10 Ways Sakura And Hinata Are The Same In Naruto

The story of Naruto is packed with sweet, exciting and emotionally rich characters that can be compared and contrasted in many ways. An example is the comparison between two Leaf Village kunoichi who both play a major role in the careers of Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga and Sakura Haruno. Naruto’s life wouldn’t be the same without them.

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These seem completely different from kunoichi at first, such as Hinata which is a bloodline trait. Sakura is also a stubborn tsundere while Hinata is a shy dandere. Despite all that, Sakura and Hinata also have a lot in common, and their character arcs have an amazing amount of overlap in flashbacks, Naruto Shippuden,and even the sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

10 Sakura & Hinata had low self-esteem as children

Many of the main characters in Naruto had a difficult childhood, like Naruto growing up as a hated orphaned child, while Sasuke witnessed the slaughter of his entire family at Itachi’s hands. This also applies to Sakura and Hinata, who both felt pretty bad about themselves in their youth.

Sakura had no special hiden jutsu and hated her big forehead, something she still felt bad about at age 12. Meanwhile, Hinata felt rejected in the Hyuga clan, as she was told that she had not lived up to her family’s standards despite being in the main branch.

9 Sakura & Hinata also had role models as children

Fortunately, both Sakura and Hinata had role models to look up to, which slowly but surely helped these young girls overcome their insecurities and find something fun about themselves. Sakura’s role model was the bright, smart and confident Ino Yamanaka, who wisely told Sakura that she was just a bud waiting one day to bloom.

Hinata’s role model was Naruto Uzumaki herself, who impressed her deeply with his stubborn perseverance and good work ethic as an academy student. Like Hinata, Naruto didn’t like him much, but he had guts, and Hinata could hardly believe her eyes.

8 Sakura & Hinata felt like dead weight in their teams

Early in life, Sakura and Hinata were similar for many negative reasons, proving that they were both flower buds waiting for a chance to bloom someday, as Ion once put it. Even when Sakura and Hinata joined their genin teams, they still hadn’t blossomed.

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Both genin felt like a dead weight in their respective teams and they felt guilty for holding back their teammates. Sakura did nothing to help in the Land of Waves arc, and Hinata made her team tough by failing all missions, even those with a D rank.

7 Sakura & Hinata Fought Fiercely in the Chunin Examination Tower

During the Forest of Death sequence in the chunin exam arc, Hinata and Sakura didn’t do much to help their respective teams, but that all changed in the tower, where the genin contestants had to duel each other in an arena. Sakura and Hinata had no choice but to fight.

Both kunoichi impressed the audience with their newfound ferocity and bravery in battle, and Sakura and Hinata no doubt amazed themselves at the trial. For the first time, Hinata correctly challenged Neji, and Sakura stubbornly fought Ino to a draw, despite having no hidden jutsu of her own.

6 Sakura & Hinata emphasize Taijutsu

Even if Sakura and Hinata don’t compare to real taijutsu masters like Lady Tsunade and Might Guy, they are still very adept at martial arts, and both kunoichi improve their attacks with clever use of their chakras. Not even Rock Lee can do what they do in a serious melee fight.

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Hinata is trained to use her clan’s Gentle Fist technique, striking with her palms to damage the opponent’s internal organs and block their chakra points with each blow, much like her cousin Neji. Meanwhile, Sakura is a melee monster, imbuing her fists with all her chakras to deliver explosive punches.

5 Sakura & Hinata belong to the Konoha 11

The “Konoha 11” squad is an unofficial group that combines the genes of Teams 7, 8, 10 and Guy, minus the rogue Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto fans love the members of the Konoha 11 as they are the most powerful and memorable ninjas of their generation.

Sakura and Hinata both belong to the Konoha 11 and have fought hard alongside fellow members like Naruto and Kiba to defend their village from external threats like the Six Paths of Pain. However, the importance of the Konoha 11 group slowly declined over time.

4 Sakura & Hinata had Shippuden glow-ups

Many of the members of the Konoha 11 had glow-up by this time Naruto Shippuden started. Not only were they older, but they were also more powerful, confident, and generally more attractive as shonen heroes. Sakura and Hinata have definitely changed the most, and all for the better.

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Sakura had gone from dead weight to a taijutsu/medicine expert thanks to Tsunade’s training, and she helped Chiyo take down Sasori from the Akatsuki. At the same time, Hinata had grown into a strong, brave kunoichi who could use any Hyuga clan technique in battle to devastating effect.

3 Sakura & Hinata both professed their love to Naruto

Both Hinata and Sakura said to Naruto “I love you” to his face, although they had different reasons for this. Sakura told Naruto those three big words mainly to convince Naruto to return home with his beloved friends and give up on Sasuke, but in the end Sakura’s strategy didn’t work, so she followed other plans instead.

Hinata’s confession of love was more sincere. She had always admired him, and from the arc of pain, Hinata’s cherished feelings had finally become true love. Hinata told Naruto the same thing when she was confronted with Pain for his sake, and Naruto was amazed. This was a big step forward in their budding relationship.

2 Sakura & Hinata Finally Married Their Love Interests

Most members of the Konoha 11 and their friends got their happily ever after in the years leading up to boruto. For example, Ino married Sai and Sakura and Hinata also got into a relationship. Sakura eventually married her old friend, foe and crush, Sasuke Uchiha, and she is quite happy now.

Hinata is even happier because she herself is married to her childhood sweetheart Naruto Uzumaki. She is now the wife of the Hokage, an exalted and comfortable position for any ninja. Naruto fans were overjoyed to see Hinata and her new husband get married in a beautiful ceremony.

1 Sakura & Hinata have powerful daughters

Hinata’s first-born child with Naruto was a son, Boruto, and then she had a daughter, Himawari, to rival Sakura’s own daughter, Sarada Uchiha. An opponent of borutoSarada clearly inherited her mother’s fierce temper and strong will, and she inherited her father’s Sharingan eye.

Even though she’s not as strong as her brother, Himawari is a capable kunoichi, and it helps that she inherited her mother’s Byakugan eye to keep up with Sarada’s own burgeoning talents. In short, Sakura and Hinata are both happy mothers because of the boruto era.

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