10 Unpopular Pokémon Opinions We Can’t Agree With

pokemon is a franchise that dominates every medium, be it anime, video games or a trading card game. There are plenty of constant changes everywhere pokemon that keep the public coming back for more. There’s a lot to love pokemon anime, and it is the introduction of many fans to the unique universe.

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Over the many years it has largely been able to absorb feedback and improve its impressive base. That said, it’s far from perfect though, and there are some valid complaints to make, just like any series that has been running for decades.

10 Ash doesn’t catch enough Pokémon

One of the reasons that pokemon such an eternal classic is because there are so many different ways to play the games. However, the franchise’s tagline, “Gotta” Catch “Em All,” emphasizes its focus on acquiring as many of these creatures as possible.

Ash has been pokemonthe protagonist for over 25 years, and yet the tally of unique Pokémon he’s owned comes to well under 100. It’s hard to argue with Ash’s shoddy stats, which only got more noticeable after he joined Goh , a new trainer who already has more than 80 Pokémon despite his significantly shorter time in the series.

9 Battles break the rules of the video games

It’s not uncommon for anime to adapt popular video games, but that doesn’t mean they follow the exact same rules. It’s hard to deny that the pokemon games and anime exist in the same universe. However, the application of certain combat tactics, techniques and basic principles produces unique results in the anime.

It’s normal for an anime to take liberties in this department and be more concerned about visuals and storytelling than about being accurate for the games. It’s still frustrating for someone who starts playing the games because of their love for the anime and then wakes up raw.

8 The series has way too many episodes

The pokemon anime aired its first episode in 1997, and it’s been around almost as long as video game source material. There have been brief periods of silence when it comes to: pokemon anime material, but the continued additions to the franchise have spawned over 1000 episodes with still no end in sight.

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It’s hard to argue that this is an absurd amount of content to work through, even without considering the anime’s twenty films. The huge amount pokemon that exists can make it a daunting prospect for any viewer to consider and keep track of.

7 The show is too fixated on Pikachu

Pikachu has become pokemon‘s mascot and one of the most popular creatures in the franchise, but it’s a Pokémon that doesn’t have much fame in the original video games. pokemon‘s anime establishes Pikachu as Ash’s regular Pokémon companion, and their tireless teamwork has forged one of the strongest relationships in the franchise.

There’s no denying the connection between Ash and Pikachu, but it occasionally comes at the expense of the character development of the rest of his Pokémon. Pikachu has gotten its due at this point, and it’s not unreasonable to want to see other Pokémon put in the spotlight.

6 The constantly rotating cast wears thin

The hero of many long-running Shonen series will meet some friends along the way to join him on his adventure. Ash befriends Brock and Misty, but he’s had a healthy mix of human companions during his regional travels.

It is appreciated that pokemon makes for some variety in this department, and Ash doesn’t have the same friends for the entire series. At the same time, the idea that he always has new companions at the start of a new regional adventure is also thinning and his fans are tired of having to say goodbye to beloved characters.

5 The series is way too episodic in nature

There are many anime that wipe the slate clean at the end of each episode, but there are also those that tell a deeply serialized story that continues to build on its own. pokemon tries to indulge in both narrative structures, but more often than not it presents itself as an episodic series.

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With nearly 1,000 unique Pokémon in the franchise, it’s getting easier to deliver episodes that feature a different creature in each episode. The anime’s Pokémon League battles tend to be the series’ chances for serialized storytelling, but overall, the episodic nature can make it feel more disposable.

4 The most exciting Pokémon are reserved for the movies

pokemon is benefiting from its growing Pokédex nearing the quadruple digits. There are plenty of basic Pokémon and regional variants to find in the anime that some of the rarer warriors, such as Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, end up failing.

There are two dozen pokemon movies, all of which tell grandiose stories that often serve as showcases for these more dangerous Pokémon. These movies usually do these Legendary Pokémon justice, but they do the standard anime a disservice, as audiences are used to the more important Pokémon being reserved for cinematic adventures.

3 The characters do not age visibly

Admittedly, this minor complaint is something more applicable to animation as a whole, but the series’ decision to keep Ash in a state of stasis was a double-edged sword for the program. Ash’s performance has grown over time, but his age remains the same.

This decision helps pokemon continue to connect with its younger demographic, but it could have found other ways to achieve the same. Time skips are popular in anime, and if the story focuses on Ash’s children and the next generation of Pokémon Trainers, Ash can grow up and achieve more or less the same things.

2 The anime never leaves Ash

One of the constants in each pokemon anime is that Ash is the guiding force of the franchise. The pokemon The world keeps getting bigger, making Ash a reassuring constant presence for the audience. That being said, pokemon could limit himself by his undying devotion to this character.

This extended look at Ash has inevitably stunted his development, forcing him to relapse and relearn the same lessons. Rotating protagonists, even if they are characters that the audience has already met, would avoid some easy and repetitive problems that pokemon has faced.

1 Sometimes it feels more like a commercial than a story

All major media franchises have to promote themselves at one time or another. pokemon started out as a video game series, but the anime has become a place where some of the most anticipated next-generation Pokémon make their debut.

This is a delicate balance to achieve, and admittedly there are episodes where entire episodes feel like they’re just another shilling pokemon video game, movie or spin-off. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was designed entirely around this idea, even if it’s still a worthwhile extension to the anime.

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