10 things fans want to see in the new Haikyuu! Movies

Since fans heard that the last arcs of Haikyuu! was to be adapted into two films, concerns swirled around the fandom. Many fans expressed disappointment that there won’t be a fifth season, and others are concerned that some of the key points in the manga won’t make the final cut. After all, the studio is trying to slide over one hundred and ten chapters into two films.

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The final arc features some of the series’ most important matches, such as the Dumpster Battle between Nekoma and Karasuno. It also shows what happens after nationals and when everyone has graduated. Overall, there are some things fans definitely want to see.

10 Fans really want Akaashi’s quote about Fukurodani as the world’s protagonists to make the cut

Fukurodani vs. Mujinazaka is one of the most anticipated matches of the last arc. Many fans fear that this will not work out in favor of the big showdown between Nekoma and Karasuno. Still, it’s a few key chapters that showcase Fukurodani’s collective perseverance and expand Akaashi’s backstory.

One of the most iconic manga panels of the series was when Akaashi boldly stated that Fukurodani are the protagonists of the world. Many fans hope this will be the final cut of the film as it would be remiss to omit such a famous quote.

9 Hinata’s fever was a devastating moment for Karasuno that should be in the movie

Karasuno’s match against Kamomedai took place after the Dumpster Battle. Kamomedai is a formidable team and Karasuno had to fight tooth and nail to defeat them. When Karasuno finally got the upper hand, Hinata came down with a fever of 102.4°F. Kageyama was the first to understand and reasoned it was because Hinata overworked herself for the previous days. He didn’t want to sit on the couch, but it was for his own good.

While this was a devastating moment for the team, it was a pivotal scene that revealed Hinata’s fortitude. Atsumu watched the game from the stands and realized it would take three of the strongest teams in the country to wear out Hinata.

8 Kageyama and Hinata finally face off against teams as the Schweiden Adlers take on the MSBY Black Jackals

Aside from the Dumpster Battle, the most anticipated match of the last arc is the big showdown between Kageyama and Hinata. Their rivalry finally comes to a head after they finish high school and move to different teams. Kageyama plays for the Schweiden Adlers, while Hinata plays for the MSBY Black Jackals. Kageyama is on a team with heavy hitters like Ushijima and Hoshiumi. Hinata is at the base with favorite characters such as Atsumu, Bokuto and Sakusa.

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Hinata and Kageyama compete in their first match since high school. Everything in the series is building for this battle, so it would be a huge mistake not to include it.

7 Fans Want To See Oikawa & Hinata’s Brazil Meet-up On The Big Screen

One of the most exciting events of the time jump was Hinata’s trip to Brazil. He went there to improve his skills by playing beach volleyball. However, no one expected to meet Oikawa soon after. The latter invited him to dinner, and they caught up with the events of recent years. Oikawa started in Argentina and then came to Brazil.

Hinata and Oikawa had a lot of fun during their meeting and even sent a selfie to their former peers. None of them could believe it and Kageyama was so speechless that he had to show it to Ushijima. Hinata and Oikawa also played together in a match on the beach. They found that they work surprisingly well as teammates.

6 Kenma was exhausted, but he never wanted the game against Karasuno to end

Kenma is not the most athletically minded player in the series. He is frail and cannot keep up with the rest of his team for long periods of time. Constantly tired and not quite passionate about volleyball, fans were shocked by the rematch between Nekoma and Karasuno.

Kenma was exhausted, in pain and out of steam. However, he said he never wanted the match to end. It was a pivotal scene that showed Kenma’s growth and how playing against one of his best friends brought out his full potential.

5 Fukurodani’s match against Mujinazaka may not be as important as Nekoma vs Karasuno, but fans want it included in the movies

Fukurodani is just a support team in the series, so fans don’t expect their match against Mujinazaka to make it to the final. Yet many of them pray so. The characters on Fukurodani are a fan favorite, especially Akaashi and Bokuto.

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It gives anime-only fans a glimpse into Akaashi’s backstory as it’s animated. Fans could see and appreciate Akaashi’s lifelong passion for volleyball and understand why he chose Fukurodani. In addition, it shows another side of Akaashi, where he temporarily gives up his composure and let his emotions take over, causing him to sit on the couch.

4 Kenma’s Birdcage Visual is a powerful illustration that needs to hit theaters

Haikyuu! has always used stunning illustrations as visual analogies to immerse audiences in the high-stakes emotions of each game. Karsuno’s rematch against Nekoma was no exception.

One of the best visual analogies in the series is the illustration of Kenma holding Hinata in a birdcage. Hinata felt trapped and just couldn’t get around Kenma’s powers of observation. He is the brain and eyes of Nekoma, so nothing can come close to him. It made Hinata feel like he was being boxed in and being observed. Nekoma are the cats and Karasuno are the crows; the cats caught their prey during this match.

3 Kenma & Hinata’s knife scene showed the tension during their rematch

Kenma and Hinata are best friends, but they are also rivals. They have one of the most intriguing dynamics in the series. As they bring out the best in each other, they also become mortal enemies on the field. The big rematch featured plenty of exciting visual analogies to show their competition reaching its peak, and one of the most powerful was the infamous knife scene.

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The tension on the pitch was so strong that someone could cut it with a knife, which is exactly what this visual portrayed. Kenma and Hinata metaphorically held each other to the throat, meaning the game reached a point where it was neck-and-neck.

2 Fans want every member of the “Monster Generation” to have their time starring in the movies

The “Monster Generation” refers to some of Japan’s strongest players. It features heavy-hitting fan favorites such as Atsumu, Sakusa, Ushijima, Bokuto, Kageyama, and Hinata. It also introduces powerful characters such as Hoshiumi, Yaku, and Hyakuzawa.

In the manga, most of them had a special chapter where they took center stage. They provided more insight into some of the series’ most beloved characters. While not all of them will make it to the final cut of the film, fans are hoping that Ushijimas, Bokutos, Sakusas, and Hoshiumis will be included.

1 The inclusion of Kageyama’s backstory is an absolute necessity

Not including Kageyama’s backstory in the movies would be a big mistake. Fans already know how and why Hinata fell in love with volleyball. However, most fans had no idea where Kageyama’s passion for the sport came from.

Kageyama has been fond of volleyball since childhood. His sister and grandfather showed him the tricks of the trade and he has been hooked ever since. He lost his grandfather a year before entering high school and failed Shiratorizawa’s entrance exams. He felt that all hope was lost when he signed up with Karasuno. Until he met Hinata, Kageyama found himself getting lonelier in the sport. His backstory is shown as a flashback halfway through the game, but at the end he recognizes Hinata as his best friend and biggest competitor.

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