10 Ways Naruto Is Worse When You’re An Adult

Naruto‘s creative stories, likeable characters, and interesting jutsu have captivated fans after nearly two decades on the air. Among its multitude of compelling arcs, the series is as captivating on its fiftieth rendition as it is on its first.

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However, there are some aspects of the show that even the most die-hard fans can hardly tolerate on subsequent viewings. Whether it’s the unforgiving shinobi world, the shortcomings of its leaders, or the obnoxious tendencies of some of its most beloved characters, certain aspects make Naruto’s journey harder to watch every year.

10/10 Konohagakure treated Naruto badly until he saved the village

It’s no secret that Naruto spent most of his childhood on Konohagakure’s only swing. As a village jinchuriki, he was feared and hated for his inherent power. The villager’s refusal to recognize Naruto eventually made him stronger, leading him to save all of Konohagakure during Pain’s attack on the village.

While some may say the trip was worth the destination, that doesn’t excuse the fact that most of Konohagakure actively abused a child for something he had no control over. For most of his life, Naruto was constantly punished for Minato’s rash decision to make him a jinchuriki. To make matters worse, Konoha’s villagers only began to recognize Naruto after he saved them from certain death following Pain’s attack.

9/10 Sasuke and Sakura were abusive, manipulative friends

In addition to Sakura and Sasuke, Naruto was assigned to Team 7 after becoming a shinobi. Under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake, the trio learned to climb trees, developed strong jutsu and formed friendships that proved invaluable during their joint missions.

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Yet Naruto’s first friends abused him the most. Sakura constantly called Naruto an idiot and often hit him when he disagreed or upset her. Sasuke constantly insulted Naruto’s abilities, considered himself superior to Naruto, and even tried to kill him several times during his quest for power.

8/10 Ineffective politicians had half of Konohagakure slaughtered

Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju created Konohagakure to end the war between their clans. By joining them together, the clans Uchiha and Senju entered an era of peace. The Hokage, was charged with maintaining that peace as long as the village survived

But after three generations, Konoha’s peace turned out to be fragile. Leaders like Tobirama Senju allowed prejudice to cloud his judgment, fueling distrust between the clans that led to segregation. Hiruzen Sarutobi allowed the entire Uchiha clan to be massacred after he approved Danzo’s horrific plot. Also, despite the village’s two-clan system, no Uchiha clan member has even been named Hokage – despite their superior combat ability and knowledge of village affairs.

7/10 Hiruzen has not kept his promises

Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage and one of Konohagakure’s strongest living shinobi. He revoked his retirement upon the death of the Fourth Hokage. Before Minato’s passing, Hiruzen promised to take full responsibility for Minato’s son, Naruto, and take care of the child as he would his own. To no one’s surprise, this was the first of many promises Hiruzen simply refused to keep.

He passively allowed Konohagakure to abuse Naruto, never revealing his parentage to him, and failing to take care of Naruto’s most basic needs, such as food and safety. He allowed Konoha’s police, the Uchiha clan, to be massacred without attempting a diplomatic solution, then failed to protect Sasuke after promising Itachi he would. He also refused to confirm Hiashi’s allegations against Kumogakure during the Hyuga affair that resulted in the wrongful execution of Hizashi Hyuga.

6/10 The sexy harem jutsu was incredibly inappropriate

Naruto invented the Sexy Jutsu in an effort to attract attention. Using the transformation technique, Naruto turned into a naked woman to excite and distract his target. He created the Sexy-Harem Jutsu after learning the Shadow Clone technique, which allowed him to duplicate the number of females present.

There’s something disturbing about seeing a child turn into a grown, naked woman. This inconvenience only increases with each subsequent clone that is made. The perverted looks, inappropriate comments and rivers of nosebleeds that came from Naruto’s targets were equally distasteful, compounded by the fact that those most affected by this jutsu were his trusted teachers and authority figures.

5/10 The working child soldiers of the hidden village before war

As the Five Great Nations were constantly at war, the “kill or be killed” mentality became the law for the shinobi world. There was constant demand for shinobi job openings as the high death rate resulted in even higher sales. To make up for that lack of supply, the Hidden Villages regularly employed children to fight for them.

Picked straight from the Academy and armed with only the rudimentary basics, children as young as 12 were sent to the battlefield to die. Along with these tragic, senseless deaths came traumas from the relatives left behind, such as Tsuande’s depression after the death of her brother Nawaki.

4/10 The Kage were the strongest Shinobi in the village, yet sent others on dangerous missions

Clan warfare came to an end after the Five Great Nations adopted Konohagakure’s Hidden Village model. As each of the country’s clans united, the strongest shinobi was chosen as their leader and given the title “Kage”.

In an era when death was constant and children were needed to replenish dwindling armies, the Kage never lent their legendary strength on the battlefield. During the Fourth Ninja War, the reanimated Kage proved they had the power to single-handedly wipe out entire battlefields. Had they chosen to participate more actively during their lifetime, countless lives could have been easily spared.

3/10 Too many characters were obvious and blatant deviations

Naruto’s infinite power-ceiling and underdog-turned-hero story are just two of the many companys common in shonen anime. Among the other tropes in the series are the brooding genius with the tragic backstory, the damsel in constant need of rescue, and the white-haired character whose potential and cool factor are limitless.

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Unfortunately, the series also took over and let go of the “Perverted-Teacher” group. Most of Naruto’s teachers were openly admitted perverts: Jiraiya constantly peeked at women in bathhouses, Ebisui-sensei spit rivers of blood because of Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu, and Kakashi could always be caught reading the Makeout series, a series of adult books. . Fortunately, this company was largely abandoned in Boruto: Naruto next generations.

2/10 People who committed crimes against humanity were forgiven simply because they knew the right people

Even in a world ruled by power, there are still lines that shinobi is not expected to cross. Leaving their village, betraying comrades, and committing war crimes are among the things considered inexcusable by most of the country’s governments. Still, some shinobi seem completely exempt from these rules. Orochimaru carried out crimes against humanity during his experiments and sacrificed hundreds of innocent lives in his quest for immortality.

He left Konohagakure and then tried to destroy it, before forcing Sasuke Uchiha to defect to Konoha as well. A student of Orochimaru, Sasuk attacked the Five Kage Summit and attempted to assassinate the leaders of the Great Nations. Despite the couple’s blatant disregard for the laws of the world, both were given full amnesty due to Naruto’s influence after the Fourth Great Ninja War.

1/10 Ordinary people were collateral damage in the war between Shinobi

Amid the colorful cast of shinobi in the series, it’s easy to forget that most people within the Five Great Nations are totally incapable of using jutsu. These ordinary, ordinary people fill the Hidden Villages and work their 9-5 jobs to keep the village functioning and the economy going. Instead of infiltrating foreign territory from the Kage on a mission, these people return to their beds at the end of each day.

That’s only if they still have homes to return to. Due to war between the shinobi of the different nations, the hidden villages are constantly being destroyed. Everyday people are caught in the crossfire of soldiers capable of putting entire stadiums to sleep, summoning giant sword-wielding animals or spewing blazing wildfires from their mouths. The villagers of Konohagakure had a particularly hard time, as they were forced to rebuild the village twice after the separate catastrophic attacks by Orochimaru and Pain.

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