10 Things Attack on Titan Does Better Than Other Anime

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular shonen anime today, rivaling the esteemed Big Three, Naruto, A pieceand Bleach. Its fame is well deserved as it did a good job of executing all the factors that make up a great anime.

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Many fans claim that Attack on Titan is the greatest anime of all time, and while that may be a perpetual debate, it is true that Attack on Titan is special. Everything from the cast to the world environment comes together to make this anime rock solid with no flaws. Attack on Titan has stood out among countless anime and has earned its place in the history books.

10 The art style in Attack On Titan looks so good

Attack on Titan has a wide cast of characters who all look very realistic. While other anime may have well drawn characters, Attack on Titan has beat them on consistency. The characters were brilliantly drawn and animated with great attention to detail.

The way of life was also important in coming up with these designs, as the art style depicted what life would be like if you lived under the conditions depicted in the anime. Attack on Titan used his animation to maintain a serious tone even in less serious moments.

9 Attack on Titan’s Power Scaling hits the best spot

Many anime are known for their overwhelming characters, and Attack on Titan is no different. However, Attack on Titan is different about his power scales. The “overwhelmed” characters in AOT are mainly overpowered only in AOT. They would be crushed in most other anime.

Many anime go out of their way to make their characters so powerful that they seem ridiculous and far-fetched in the name of “storytelling.” That’s not bad, but AOT provides the sweet spot for viewers. People who want to see destruction and carnage get tired of it, and those who would rather not go crazy can still enjoy watching it.

8 Attack on Titan’s animation is sleek and unique

Attack on Titan has exceptional animation. The anime has a dark tone and reflects the stark realities of the characters’ lives. The scenery is unique to the anime, and one only needs to recognize it at a glance if seen elsewhere.

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The combat animation is fantastic and fluid. The battles are intense and the animations make them look even more realistic. It’s easy for viewers to think they’re watching a movie. In a lot of anime, the characters don’t look like people anymore during a fight scene, but Attack on Titan maintains tight animation from start to finish.

7 Attack on Titan’s plot is creative and ingenious

Attack on Titan is known for its incredible plot. The story of man-eating monsters is certainly not new to anime, but AOT told it in a unique way. The way events unfold is just amazing and helps keep the viewers glued to their seats.

Each episode seemed to reveal new things and the story gradually steered towards its main goal. Attack on Titan offers one of the best-written stories in anime history, packed with action and suspense to keep it from getting boring and overly bleak.

6 Character development plays an important role in making an attack on Titan Special

In any good story, character development is the key to the story’s success. There must be a significant difference between a character at the beginning of the story and at the end, especially the main characters. The characters in Attack on Titan grew physically, mentally and emotionally. They are all related in one way or another.

The story also showed how quickly war can change people. Characters changed fundamentally after every major event that happened. The story forces characters to make tough decisions, especially in the final season, showing how much they’ve grown since then Attack on Titans first season.

5 Attack on Titan’s soundtracks is horrifying

Music will always be one of the most important things to consider when creating a show. It brings the scenes to life in the most fantastic way. This applies in Attack on Titan. The music completely immerses the audience in what is going on.

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Sometimes the music can be so good that the viewer partially ignores the events unfolding and just goes along with the tunes. Many anime depend on their soundtracks to keep viewers interested, but Attack on Titan achieves this goal without completely leading the audience away from the story.

4 Attacking Titan’s plot twists were a good way to keep viewers interested

Of Attack on Titan, viewers learned to expect the unexpected. Things can easily get worse or better in the blink of an eye. The anime is full of breathtaking revelations that left viewers in utter disbelief. Attack on Titan uses this method to take control of their audience and leave them hungry for the next episode.

In fact it is fair to say that Attack on Titans plot twists are the driving forces behind the story. They are well timed and usually ensure that the episode ends on a cliffhanger. This is a quality of a good series that many anime ignore, and it makes them plain and boring.

3 Attack on Titan has great emotional appeal

The three modes of persuasion used to persuade the public are Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Attack on Titan uses Pathos, which is simply the attempt to convince an audience by appealing to their emotions.

Most characters portrayed in Attack on Titan are recognizable and their negative and positive feelings can be identified by the public. By doing this, viewers are usually made to experience almost as much sadness or joy as the characters in a given situation. This is a great way to get audiences excited about the series, and it works.

2 Attack on Titan’s main character is unusually strong-willed and passionate

A strong and purposeful main character is common in many anime, but Attack on Titan takes it one step further by giving its protagonist an extra dose of drive and determination. In the AOT community, the word “fight” or “tatakae” is synonymous with Attack on Titans Eren Yeager.

It symbolizes Eren’s will to never stop fighting until he gets rid of his enemies. Eren is extremely passionate about his goals and will stop at nothing to see them achieved. His fierce determination to do whatever it takes to move forward is the backbone of Attack on Titan.

1 Attack on Titan’s Plot Armor is not childish

Plot Armor is a tool used to prevent an important character who still needs the story from dying before fulfilling their role in the series. In many cases, plot armor can ruin a good series if done poorly. In Attack on Titanwhen it looks like a character is about to die, they will most likely come to their end.

Those who don’t die are usually rescued at the last minute, and the reason for their survival is almost never far-fetched. When a main character dies in Attack on Titanit usually propels the story in interesting directions.

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