‘A Heavy Loss’ – Boruto Anime Episode 246 Review

Salad, Mitsuki and Kawaki make Boruto feel good in ‘A Heavy Loss’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 246)

boruto anime episode 246 stayed true to what it says in the title. ‘A Heavy Loss’ contained two deaths that I did not expect.

Even though Funamushi stabbed Kagura in the previous episode, I really thought Kagura would only get a serious injury and stay out of the picture until he’s better. But no. Instead, the anime writers decided to pull the emotional hearts. ‘A Heavy Loss’ had an entire scene where Kagura said goodbye to Boruto and his crew as he took his last breath.

Hebiichigo stitched up his wound and Iwabe and Salad tried to use medical ninjutsu to keep him alive, but nothing helped. The bleeding just wouldn’t stop. I think the animators did a good job showing the different facial expressions of the cast when the realization dawned that Kagura wasn’t going to make it.

Sakura Haruno still gets a lot of hate from certain parts of the fandom. But the scene with an injured Kagura served as yet another example of the importance of skilled medical ninjas in the Naruto/boruto franchisee. The fact that Boruto and his crew are entering a war without a reliable medical ninja on the list clearly puts them in danger. Perhaps the loss of Kagura will motivate Salad and Iwabe to improve their medical ninjutsu skills? hmm.

Before dying, Kagura handed Hebiichigo a petition declaring that he wanted her, Buntan, and Kyoho to be freed once the current mission was over. Kagura’s continued to be shown as a kind soul. He had no qualms about trusting people who wanted to harm him. Hebiichigo literally tried to kill Kagura, but he still forgave her because deep down he felt she was a good person.

He also asked Boruto and the rest to protect the village he grew up in. I think it was a good way to have Kagura make such a request, although it made narrative sense, to keep our heroes in a specific place rather than taking them to the actual battlefield. I highly doubt that Chojuro would have allowed the ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village to wage a war between the Land of Water and Funato Clan due to potential political complications.

With Kagura gone, I appreciated that ‘A Heavy Loss’ took the time to address two issues. We have a scene where everyone voted for Salad to replace Kagura as team leader. She is not (yet) as strong as Kawaki, Mitsuki and Boruto, but she knows how to lead. Such an ability also fits Salad’s goal of one day becoming the Hokage.

The second issue was about Boruto activating the Karma Mark during his fight with Funamushi. In the previous episode, I was wondering if Boruto’s Karma Mark would be activated after attacking Kagura in such a way. I got my answer this week. The current episode showed that although Amado’s pills worked to stop the Otsutsukification of Boruto’s body (it had stopped at 80%), he was still able to tap into the Karma Mark’s powers to boost himself. The good news was that Boruto was fully aware of his actions during the last activation period.

Salad, Mitsuki and Kawaki who were concerned about Boruto were treated well. He did say he wasn’t interested in using the Karma Mark again to fight the Funato clan, but I doubt Boruto can actually control the activation process when under immense emotional pressure.

Now I don’t know if the anime team was on a tight budget or not, but the way the camera decided to focus on the sky instead of showing Boruto’s fight with Funamushi made me laugh. The whole thing felt so weird. I could hear the two clashing, but the image was just a shot of the sky. At least we got to see Boruto hit Funamushi with a Rasengan. The fact that Funamushi didn’t die from such a blow was a nice way to show his durability. That said, Funamushi is clearly not powerful enough to actually hold out against a Karma Mark activated Boruto. If Boruto hadn’t been concerned about Kagura’s well-being, he could have easily ended Funamushi.

Now that Funamushi’s subordinates are pulling him out of the fight, I wonder if Boruto will get a chance to fight Funamushi again and put a stop to him for good.

As for the rest of the episode, “A Heavy Loss” jumped to Chojuro and the Funato Clan ships that came to a halt at sea. Chojuro had received Kagura’s message that the Funato clan had sent a small army to attack the Hidden Mist Village by land. But as far as I understood, Chojuro didn’t want to ask his ships to retreat and go back in case it alerted the Funato clan that they were aware of that particular plan of theirs.

With our heroes dealing with Kagura’s death, the villains have also suffered a loss. We were told that Tenma was annoyed by the standstill. He wanted to board Chojuro’s ship and kill him. But Tenma’s older brother Isari kept telling him to keep calm. We have a flashback sequence that has given Tenma’s character some layers. I didn’t expect him to be Isari’s adopted brother. It turns out that Tenma grew up as an orphan. One day, when he was a child, he asked Araumi to take him under his wing after watching Araumi destroy a group of people on the beach.

As for Tenma, he’s always wanted Araumi to recognize his strength. Tenma was not as strategic as Isari. So he relied on doing tasks that required strength. He wanted to kill Chojuro to impress Araumi. And while Isari warned Tenma not to be so hasty, it was clear Tenma wouldn’t listen to him.

Although Chojuro vs Tenma was short, at least we got to see the two fight instead of the camera focusing on the sky. It was impossible that Tenma would ever defeat Chojuro without a well-developed plan. His desire to impress Araumi led to his downfall.

Now I have to say I still have no idea why Isari Tenma didn’t try to help. I mean, he could have at least tried to give Tenma some cover and drag him off Chojuro’s ship, right? But I think the writers just wanted the bad guys to take a victim too, after they took Kagura off the board.

In a way, Boruto who loses Kagura and Ikada who loses Tenma, while his sister is also seriously injured, can be used to make an interesting showdown between the two friends. Both Boruto and Ikada have now suffered losses and I doubt that Boruto will be able to handle the situation with Ikada simply by using Talk-No Jutsu.

How about ‘A Heavy Loss’? Did you want Kagura to live?

Let us know.

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