10 Studio Trigger Anime To Watch After Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners is the latest success to emerge from the acclaimed Studio Trigger. With its stunning visuals, lovable characters and captivating storyline, the series is an instant hit with fans. It’s done so well that the video game it’s based on has seen new heights in popularity. But even though it’s the latest fad, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners is far from the only great Trigger anime series.

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The beloved studio has given fans one masterpiece after another over the years, and each one is just as impressive. There are tons of incredible titles to choose from, so those looking for a new series after it’s finished Cyberpunk: Edge Runners must check out these other great Trigger series as well.

10/10 Star Wars: Visions is another impressive display of visual mastery

Viewers don’t have to be Star Wars fans appreciate Studio Trigger’s contribution to the nine-episode anthology series Star Wars: Visions. Despite being under the Disney franchise, this collection of short films works well as a standalone movie for those unfamiliar with the universe, so everyone can enjoy it.

The acclaimed studio produced two incredible stories for the miniseries, titled ‘THE TWINS’ and ‘The Elder’. Like all their other works, these two episodes are a sight to behold, with Trigger’s signature style and visual mastery.

9/10 Little Witch Academia takes fans on a magical adventure

It’s hard to deny that Little Witch Academy is not like the usual Trigger anime. Nevertheless, it has become one of the most beloved franchises to come out of the studio. With its light-hearted tone and cute, sweet characters, Little Witch Academy is a welcome departure from the usual high stakes and epic combat that Trigger is known for.

The story follows the magical journey of Atsuko Kagari, who dreams of attending Luna Nova Academy to learn magic, despite her non-magical upbringing. Fans watch as she makes her way through the world of magic, making new friends along the way. The series is a whimsical and heartwarming story that stands out from the other Trigger titles and is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

8/10 SSSS.Gridman is an impressive adaptation of a much-loved live-action series

If there’s one genre that Trigger excels at, it’s mecha, and SSSS.Gridman is a perfect example of that. While not as popular as some of the studio’s other mecha titles, the series has gained a loyal following since its initial release in 2018.

SSSS.Gridman is the first full-length anime adaptation of the popular 90s live-action gridman series, and it has brought new interest to the franchise. Fans of a classic mecha story will love this series as it fits right in with all the great old-school series of the genre. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity, giving fans the best of both worlds.

7/10 Space Patrol Luluco is a fun and fun multiverse series

Space Patrol Luluco is yet another Trigger series that stands out from the crowd. The series retains many of the studio’s signature elements, but presents them in a much more fun and vibrant way than most. Each episode is short and sweet, making it easy for viewers to get through, and the story is downright adorable.

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The setting is somewhat of a multiverse, including many worlds found in other Trigger series. As a result, there are many fun guest appearances from characters from other shows. With its vibrant colors, cute, cartoonish style, and wacky storylines, Space Patrol Luluco is a great addition to the Trigger library that all fans of the studio will love.

6/10 SSSS.Dynazenon Draws More Attention to the Gridman Franchise

After the success of SSSS.Gridmanre-triggered fans with a brand new sequel. SSSS.Dynazenon is the long-awaited sequel to the gridman franchise, and it acts as an indirect sequel to the first anime.

The series follows a very similar format to SSSS.Gridman, but it manages to feel unique with its emotional storyline and greater emphasis on characters. Both series are such a hit with fans that the universe will see a sequel in the coming year, with a new anime movie titled Gridman Universe.

5/10 Kiznaiver has a unique premise that intrigues the audience

kiznaiver has had mixed reviews since its initial release, but few can deny that it has an incredibly creative premise. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who become connected through pain. If one of them is harmed, they all are. With their lives intertwined, the group must work together to survive and find out what this change means to all of them.

kiznaiver‘s story is unlike any other in the Trigger catalog, and while it has its flaws, the series is captivating and continues to intrigue audiences. Coupled with its beautiful visuals and smooth animations, it’s an enjoyable series worthy of the Trigger name.

Every anime fan has heard of it by now Darling in the Franxxeven if they haven’t seen it. When it was first announced, the series received an astonishing amount of hype, and while much of the initial excitement has waned over the years, it remains one of Trigger’s most popular titles to this day.

Despite the many problematic themes and the controversial ending, Darling in the Franxx is still a hot topic among fans, with many still unable to resist its charm, despite its many flaws in the story. It may be an infamous series, but its style, flair and loveable main characters keep viewers coming back, proving it still has a lot going for it.

3/10 Kill La Kill is a groundbreaking series that put the studio on the map

As the studio’s first original anime television series, Killed La Killed is one of the most important titles in Trigger’s history. This beloved series caused a stir when it was first released and set the tone for many of the studio’s future works. It has everything fans love about Trigger anime, from a unique and vibrant style to exciting and fluid animations to an incredible cast of characters.

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Killed La Killed is bizarre in the best ways and showcases the true genius and creativity fans look forward to from the studio. It’s a must-see for even the most casual of Trigger fans, and it’s easily one of their greatest works even years later.

2/10 BNA embraces its clichés in a colorful and ambitious way

BNA: Brand new animal is one of Trigger’s most recent anime series, which came out just two years ago. Jumping on the anthropomorphism trend, this series revolves around a unique species known as Beastmen and their struggle to fit into a human-dominated world.

While the story isn’t anything unique, it’s presented to fans in a fun and entertaining way that keeps them engaged, with Trigger’s signature vibrant colors and dazzling animations. Probably the worst of BNA is how criminally short it is, with only twelve episodes under its belt. However, that makes it the perfect series for fans who prefer a short and sweet story over something drawn out.

1/10 Promare is the studio’s most beloved film

Before it was even released in theaters, Promare had already blown fans away with its beautiful visuals and incredible animation. Even if the story had been a flop, it was certainly a success thanks to the aesthetics alone. Happy, Promare has both style and substance, with a deep and compelling story centered around themes of prejudice, segregation and oppression, each presented in a thought-provoking and respectful manner.

The film has earned itself a deserved place at the top of Trigger’s best works. Promare has easily become the studio’s best anime movie. Some even consider it one of the best modern anime movies of all time. Promare even got a re-release, showing how incredibly loved the film has become in a short space of time.

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