10 Pokemon Plot Holes That Aren’t Actually Plot Holes

pokemon is about catching them all, but that’s what pokemon“The makers don’t understand that fans are worried. The main focus of pokemon has never been the storyline, which explains why there are so many apparent inconsistencies in the pokemon anime series. However, not all plot holes are as deep as they seem.

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The story of pokemon is simply meant to be as shallow and light-hearted as the characters of the same name. Because this is the case, many of the observed plot holes in pokemon are the result of fans looking for something that isn’t there. As a result, some of the most widely recognized plot holes in pokemon can actually be explained away very easily.

10 All Nurse Joys & Officer Jennys look the same

In the anime, every Nurse Joy and Agent Jenny in every city look exactly the same. This is noted and addressed by them on the show by simply stating that they are all related, as if that really answers the question. The real reason for this is simple: that’s how it was in the original Red and Blue video games.

Because that’s the pokemon anime is an offshoot of the games, leaving Joy and Jenny the same, adding to the show’s charm. It also makes for a bit of a comedic fourth wall that breaks when the characters tackle the problem themselves.

9 Why does Ash never get older?

Ash’s infinite youth is a common problem among fans. The very beginning of the pokemon anime to the last arc has lasted 20 years and Ash looks almost identical save for a change to his outfit. Some fans are demanding an explanation for Ash’s apparent inability to age.

The problem could be as simple as the fact that Ash as a character is just too iconic. The show can lose its appeal if he changes Ash too much. Just as Sister Joy looks the same in every city, Ash will continue to look the same in every season.

8 pokemon have no rights

Animal rights are a hot topic in modern society because animal suffering goes against the moral standards of the vast majority of people. However, in the world of pokemonthe ethical treatment of non-humans seems to be a non-factor.

How else could they explain the constant fighting? pokemon be subjugated along with capturing them against their will? In the creators’ defense, the series has focused on emphasizing the relationship with Pokémon as their Trainer’s friend. Still, this has done little to calm the unease of Pokémon rights activists everywhere.

7 Mewtwo’s Ever-Evolving Creation Mythos

Perhaps the most terrifyingly powerful Pokémon is none other than the man-made Mewtwo. One of the most interesting things about Mewtwo as a Pokémon is the mysterious story surrounding its creation. For example, the explanation of Mewtwo’s creation in the game is noticeably different than in the first film.

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Despite these conflicting stories, one of the best things about Mewtwo is its enigmatic history. To finally give solid answers to that question would just take away one of the most interesting aspects of Mewtwo’s character.

6 Ash’s father’s identity has never been revealed

It’s a well-documented concern from fans that Ash doesn’t have a father. In both the original game series and the show, his father is noticeably absent. While this is often seen by fans as the biggest plot hole of them all, it could serve a bigger purpose.

Absence has a way of emphasizing what a person takes for granted. In Ash’s case, that’s his mother. By not mentioning a single mention of his father, the focus is solely on Ash’s unconditionally supportive mother who is always there to restore his company when the Pokémon Center is too far away.

5 Pikachu’s all-too-handy plot armor

Plot armor is a phenomenon where a main character seems to survive situations where other less important characters would definitely be defeated simply because it is necessary for the plot. In pokemonPikachu consistently defeats enemies he shouldn’t, such as his battle with Brock’s Onyx in the first season.

In the most recent video games, the idea of ​​your most beloved Pokémon beating an opponent it normally couldn’t has finally made a correlation: friendship. If a Pokémon’s friendship level is high, that one knockout only leaves 1 HP. This appears to be an attempt by the creators to reconcile some inconsistencies between the anime and the games.

4 Inconsistency in the levels of Ash’s Pokémon

There have been many times when Pikachu simply defeated an enemy Pokémon out of sheer luck – or plotted an armor. However, the opposite is also true, as Pikachu seems to lose to opponents who should be clearly weaker than him, especially since he’s Ash’s most used Pokémon and should be the strongest.

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In these cases of reverse plot armor, fans need to remember one thing: Pikachu doesn’t want to evolve. Since Pikachu is still in its original form, it has a relatively lower threshold for stats like HP and Defense.

3 How exactly do Pokeballs work?

For fans of the series, the mysterious technology of the Poké Balls has been a constant point of return. How come these strange spherical objects can both open at will and shrink a Pokémon to fit inside? Besides, what even happens to the Pokémon in the ball?

While these questions have been far from satisfactorily answered, developers have claimed that the inside of a Poké Ball is actually quite luxurious. In addition, the latest game, Pokemon Arceus, also briefly dives into the creation of the Poké Ball. Fans don’t have all the answers yet, but it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel.

2 The restrictions for gym leaders are not very strict

In the world of pokemonGym Leaders are supposed to be the strongest trainers in town – literally. The requirements to be a Gym Leader would, of course, be that they would be strong trainers, and secondly, be in the city. Unfortunately, in the Pokémon anime, it’s far too often that neither is the case.

Some Gym Leaders Ash faces are strangely weak, while others, like Brock, leave their gym for months. The truth is that gyms in the show don’t serve the same function as they do in the games. Rather than being the location of boss fights, Gyms in the show serve as a hub for trainers to test their skills against others.

1 The Unsolved Mystery of the Legendary GS Ball

The GS Ball is a mysterious Pokeball that Ash receives from Professor Ivy. No one can open it, not even Professor Oak, so Ash is told to deliver it to a Pokeball researcher named Kurt. Ash does so and the ball is never heard from again.

After all the great work surrounding the GS Ball, fans were disappointed when nothing came of it. Apparently they expected more, as Masamitsu Hidaka confirmed in an interview that there were bigger plans initially. In the Manga, the GS ball actually contains Celebi, but due to the fact that the fourth Pokémon movie revolves around Celebi, the team behind the anime decided to drop the idea.

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