10 Ways Boruto Is A Worse Protagonist Than Naruto

Since its debut in 2017, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been infamous throughout the anime as the failed sequel to a beloved shonen classic. Naruto fans have struggled to relate to this new series from the start, and the same can be said for the protagonist. He may be Naruto’s son, but Boruto Uzumaki has become one of the most hated characters in the franchise.

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From his spoiled and brash demeanor to his overwhelming abilities, Boruto has next to none of the makings of a great protagonist. Many cannot help but compare his character to that of his father, and most agree that he is far from the great hero that Naruto was at his age.

10 Boruto is much less sympathetic everywhere

There’s one thing fans hate the most: boruto‘s titular protagonist is how unsympathetic he turned out to be. To most he is a spoiled brat and ungrateful for everything he has. His anger at Naruto and constant temper tantrums make him hard to bear, and many feel that he brings the series down in general.

Naruto, on the other hand, is one of Shonen’s most beloved protagonists and has been from the start. He’s the type of character that fans can enjoy, and his cheerful and upbeat personality is infectious. While many had hoped that Boruto would follow a similar path, he has proved the opposite in almost every way.

9 He has no purpose that drives him, so his story seems meaningless

From the very beginning, Naruto had a clear goal that he was determined to achieve. His dream of becoming a Hokage was nothing short of admirable and it gave fans a reason to care about his journey. In comparison, Boruto seems aimless and unsure of what he wants in life.

While that’s understandable at its age, it doesn’t exactly make for an interesting plot for fans to follow. His story often feels meaningless and not worth telling, and his lack of motivation frustrates audiences more than anything else.

8 He makes a lot of frustrating decisions that fans can’t forgive

If there’s one thing Naruto and Boruto have in common, it’s that they both make a lot of mistakes. However, when Naruto messes up, it’s usually comedic or at least well-intentioned. Boruto, on the other hand, makes a lot of frustrating decisions that don’t help anyone and aren’t even entertaining.

He often lets his anger make decisions for him, leading to some really awful situations that are hard for most fans to see. One of his most infamous moments is when he decides to cheat on the Chunin exams using a science ninja tool, a shocking moment that fans still haven’t forgiven for.

7 Since Boruto is a Ninja prodigy, there is little to no room for him to grow

One of the best parts of Naruto watched as everyone’s favorite ninja slowly made its way from a hated nobody to a celebrated hero. Naruto came from humblest beginnings and fought his way to the success he has now. In contrast, Boruto got it all on a silver platter.

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Coming from two notable clans, his powers are incredible from the start, and unlike Naruto, he has a family that helps him harness his strength early on, essentially making him a child prodigy. As a result, there’s hardly any room for improvement, making for a very dull and overpowered protagonist that fans can’t argue with.

6 He’s getting too powerful, too fast

Boruto is already a skilled ninja from the start, with the powers of both the Hyuga and Uzumaki clans. With so much untapped potential, he really doesn’t need any power-ups, at least not until he’s older. However, Boruto seems to be getting one power-up after another, even surpassing Naruto in his ability to pick up new jutsu.

While it’s good that he learns at a different pace than Naruto, it’s still frustrating for most fans that he’s so powerful as a kid. Many of the skills he now has Naruto couldn’t unlock until Naruto Shippudenso it feels wrong that this privileged little child can master them so easily.

5 He is a very passive character compared to his father

Naruto was always a forward-thinking character in his story. He didn’t sit around waiting for things to change. Instead, he became the driving force behind the change. Many would expect his son to take charge in the same way, but the opposite has happened.

Unlike his father, Boruto is a very passive character and has little influence on the events around him. Instead of acting as the change in his world, Boruto simply reacts to the changes others make for him. As a result, he often fails to shine and is easily overshadowed by the rest of the cast.

4 Boruto never stands out alone

While Naruto has a strong presence in both series, Boruto fails to make waves. Almost every other character in the series is more interesting and compelling than him, which makes many wonder why he is the protagonist in the first place.

Even minor characters like Himawari impress more than him, showing how weak a main character he really is. While he has some potential, it never seems to be met, and he is always sidelined for someone better.

3 He is the least interesting of the new generation of children

As the protagonist, fans expect Boruto to be the star of the show. Naruto always stole the spotlight no matter the situation, and even when others came into the limelight, he still played an important role. Compared to him, Boruto hardly feels like a protagonist.

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His personality and backstory are the least interesting of the new cast, and many of the kids feel like a better lead character than him. For example, most fans think that Sarada is much more suitable as the main character, shows more development early on and has a stronger presence overall.

2 He comes across as an ungrateful brat, which makes him hard to find

One of Boruto’s biggest flaws is his attitude. While it’s understandable that he feels neglected by Naruto, his anger and spiteful actions towards the former main character piss most fans off. After seeing everything Naruto went through growing up, Boruto usually feels like a selfish, ungrateful brat.

He doesn’t value what he has, and it never feels like it’s enough for him. Because of this, fans often struggle to root for Boruto and most don’t really care if he succeeds, a stark contrast to how much loved Naruto was at his age.

1 He doesn’t feel like a Shonen hero at all

Many have said before that Boruto Uzumaki doesn’t feel like a shonen protagonist. In some ways, that can be a good thing. After all, it’s always good to mix things up and add a fresh new perspective. But there are certain traits in a shonen hero that fans are always looking for, and Boruto has almost none.

It leaves him with no admirable qualities and no notable features. In fact, Boruto is so different from other shonen protagonists, he feels like he should play a supporting role instead. Considering how important heroes are to the genre, this makes Boruto a very difficult character to figure out, especially when compared to his father’s legendary place among the greats of anime.

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