10 Ways Boruto Is A Better Protagonist Than Naruto

Most Naruto fans can agree that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was nothing but a disappointment to the franchise. Much of this is thanks to Boruto Uzumaki, the universally hated protagonist of the sequel series. Pretty much everyone despises his character and claims that he is one of the worst protagonists of all time. Compared to his legendary father, Boruto seems like a huge downgrade.

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However, he also has his good points. While not a traditional shonen protagonist by any means, Boruto is just as worthy of the title. Its unconventional features and storyline shake up the genre and add something to the franchise that Naruto’s story never could. His differences make him just as great a protagonist as Naruto, and in some ways they make him even better.

10 Boruto is much more mature than Naruto was at his age

Naruto may be a responsible and mature Hokage now, but he wasn’t always like that. When fans first met him as a child, he was obnoxious and immature, never took anything seriously and always made trouble. Boruto is the same age as his father was then, but he is much more mature for his age.

He carries a lot of responsibility and takes charge as the man of the house in Naruto’s absence. While everyone loves Naruto, even his biggest fans can admit that he’s quite annoying in the early episodes. Boruto’s maturity brings a refreshing change to the series from his father’s earlier childishness.

9 His struggle is not that big, but they are more recognizable

Many fans often complain that Boruto is unrelated, but in some ways he’s actually more recognizable than Naruto was. While Naruto’s problems were all bigger than life, Boruto struggles with his home life and relationships, something everyone in the audience can understand and identify with.

His problems may not be as interesting as his father’s, but they are much more reality based, which makes him feel more real overall. Regardless of his origin, power or privilege, Boruto is just a kid who wants the love and recognition of his parents, and viewers can see more of themselves in him than in Naruto.

8 His character has more depth and complexity

While it may not seem like it at first glance, Boruto has a lot of depth, sometimes even more so than his father. In the first series, Naruto is written as the quintessential shonen hero. He is funny, brave and inspires the people around him. While these are all great traits to have, it’s something that fans have seen done many times. Meanwhile, Boruto is a bit more difficult to place as a character.

He doesn’t have the tragic past that Naruto had, but he still struggles in his own way. At first glance, he appears to be the privileged and spoiled son of the Hokage, but in reality he hides a lot of anger, resentment and pain that others often downplay. This setup makes for a unique and interesting story that is completely different from anything the franchise has shown fans before.

7 Boruto is often less selfish than Naruto

Many fans believe that Boruto Uzumaki is usually a selfish brat. However, he has shown a lot of selflessness throughout the series. Although he has his own problems, Boruto often puts his family to himself. He’ll drop everything to be there for his sister, and he’s willing to protect her from anything, even their own father.

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In comparison, although he’s a good guy, Naruto has always been pretty selfish. His goals in life have always been self-serving, and while he will do anything for those he loves, he isn’t always so self-sacrificing. Even as an adult, Naruto shows quite a bit of selfishness, especially when choosing between his job and his family.

6 His flaws make him more interesting

It’s clear to everyone that Boruto is an extremely flawed character with a lot of bad traits, and that’s often why Naruto fans hate him. But these flaws often make him a more interesting and rounded character. In contrast, Naruto started out with a lot of flaws, but as he got more powerful, he started to get almost too perfect.

After all, his struggle to the top caused fans to root for him. Boruto may not struggle with his abilities that much, but his personality flaws and flaws make him feel like a much more real character than his father, who often felt like he couldn’t do anything wrong.

5 He has even more untapped potential than Naruto

Currently, Naruto is hands down the most powerful character in the entire franchise. Although he started small, his skills never stopped growing, and he has essentially become a god among the ninjas. It’s hard to imagine Boruto with an ounce of Naruto’s strength, but he’s already shown a lot of promise at such a young age.

Naruto is the quintessential underdog protagonist and he really gets to the level he is now because of Kurama’s strength. Meanwhile, Boruto is already incredibly powerful on his own. He has huge potential to become one of the strongest Shinobi out there, maybe even stronger than his father, making for a promising future for this new protagonist.

4 Boruto is not just another generic Shonen protagonist

Boruto Uzumaki is hardly the typical shonen hero that fans are so used to seeing. In fact, he is almost the opposite in every way. While that’s a disappointment to some fans, it makes for a very interesting and unique new take on the role and adds a refreshing story to a tired genre.

As a result, Boruto feels much less generic than many shonen heroes out there, including Naruto herself, who tends to fall into many of the usual old shonen tropes.

3 He always has new tricks up his sleeve

One thing that really stands out about Boruto compared to his father is that he is always learning new techniques and using them to the fullest. From Naruto’s signature Justus and Hinata’s family techniques to even Sasuke’s abilities, Boruto has a whole host of powers under his belt that really give him an edge over his predecessors.

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Although Naruto also learned many moves, he normally just stuck to his usual style and never really used the rest. Even now, he still uses pretty much the same old set of techniques, with Boruto’s fighting style always seeming to evolve.

2 His character development is much more interesting

Throughout the series, Naruto basically remains the same knucklehead ninja that everyone loves. He never really learns any hard lessons, at least not compared to other characters, and his personality only develops a little. But with Boruto, he has already developed so much in such a short time.

Fans may argue otherwise, but he’s grown and matured a lot since the beginning, teaching him more about the world around him and why his dad is so focused on his duties as Hokage. Many viewers have said that they feel that Boruto’s character has improved over time, showing how much he has already changed. He still has a lot of potential to develop even further, proving that he has a lot more depth to him than most give him credit.

1 Boruto’s connection to the Otsutsuki clan could potentially be the franchise’s biggest conspiracy

Recently, Boruto’s potential has grown exponentially after developing the powers of the Jōgan eye and the Karma seal that he inherited from his Otsutsuki blood. Since awakening, the plot has taken a surprising but intriguing turn that could potentially become even a better storyline than the original Jinchuriki plot in Naruto.

Like Naruto’s Nine-Tailed Chakra, Boruto’s abilities are a terrifying weapon that many don’t understand. However, this power seems even more dangerous than the previous one and raises the stakes more than ever. With the plot still in its infancy, fans can only speculate about what will happen next, but it could be one of the biggest storylines ever to appear in the franchise.

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