5 XP cards in Fortnite to boost account levels quickly

XP cards in Fortnite allow gamers to increase their account level. This is especially important if they want to complete the entire Battle Pass or unlock special rewards such as Chrome Punk.

It is important to note that contrary to popular belief, Epic Games does not ban players from using XP cards in Fortnite. While the video game developer intended gamers to earn experience points in creative mode, these cards simply provide a faster way to do so.

Thanks to them, one can raise their Fortnite account level in just a few minutes. This article reveals five XP maps in Fortnite that gamers can use to level up quickly. Since Chapter 3 Season 4 ends very soon, players can use it to complete the full Battle Pass.

These XP cards in Fortnite can easily increase your account levels

XP cards in Fortnite are fantastic for increasing account levels (Image via Epic Games)This Fortnite XP map is great for gaining account levels (Image via Epic Games)

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The second XP map in Fortnite is very simple and straightforward. Immediately after gamers interact with the AFK XP button, they begin earning XP passively. However, players can perform a few more actions to increase the number of experience points they gain.

If someone plans to use the map for a long time, they should make sure to enter the Bouncers Room. This way the game won’t kick them out for being AFK.

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The Octane tutorial is one of the many XP cards in Fortnite that you can use to level up your account (Image via Epic Games)Use this awesome XP card to boost your Fortnite account levels (Image via GKK/YouTube screenshot)

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After entering this map, players should go through the chasm on the left and grab an assault rifle and the Grappler. Once they have these two items, they need to go to the northeast corner of the map and interact with the XP button on the bumper.

What makes this a great XP map in Fortnite is that players don’t have to do anything else to earn experience points. If they are happy with the amount of XP they receive, they can just stay on the map and reach account levels.

However, if they want to earn even more XP, they can follow the special instructions in the video above. By taking a few extra steps, they can gain more experience, which will help them increase their account level.

Important notes about XP cards in Fortnite

To take advantage of XP cards in Fortnite, you must join a private game (Image via Epic Games)Many XP cards in Fortnite can quickly boost your Battle Pass and account levels (Image via Epic Games)
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