10 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards in 2022

With the Pokémon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin TCG Expansion pack ready for release in September 2022, many players of the Pokemon TCG and card collectors eagerly await to collect rare cards.

Not only this, but also new games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are slated for release on Nintendo Switch in November 2022, featuring new Pokémon and the Palda region, which are sure to bring new TCM extensions in the future. Among these upcoming expansions, new Pikachu cards are almost guaranteed as they contain some of the most beloved and collectible cards in the world. TCMwith many with exceptionally high values ​​in 2022.


10 2002 Legendary Collection Pikachu Reverse Holo

PSA 10 recently sold for $4120

When the set was first released, Legendary Collection was not every collector’s favorite, but was one of the first sets released in the Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) era, it naturally increased in value and earned much more love over the years.

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On this particular legendary Pikachu inverted holo, the holofoil is bright and shiny, making a solid stand out. While not an aspect that all collectors enjoy on holographic cards, the foil’s fireworks design is memorable to watch as the card moves. From this small detail alone, it’s easy to see how it has become one of the more valuable Pikachu cards in 2022.

PSA 10 recently sold for $6,750

The history of the original Pikachu birthday card means you are part of a ‘create your own’ card pokemon card’ campaign in 2000, in which members of local pokemon Leagues could submit their card designs to WOTC.

While the card was immediately banned from TCG upon release, as players took advantage of the special birthday feature, +50 was awarded to attack with no proof that it was really their birthday. Due to the map’s history and popular illustration/design, copies of the map in good condition are highly prized, and it was popular enough to deserve a reprint in the more recent celebrations set.

8 1995 Japanese Topsun Blue Black Pikachu (No Number)

PSA 9 recently sold for $6,767

Topsun cards were among the first sets of pokemon cards ever released, after the basic set in 1996. Topsun cards are extremely obsolete and valuable, with several misprints in the sequence increasing the value.

Pikachu is known as one of the cutest electric-type Pokémon, so it’s no surprise that the misprinted versions of the Pikachu Topsun map are so valuable. Some versions of the Pikachu card do not have a number on the card, a rare misprint that increases the value by only 22 PSA 9’s and 16 PSA 10’s left.

7 1999 Basic Set 1st Edition Shadowless Pikachu (Red Cheeks)

PSA 10 recently sold for $6,900.

It’s a known fact for everyone pokemon fan that when Pikachu unleashes an electrical attack, his cheeks turn yellow. Mitsuhiro Arita created the illustration on this card of yellow-cheeked Pikachu for this reason, to create a sense of movement and action in the illustration.

However, when it was submitted to WOTC, they assumed it was a mistake and changed it themselves without contacting Arita as the original artist! This accounted for a small percentage of Basic set Pikachu cards with red cheeks as a misprint, before it was corrected – and these are now very valuable and sought after.

6 2006 EX Holon Phantoms Gold Star Pikachu

PSA 10 recently sold for $8,600

Pikachu is undoubtedly one of the cutest rodent creatures of the pokemon franchise, and possibly the only thing that can make Pikachu even cuter is the Pokémon’s rare shiny form.

Shiny Pokémon appeared in the TCG in the illustrations of special ‘Gold Star’ cards, such as the 2006 EX Holon Phantoms Gold Star Pikachu. This Pikachu card was extremely rare, with pull rates equal to about 1 in 6 boxes, or 1 in 216 individual packs. With very few sealed booster boxes left from the set and 98 PSA 10s from the map known to exist, the value it now holds is no surprise.

5 1996 Japanese basic set Pikachu (no rarity symbol)

BGS 9.5 recently sold for $8,999

It’s no secret that misprints were common in early sets, and the first print run of Japanese Basic set pokemon cards in 1996 is no stranger to these errors, known for the lack of the rarity symbol in the lower right corner of a card.

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While there is little documentation as to whether this was a misprint or a deliberate decision, the next print run was quickly established to include the symbol. This map has an extremely low population and is therefore considered a very valuable variant for collectors.

4 2002 Pokémon E-Card Sample Pikachu

Recently sold for $12,500

The older pokemon game titles are often considered the best. The 2002 E-Card Sample Pikachu is a special card because it was a special card made for demonstrations of the Gameboy Advance e-Reader.

The cards were never officially released, but found their way to collectors anyway. Only 22 PSA-rated Pikachu sample cards are known to exist, of which only 16 are PSA 10. This particular card is adored and appreciated for the history it has for both the pokemon video games and TCG, as well as Gameboy Advance technology.

3 2016 20th Anniversary 24K Gold Tanaka Japanese Pikachu

Recently sold for $12,655

This particular Pikachu map was the result of an interesting collaboration between the pokemon franchise and jeweler Ginza Tanaka. The card had a limited pre-order period of just 20 days, at a price tag of $2,100!

Since it’s made of 24K gold, it’s no surprise that coupled with how rare this Pikachu is, its value has increased dramatically. This is one of many examples showing how Pikachu cards can be among the most expensive pokemon existing cards.

2 1995 Japanese Topsun Prism Pikachu

PSA 10 recently sold for $15,000

Topsun cards are a unique moment of the pokemon franchise, where each pack contains two cards and two sticks of gum. Of the 150 Topsun cards created for each Pokémon at the time, 16 were card variations with a holographic prism effect.

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However, the pull rate of a prism holographic card was 1 in 40 packs, making them extremely rare and hard to find. With Pikachu being known as the franchise mascot, it’s no surprise that this card became one of the rarest Pikachu cards in existence, managing to fetch $15,000 in a sale as a PSA 10.

1 1998 Japanese illustrator Pikachu

PSA 10 recently sold for $5,275,000

Many serious collectors are well aware of the value of this particular Pikachu card, featuring an adorable artwork created by Pikachu’s original illustrator, Atsuko Nishida.

1998 Japanese illustrator Pikachu was awarded the prize in an illustration competition run by CoroCoro Comic, of which only 39 copies were printed and 24 of those copies were reviewed by PSA. Most recently, the pokemon The community was in shock in April 2022, when influencer Logan Paul wore the only known PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator card at Wrestlemania 38, after purchasing it through private sale for an astonishing $5,275,000.

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