‘A Special Mission’ – Boruto Manga Issue 73 Review

Salad on the cover of ‘A Special Mission’ (Image: Boruto Manga Number 73)

boruto manga Chapter 73, titled “A Special Mission,” had Shikamaru share a lot of information with Boruto and the rest of his teammates about how Konoha would deal with Eida.

Since Team 7 was called to the Hokage office for a new mission in the previous issue, many people in the fandom thought that Team 7 would be tasked with escorting Amado, Eida, and Daemon to Konoha. In recent weeks, a number of fan theories have speculated that Konoha was attacked by the army of Code followers while Team 7 was away. However, ‘A Special Mission’ quickly shut down these fan theories. Team 7 was not sent outside the Hidden Leaf Village at all.

‘A Special Mission’ showed Shikamaru the details of a surveillance mission related to Eida. Due to Eida’s innate ability to make everyone around her fall in love with her, Shikamaru decided to let Kawaki and Boruto be the ones to keep an eye on the dangerous cyborg. Their Otsutsuki DNA was immune to Eida’s glamor ability. Not only that, but Salad and Mitsuki were tasked with observing Eida, Kawaki, and Boruto from a distance.

While I wasn’t a fan of the overall problem, I did like Shikamaru’s plan because it worked on multiple levels. It allowed Konoha to keep Eida, Kawaki and Boruto under control, while also giving the two young boys something important to do and keeping them from looking for Code on their own. Kawaki and Boruto were not happy about having to live in the same house as Eida, but they had no other choice as the security of the village was at risk.

In a way, I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamics between Eida, Kawaki, and Boruto as roommates, especially now that everyone knows that Eida is in love with Kawaki. It will also be interesting to see how Eida’s glamor ability affects Salad and Mitsuki. I wouldn’t be surprised if, because she was created in a lab by Orochimaru, Mitsuki had some sort of immunity or resistance to her power.

I was a little surprised to see Sumire attend the briefing session. It turned out that ‘A Special Mission’ had a reason for her to be there. While Boruto wondered why Eida couldn’t just pick someone who had fallen in love with her instead of going after Kawaki, Sumire shared what Eida might be thinking. According to Sumire’s guess, Eida wanted to experience real romantic feelings with Kawaki, who was immune to her ability, rather than wondering if someone else’s feelings for her were real or not.

Do not get me wrong. I like to read stories about certain romantic or platonic relationships. Eida’s desire to seek a real connection with someone is an interesting aspect that can be explored in her character arc. However, I think the continuous focus does not work well for borutoespecially when readers have to wait a whole month for a new manga release. boruto is a Shonen manga. In my opinion, wanting to see certain relationships has a place in Shōnen stories, but it shouldn’t be the primary focus. There’s a reason why boruto manga doesn’t sell well. The pace just seems off.

Speaking of feelings, I’m looking forward to seeing how Mitsuki will handle Boruto who lives in Eida. In a way, Mitsuki (an organic creature created in a lab) and Eida (a cyborg) have things in common when it comes to wanting to experience and understand human emotions. I wonder how Mitsuki, who is actually in love with Boruto, will feel when Eida falls in love with the titular young ninja.

The most interesting thing that happened was that Kawaki and Sasuke could feel Momoshiki. Since Kawaki’s Karma Mark shares resonance with Boruto’s Karma Mark, Kawaki was expected to feel Momoshiki. But that Sasuk could sense that something wasn’t right after losing his Rinnegan was unexpected to me. I think Sasuke still has some trace of the Rinnegan’s chakra in him? hmm.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • Now that Eida lives with Kawaki and Boruto, where will Daemon live? I very much doubt he will be okay with living away from his big sister.
  • I liked how Shikamaru was candid when he told Kawaki and Boruto that they were ticking time bombs and a threat to Konoha. I think it also implied that the rest of the Kages saw them the same way too.
  • I wait for Salad and Mitsuki to finally hear that it was Kawaki who killed Boruto and that’s why Momoshiki revived him.
  • I’m here a bit for Momoshiki who creates drama in the house where Boruto, Kawaki and Eida will live. The Real Housewives of Konoha everybody?
  • We got some sort of power scale with Shikamaru stating that Code, with his limiters off, was stronger than Jigen but weaker than Isshiki. We should also remember that Jigen extracted chakra from the Ten-Tails before fighting Naruto and Sasuk. So it will be interesting to see if the current code is stronger than a ten-tailed infused Jigen or not.

What did you think of ‘A Special Mission’?

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