10 Scary Ghost Pokemon to Avoid on Halloween

There is no end in sight when it comes to the productive pokemon franchisee. The cute and addictive video game series has turned its success into anime, manga, feature films and more. Thanks to the developed world and the overwhelming diversity among the hundreds of Pokémon, all kinds of creatures exist, whether cute or terrifying.

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Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, but Ghost-Type creatures generally have a reputation as some of the more intimidating monsters in the series. There are plenty of Ghost Pokémon that are friendly companions and have no sinister intentions, but certain creatures will undoubtedly cause nightmares under the right circumstances.

10/10 Gourgeist disguises itself as a signature Halloween classic

There are certain Pokémon that are undeniably monsters and cannot be mistaken for anything else, but there is no shortage of cunning Pokémon whose designs help them camouflage themselves with nature. Jack-o’-lanterns are a staple of Halloween, and Gourgeist, a Ghost and Grass-Type Pokémon debuting in the Kalos region, takes inspiration from this seasonal habit.

Confusing a pumpkin for a Gourgeist would scare everyone, and the creature relishes these misunderstandings. Gourgeists also come in four contrasting sizes, and the Super Size version would make a Pokémon Trainer feel like they’re about to be cut.

9/10 Cofagrigus haunts graves and dreams with his supernatural presence

One of the joys of a long time pokemon fan witnesses how creature designs have radically evolved over the generations. Some even model themselves on curious ideas that seemed impossible in the Kanto and Johto regions.

Cofagrigus is a Ghost-Type Pokémon that first appears in Generation V’s Unova region and probably terrifies even the most intrepid tomb raiders. The Ghost Pokémon resembles a ghostly sarcophagus that pulls at its victims with ghostly limbs. It’s somehow more terrifying than a Pokémon that’s just a mummy.

8/10 Blacephalon is reminiscent of cosmic horror and thrives on confusion

Blacephalon is one of the more recent Pokémon, and the Ultra sun and moon creature gets the prestigious honor of being an Ultra Beast. Each Ultra Beast is a dangerous Pokémon worthy of the title. However, Blacephalon is a surreal entity that feels designed to break ghosts.

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The Fire and Ghost-Type hybrid is known as the Fireworks Pokémon. Balcephalon then also stalks people and then makes his head explode, only to absorb the energy that comes from the confusion of the shocked audience. Even the most prepared Pokémon Trainers won’t see Blacephalon coming, which is very alarming.

7/10 Dusknoir is the unofficial Pokémon Grim Reaper

Sinnoh’s Dusknoir is the final form of Duskull and Dusclops, both unnerving Pokémon, but it’s the addition of the Reaper Cloth that elevates Dusknoir to its scariest stage. The most shocking element of the Dusknoir is the eye-catching Cyclops-esque eye.

Dusknoir can’t swing a scythe, but his ability to travel between the human and spirit worlds is still a cause for concern. Unsuspecting victims can be whisked away to the spirit world, and Dusknoir will leave them stranded there.

6/10 Trevenant proves that nature can fight back

Evil sentient trees have strangely been a staple for a long time and pokemon‘s Trevenant doesn’t feel so distant from the naughty trees of The Wizard of Oz. Oddly enough, there were friendly Tree Pokémon, like Sudowoodo, in the series long before terrifying threats like Trevenant literally came out of the woodwork.

Trevenant, a ghost and grass type originally from Kalos, releases a cursed energy and indicates an attack is imminent. It’s a significantly scarier upgrade than the Pokémon’s previous form, Phantump, which some may find cute.

5/10 Lampent is a melancholic twist on domestic horrors

It’s around Generation V’s Kalos region that Pokémon designs begin to take on more esoteric designs that draw inspiration from household objects and man-made tools rather than animals or nature. Not all of these Pokémon designs work, and the worst ones end up as useless novelties.

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Lampent is a Ghost and Fire-Type Pokémon that one can mistake for a Candlestick. Some find Lampent’s Dusk Stone-triggered evolution, Chandelure, more terrifying. Chandelure is definitely the stronger Pokémon, but Lampent’s simplicity works in its favor and makes it easier for unsuspecting individuals to be wary.

4/10 Marowak’s Alolan variant is a paranormal twist with a crushing backstory

Cubone is an underrated Ground-Type Pokémon from the original 151 Kanto region Pokémon that has a surprisingly bleak Pokédex. Cubone’s signature skull that the Pokémon wears as a helmet is actually its mother’s skull.

This knowledge makes any Cubone sighting a bit intense, but the Alolan variant of the Pokémon gets even more sinister. Alolan Marowak brandishes a bone that carries a blazing blue flame, and it’s a Ghost and Fire-Type Pokémon rather than the more ethereal Ground-Type. It’s a scarier upgrade in every way.

3/10 Sablee’s ghostly gaze and greedy nature make it a horrifying handful

pokemonThe third generation introduces the Hoenn region, home to some particularly unique Pokémon. As the series showed slight signs of struggle, Sableye proved to be a creative risk that paid off, effectively pushing the line between cute and creepy.

Sableye is a little prankster Pokémon with gem eyes that has a penchant for shiny objects. Sableye also has sharp claws and teeth that can cause serious damage to those trying to recover what the Sableye stole.

2/10 Banette proves that one person’s garbage is another’s poltergeist

Banette has one of the sadder stories for a Pokémon. The creature from the Hoenn region had its roots as a discarded doll. Banette’s mouth resembles a zipper, and the rag doll’s character is designed to be both scrappy and terrifying.

Banette’s need to prove herself as something more than garbage makes for intense encounters, and the… pokemon anime has embraced the disturbing nature of this Marionette Pokémon. Mega Banette is also a hair-raising creature that loses nothing by becoming more grandiose, but there’s nothing wrong with Banette’s standard form.

1/10 Gigantamax Gengar swallows the world and throws it into the eternal darkness

There are only three Ghost Pokémon when the series begins, and Gengar remains the most powerful and iconic of the trio. Significantly more complex Ghost-Type Pokémon have appeared in each generation of games, but there is an undeniable attraction to Gengar’s energy that has kept the Pokémon relevant for decades.

Standard Gengar and his many tricks become a disturbing sight, but the recent Gigantamax form turns Gengar into a prolific poltergeist. Gigantamax Gengar is huge, and his mouth becomes a cavernous black hole that harbors unknown horrors.

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