10 Ways Sakura Is The Best Mom In Boruto

One of the best things about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is being able to see the characters that fans know and love when they grow up and take care of their own families. Fans love to watch the original cast take over parenting, and many love the dynamic between them and their powerful children. While all boruto parents are great, some are definitely better than others.

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Surprisingly, Sakura Haruno is one of the best parents in the entire series. Although she is notorious for her uselessness in Naruto, looks like she’s finally grown into a great character now that she’s a mom. Her mother role in the sequel series has helped her change for the better, making her the best mother of the original Konoha 11.

10/10 Sakura raises Sarada all by herself

Given the complicated circumstances between Sasuke and the village, it comes as no surprise that he was absent for most of Sarada’s early life. As a result, Sakura essentially became a single mother and did all the parenting alone.

While this setup wasn’t ideal, Sakura somehow managed to combine both parental roles as Sasuk continued his journey of redemption. Where most would succumb to the pressure, she stayed strong for her daughter, even making it look easy. Thanks to her devoted care, Sarada has grown into a fine young kunoichi with big things ahead of her.

9/10 Sakura effortlessly juggles her maternal duties and job as a medic Ninja

Many of the mothers in boruto have become much less active in ninja tasks since entering parenthood. However, Sakura is hardly a stay-at-home mom. Despite being the sole parent for years, she continues her duties as a medic ninja, caring for Sarada as she grows. In fact, Sakura has taken on more jobs than ever since she became a mother, working as a doctor, fighter and even teacher.

She plays a big part in developing not only her daughter’s skills, but those of all the other children as well. Despite the hard work that goes into each of these roles, Sakura effortlessly balances her work and personal life, creating a stable environment for the new generation to thrive.

8/10 Sakura makes sure that Sasuke is still part of the family, even when he’s gone

Early on in the series, Sarada mentions that she has little to no memory of her father. Despite this, Sasuk remains a big part of their family even during his absence. This is all thanks to Sakura and her tireless efforts to make sure Sarada knows what kind of man he is.

She carries on family traditions and passes on Uchiha marks of affection, such as the famous forehead poke. Although she knows that living without Sasuke is not easy for Sarada, Sakura makes the best of the situation and keeps the family connected through these small actions.

7/10 Sakura supports Sarada’s dreams and goals more than anyone else

If there’s one thing Sakura has always been good at, it’s her undying support for her loved ones. In boruto, she’s more supportive than ever now that she’s a mom. Like her father, Sarada is very ambitious and has big plans for her future. She hopes to become a Hokage one day, and while it’s no mean feat, Sakura fully supports her dream.

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She is her biggest cheerleader and firmly believes that one day she will achieve her goal by helping her every step of the way. With such positive reinforcement behind her, it seems that Sarada is absolutely destined for greatness.

6/10 Sakura trains Sarada and helps her get stronger

Although it seems like a no-brainer that the parents in boruto would train their kids, the rocky relationship between Naruto and Boruto proves that it’s not always that simple. Many of the parents leave the training to other family members or the Academy as they have little time between tasks to educate their children themselves.

Despite all the responsibilities that are already on Sakura’s shoulders, she still manages to find time for one-on-one training with her daughter. As a result, Sarada is slowly developing the same physical strength that her mother is known for, giving her another skill under her belt. While Sakura may not have much power compared to Sasuke, her training still helps her daughter immensely and takes her one step closer to her goals.

5/10 Sakura arouses Uchiha pride in Sarada

After all that has happened thanks to the Uchiha clan, the infamous family has certainly made a bad name for itself over the years. Despite this, Sakura has always made sure that Sarada is proud of her parentage and family name.

She does not allow the atrocities of the clan to define her daughter, but instead teaches her about the many good things that come from the Uchihas. As a result, Sarada is a proud member of her clan and is excited to master her Sharingan and create a new legacy for the family.

4/10 Sakura wants Sarada to bond with Sasuke

With such a complex family dynamic between them, it is surprising how close and loving the Uchihas are. Sarada has always had a strong bond with her mother, and after Sasuk finally returned home, she quickly bonded with him too. Much of this is due to Sakura’s encouragement. Despite their estrangement, Sarada and Sasuke easily bonded with her guidance and help.

After all they’d been through in his absence, no one could blame Sakura for feeling angry or jaded, instead giving her family the kindness, love, and patience they needed to thrive. Now their once-broken family is one of the sweetest and healthiest in the series.

3/10 Sakura brings stability to Sarada’s life

Throughout Sarada’s early life, Sakura is a mainstay. She is there for her no matter what, and gives her everything she needs. Through her hard work and dedication, Sakura brings stability and normalcy to her household, despite the fact that Sasuk is nowhere to be found.

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Without this crucial support in the beginning Sarada probably wouldn’t be the strong, smart and independent young girl she turned out to be. Although Sakura has had every opportunity for years, she made the most of it herself.

2/10 Sakura protects Sarada from the mistakes of the past

With a war criminal as a father, you’d assume Sarada’s life isn’t the easiest. But thanks to Sakura’s love and protection, she has been unharmed by his mistakes. While it is true that Sarada is confused by her father’s absence, thankfully she is not burdened by the knowledge of his crimes against the village.

Sakura manages to protect Sarada from painful memories, allowing her to live a normal and healthy life. As a result, Sarada is not defined by her father or his actions, and has become her own person.

When Sasuke first returns to Konoha after so many years, it’s a pretty messy reunion. Sarada still has no idea why Sasuke has been gone for so long, and she begins to question everything, even going so far as to accuse Sakura of not being her real mother. There’s no telling how painful that must have been for Sakura to endure, especially after taking care of her alone for so long.

But when the truth comes out, she immediately forgives her daughter and is just happy to have her safe in her arms. Not all parents are so willing to forget such cruel words, but Sakura pays absolutely no attention to them. Her main priority is Sarada, and their family is the only thing that matters to her, which shows how loving a mother she really is.

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