will be chasing, the Gwen Stacy incarnation of Spiderman known as Ghost Spider, with its style plucked straight from the hit movie Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. This skin even adds dots along Gwen’s suit to give that comedic shading feel to the in-game model.

Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four Bonus Reward Skins

Like every season, this chapter’s Battle Pass includes a bonus rewards page with additional desirable cosmetic twists for the skins in the regular Battle Pass for fans who can level up above level 100 and gain enough stars. Here are all the skins in the bonus rewards sorted by page.

Bonus Rewards Page One Skins

There are three skins on the first page of the bonus rewards. Twyn (Xenon Espionage), who adds golden stripes and suits Twyn in all black. Paradigm (Aurora Battlesuit) is an all-white recolor of Paradigm’s fully armored look, and Grizz (Wild Berry Grizz) swaps the base Grizz’s bright turquoise for neon purple.

Bonus Rewards Page Two Skins

There are four skins on the second page of bonus rewards, with the headline Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy) pulling back the mask on Spider-Gwen to let players play without worrying about their secret identities. Twyn (Pastel Stryder) brings exactly what it sounds like for Twyn’s Stryder incarnation, pastels.

Paradigm (Nanofiber Suit) adds a bright twist to the standard Paradigm skin, while Lennox Rose (Bubblegum Punk) colors her jackets, leggings, and shorts a color to match the skin’s namesake.

Bonus Rewards page three skins

On page three and beyond of the bonus rewards, all skins have the same style, giving the skins on the page the same cosmetic overhaul. The titular style of this page is Celestial, adding light green and blue modulating patterns to each character’s outfit.

The skins on this page are Meow Skulls (Celestial), Spider-Gwen (Celestial), Lennox Rose (Celestial), Spider-Gwen (Celestial), and Bytes (Celestial).

Bonus Rewards page four skins

Page four’s skin theme is Spectral, with shimmering translucent blues and purples to give the chosen characters a ghostly appearance. The skins on this page are Bytes (Spectral), Spider-Gwen (Spectral), Lennox Rose (Spectral), Paradigm (Spectral), and Meow Skulls (Spectral).

Bonus Rewards Page Five

The final page of bonus rewards chooses to do what Fortnite often does with its top-tier cosmetics, shining the characters in a black-and-gold hue that exudes elegance in a skinline called Aurelian. The skins on this page are Bytes (Aurelian), Spider-Gwen (Aurelian), Lennox Rose (Aurelion), Paradigm (Aurelion), and Meow Skulls (Aurelion.)

And that’s all you need to know about each skin and when it unlocks for Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four.

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