10 Times Spike Was The Coolest Character In Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop was released in 1998 and helped shape anime as viewers know it today. It is celebrated as one of the most iconic anime series of all time. The series is an amalgamation of science fiction and western. Cowboy Bebop shows Spike Spiegel next to the dashing Bebop Crew, soaring through the solar system.

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Gunslinger Spike is casual and blasé. Despite his somewhat unkempt appearance, this iconic protagonist is downright attractive. His years of experience as a bounty hunter and member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, coupled with his acumen and accuracy, make all the more for his lazy tendencies aboard the Bebop ship. Spike’s wily charm and wit create only part of his multifaceted personality, allowing him to seduce dozens of admirers around the world.

10/10 Spike takes on Asimov

Spike Spiegel’s introduction was by no means boring, as he captivated audiences for the first time of many with his clever wit and physical prowess. With no cash in their pockets and little food in their stomachs, Spike and crewmate Jet Black turned their locations to bounty Asimov Solensan.

During their first meeting, and unknowingly to Asimov, Spike turns the table, as it is the first to seemingly have the upper hand. He steals the vial of Bloody Eye, an illegal performance-enhancing drug, from Asimov’s pocket and later uses it to his advantage. Spike’s indifferent nature is something to behold.

9/10 Spike outsmarts the casino

“Honky Tonk Women” introduces the seductive Faye Valentine. Engaged in an illegal exchange with a casino boss, Faye must work at a roulette table to recover a chip from one of the players in exchange for paying off her debts.

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When Spike comes into possession of the chip, the casino boss proposes a compromise with Spike and partner Jet and offers money for the chip. In reality, the casino crooks planned to take out Spike, but he was already one step ahead. While Spike is known for being lazy, fans know not to be misled. Spike is masterfully tricky and quick on his feet.

8/10 Spike’s past comes back to haunt him

The solar system is home to a myriad of tormented individuals fleeing the troubles of their past, and Spike is no exception. While he may just seem aloof and rather brash, he’s just another indulging in escapism as a means of avoiding the memories that haunt him.

Spike fakes his death to run from his position with the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. However, his ex-partner Vicious had big ambitions and had big goals to excel. After Spike’s risky departure, the two had a destined first meeting, and an intense duel ensued. Vicious stated that the same blood runs through both Spike and himself, to which Spike replied, “I bled it all away.

7/10 Spike saves a man from himself

Over the years, Spike has faced many dangerous enemies, all unique in their own way. However, one of his most enigmatic turned out to be a young child. In Sympathy For The Devil, Spike meets a musical prodigy who turns out not to be a child at all, but an old man trapped in his youthful body as a result of the accident at the Astral Gate.

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In possession of the carefully crafted gem-encrusted bullet designed to defeat Wen, Spike manages to take him down, despite feeling unusually uncomfortable about the whole situation. With his dying breath, Wen tells Spike that he is finally at ease as his youthful appearance fades and he is leaving as an older man.

6/10 Spike takes on a student

Spike Spiegel’s character design is as carefully crafted as the precision and allure he displays throughout the story Cowboy Bebop, and his practices and philosophy were shaped by the great Bruce Lee. The spirit of Bruce Lee runs through Spike’s veins and is an underlying theme in the series.

Spike meets a man named Roco, who begs the former to share some of his expertise. After much persuasion, Spike instructs Roco to run at him with a knife. Spike easily dodges the attack and goes on to explain the basics of martial arts. “Do not worry; it’s not about strength. You must be fluent; you must be like water.”

5/10 Spike challenges a poisonous enemy

Spike’s careless tendencies are no secret, and his irresponsibility often puts him in odd situations. After Jet, Faye and Ein are left weakened, Spike and Ed must deal with the culprit. Armed and dangerous, Spike sets out to find the culprit.

Finally, the creature spawned from a lobster Spike bought in Ganymead a year earlier attacked Spike himself, knocking him unconscious like his comrades. It was Ed who took it down once and for all by mistaking it for pudding and deeming it fit for her consumption.

4/10 Spike takes a stairway to heaven

Lacking food and fuel, the Bebop people become restless and irritable in ‘Mushroom Samba’. After being hit by another ship, the Bebop drifts off course and crashes on Lo. Radical Ed, once the troublemaker, goes in search of food and returns to the Bebop ship with some strange mushrooms.

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Every member of the Bebop Crew experiences hallucinations after eating a mushroom, with Spike playing out during his journey up the stairs. Four steps suddenly become thousands, and he meets a frog who tells him he is walking up a flight of stairs to heaven.

3/10 “Whatever Happens Happens”: Spike Accepts His Fate

Whatever the situation, Spike’s unwavering confidence propels him forward, enhancing his agility and precision. Despite his obvious skill, circumstances haven’t always allowed things to turn out the way you’d expect given his nature. As someone with a history of running away, Spike finds himself in a predicament that he can’t help but get through.

Perhaps the most iconic quote to come out Cowboy BebopWhat happens, happensmay be simple in his wording, but it reflects Spike Spiegel’s inner essence beautifully. Spike has its flaws, and they’re as obvious as the day for anyone to see, but it’s his “it is what it is” attitude which really is admirable, even if irritating.

2/10 Spike vs Pierrot Le Fou

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most renowned series of anime for a reason. With mesmerizing visuals and a great lineup of characters, it’s no wonder the show is just as, if not more, relevant today.

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“Pierrot Le Fou” takes viewers along with Spike into a psychological nightmare. The unfavorable circumstance Spike finds himself in is a reflection of the ominous undertones that set the episode from the start. While Spike found himself facing a deadly opponent, he seized his chance when he caught Pierrot Le Fou in a weak moment and killed the latter.

1/10 Goodbye Space Cowboy: Spike’s Last Moments

As the end draws near, it’s not just fans who are mourning what once was. After a long separation, Spike and his love, Julia, meet one last time before sadly passing into his arms. Shortly after, Spike and Vicious are reunited in an enchanting fight similar to their first meeting earlier in Cowboy Bebop.

Vicious declares that Spike is the only one who can free him, and Spike shares the same feeling. Now that his crew and his love have been lost, taking the life of his friend-turned-enemy, Spike utters his last words shortly before a bright star fades into space, “bang.” A gripping end to a gripping series, Spike Spiegel will forever remain in the hearts of those he has captured so dearly. See you space cowboy.

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