A Fortnite glitch gives players Chrome god mode

A few hours ago, Epic Games released an official statement on its Twitter Fortnite Status account informing players that they will not be able to Chrome themselves in competitive matches.

The ability will be disabled, but to stay true to the theme of the season, animals and objects can still be handled in Chrome.

Since Chrome introduced a lot of mobility and resistance to fire damage, this was rather strange. Chrome is pivotal to the storyline, and if you can’t change into it, it would take away a lot of relevance in the game.

While a few speculative theories were tossed around like noodles in a wok, no conclusive decision could be made; that was until Glitch King came into the picture.

In competitive playlists only, we’ve disabled the ability for players to become Chrome-ified while we’re investigating an issue. Objects and animals can still be affected. https://t.co/DGIsXgb4ki

Based on the content creator who specializes in showing Fortnite glitches and XP exploits, it turns out someone managed to break through the Chrome mechanics in-game.

While this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, players were able to activate god mode and become invincible.

How to become a Chrome god in Fortnite

Like most glitches in the game, this one also had certain parameters that had to be met before triggering. As it turns out, the glitch is simple enough for anyone to implement. This is how it works:

  • You must first get knocked down while playing a duo, trio or squad match.
  • Once knocked, you must be carried and thrown into the water. You can also go into the water yourself.
  • Once you float, Chrome Splash should be applied to you.
  • Then a teammate has to start the review process while the Chrome effect is active.
  • Once revived, you should immediately activate Blob mode.
  • You will now become immortal and take no damage from any source possible in the game.

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Readers may wonder, just how broken is the glitch? Well, it’s extremely broken to say the least. It’s so bad it could be mistaken for a Fortnite hack.

The glitch allows players to ignore Storm Sickness, Storm Surge and camp in the Storm to get a Victory Royale. Essentially, it completely breaks the game.

The only upside is that the person performing the glitch won’t be able to move from their current position for the rest of the match. Still, that’s a minuscule price to pay for immortality.

Will the Chrome mechanic return to competitive Fortnite soon?

Since Chrome is the new core mechanic for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, it should be back soon. However, there is no timeline.

At this point, the problem has persisted for over 19 hours and is slowly creeping into the 24 hour window.

For those wondering why chrome blobs were disabled, you could basically use them to permanently ignore storm and wave damage by using them on a beaten body in the water. Probably not out for the season. https://t.co/LQv8Me2pZq

To elaborate further, if the issue cannot be fixed within a certain time frame after it is discovered, Epic Games will keep the mechanic disabled indefinitely. While this may not bode well for certain players, it is the best that can be done under the circumstances.

Players are advised not to use this glitch in normal matches. Even though it is something that exists in the game, it can be seen as cheating because it provides an inappropriate advantage. Hopefully the developers will have it fixed before the weekend starts.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh


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