‘A Wish’ – Boruto Anime Episode 230 Review

Kawaki caught in Kurobane’s Jutsu in ‘A Wish’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 230)

boruto anime episode 230, ‘A Wish’, provided some interesting character development for Kawaki. Our poor young hero has been through something very hard. But at least he’s determined to become a ninja.

I have to say that while I was expecting Kurobane vs Kawaki and Mozuku, I was very surprised by the events that took place during their fight. The fact that Mozuku sacrificed himself to protect Kawaki was just wow. Mozuku went through a lot to make sure his people got the healing they needed. And it was pretty sad to see his journey end in death just like the rest of his teammates.

Mozuku’s death took an emotional toll on Kawaki. Seeing people willing to risk their lives to protect their homeland was a very foreign concept to Kawaki. He grew up in an environment where everyone took care of themselves. Not only that, but Kawaki was never treated like a real human being. He was only a vessel for the resurrection of Isshiki. In the world of Kawaki, you didn’t hurt yourself for the sake of others.

Mozuku’s death also made Kawaki feel like he’d failed the mission. He had promised to take Mozuku and the cure to the land of the calm seas. Kawaki is already feeling a bit insecure due to the loss of the Karma Mark. And if he realizes that he wasn’t powerful enough to protect Mozuku, his emotional state will only worsen and slowly lead him to a specific path (already shown in the manga).

While Kawaki wouldn’t have taken becoming a ninja seriously, I’m quite happy to see that the current mission has made him rethink his initial stance. Turns out he’s interested in becoming a ninja. He even begged Naruto to give him another chance, even though he failed his most recent mission.

While at first I had the anime’s decision to have Kawaki sent from the Hidden Leaf Village on missions while Code was still looking for him, I’ve come to accept that creative decision. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing Kawaki send on a mission with Wasabi’s team. He hadn’t been able to help them before. But now that he wants to be a real ninja, I think the team’s upcoming mission will be different.

Naruto also told Kawaki that he will accompany him on Hokage-focused missions. So that’s something I’d like to see as well. Whether Kawaki will remain a Genin-level ninja remains to be seen. Maybe Naruto realizes how dangerous it can be to go on missions for Kawaki with a target on his back?

As for the political stuff in ‘A Wish’, I had wondered what Naruto would do to help the people suffering in the Land of the Calm Seas. In my opinion, the writers handled the situation quite well. Even if he wanted to, Naruto could not cross certain political boundaries. As a Hokage, he did not have the opportunity to enter another area to overthrow the feudal lord.

However, it was still nice to see that Naruto and Shikamaru planned to send a medical team from Konoha to review the situation and provide assistance. I liked that Boruto was mature enough to understand the gravity of Naruto’s predicament and realize that his father was trying his best. Even if the feudal lord didn’t accept Konoha’s help, I think Konoha’s ninjas can still figure out a way to take care of the sick.

‘A Wish’ also showed that Kawaki had a bit of a connection with Shikadai. Shikamaru’s son helped Kawkai deal with Mozuku’s death. After bringing Kawaki to the cemetery to commemorate those who died protecting Konoha (and the world) during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Shikadai made Kawaki realize that death would always be a very likely possibility in their work. It was about those who were still alive going on and playing their part in protecting their homes and loved ones.

Am I the only one who sees the possibility that Shikadai and Kawaki are a ship down the line? haha!

As for the action scene, Kurobane had a bunch of annoyingly formidable Jutsus. His Infinite Sea Watchtower Jutsu used moisture from surrounding plants to cover opponents in a thick fog. While his opponents tried to figure out the location of his real body in a lot of illusions, Kurobane was able to attack them with a knife. Not only that, but the fog also absorbed moisture from its opponents until they dried up and died. It’s a good thing Boruto and Shikadai arrived to lend Kawaki a hand after the impact of Mozuku’s death on his emotional state.

What did you think of ‘A wish’? Are you happy to see Kawaki become a Genin?

Let us know.

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