10 Most Forgettable Pokémon, Ranked

It goes without saying that certain pokemon are more forgettable than others. After all, there are nearly 1,000 Pokémon, and remembering them all is a chore. It might not be so obvious why a particular Pokémon is easy to forget, just that there’s something about them — their design, moveset, name — that makes it hard for them to stay in fans’ minds.

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It can be hard to imagine these Pokémon by hearing their name, or hard to name them by looking at them. Even if they’ve had decent screen time in the games or anime, most fans just forget about them all. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are lesser Pokémon, though, and even the least memorable will have its fans.

10 Heliolisk is vague in concept and lacks personality

In the pokemon anime, Clemont had a Heliolisk, but since he left it at Lumiose Gym, it saw little screen time. As a result, viewers didn’t get to see much of the Generator Pokémon’s personality. It is also not immediately clear what the inspiration for the design was.

Helios is the Ancient Greek word for sun, and “lisk” refers to an ancient Egyptian monument. It’s not something people would be aware of, let alone kids. According to the Pokédex entries, the Electric/Normal-type Pokémon can generate enough electricity to power a skyscraper, which seems hard to believe when you look at it.

9 Furfrou is the most forgettable dog Pokemon

Of all the dog-inspired Pokémon, Furfrou may be the most forgettable. Even the expression seems to say that there is nothing exciting to look at here. The design is very simple: white fur covers his black body and he has red eyes.

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Perhaps the reason Furfrou is forgotten is that it has different shapes that are more flashy and colorful than the natural one, making it even duller in comparison. The name may also have something to do with why it is so forgettable, as it is not particularly distinctive.

8 Mothim hardly distinguishes itself from a real mot

Mothim is one of Burmy’s last forms. The reason Mothim is so forgettable may have to do with the fact that he is a moth. There isn’t much about its design that makes it unique or stand out as a Pokémon.

The dull color palette doesn’t do much to make Mothim memorable either. The Bug/Flying-type Pokémon aren’t very common in the anime, and since moths aren’t exactly known for their strength, many players of the games probably wouldn’t see him as part of their team.

7 Delcatty doesn’t want to be noticed

Delcatty has had four major appearances in the pokemon anime and various minor appearances, but the pre-developed form, Skitty, will probably be more memorable for its cuteness. Delcatty, on the other hand, has a rather bland expression. The Prim Pokémon’s moveset isn’t anything to shout about either.

Delcatty’s Pokédex entries speak of a Pokémon that shuns the spotlight and prefers a clean, quiet place to sleep. And if a Pokémon disturbs it, it just goes somewhere else instead of fighting, which doesn’t make the most exciting Pokémon.

6 Durant is too insignificant to remember

Ants are so small that it makes the jump from a real creature to Pokémon one of the more unrealistic. It’s hard to imagine an ant putting up a good fight against another Pokémon, which is a big part of what makes Durant one of the most forgettable.

The Iron Ant’s design is basically an ant clad in steel armor, with its red eyes the only thing indicating any character. The Gen V Bug/Steel type has hardly been seen in the pokemon anime, which does not help the cause.

5 Venomoth gets lost in the Bug Pokémon Shuffle

Venomoth has been around since Gen I, but gets lost in the shuffle of Bug-type Pokémon. The evolution of Venonat has a very basic color palette and nothing exciting or interesting in the design. The Poison Moth Pokémon has had a slew of minor appearances in the pokemon anime, but it hasn’t been featured in any notable episode.

Bug Pokémon tend to fuse together because they are usually based on real insects. And while there are far fewer Bug Pokémon than true Bug types, there are still 85 Bug types, which make up almost 10% of all Pokémon.

4 Heatmor is uninspired in name and design

Pokémon that don’t evolve are more likely to be forgotten because they’re on their own. Heatmor is one such Pokémon. Combine that with a rather uninspired design – it’s basically a wristband anteater – and it’s easy to see why Heatmor isn’t talked about much.

There are so many more interesting Fire types out there, and the main reason for expelling fire is to burn through Durant’s steel body in one of the least interesting Pokémon feuds. Finally, the name just sounds like “heat more”, which is barely noticeable.

3 Illumise has no distinguishing features

Illumise is a rare case of a Pokémon that doesn’t look like a Pokémon. She looks more like a Disney character, which may be why she doesn’t live long in fans’ memories. The Firefly Pokémon is related to Volbeat, which arguably is just as forgettable and doesn’t evolve.

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Illumise has only had a handful of appearances in the pokemon anime, and none make a lasting impression. In the games, the Bug Pokémon’s move set is uninspiring, making it a less tempting choice to evolve.

2 Masquerain is a victim of his design

There are 15 Bug/Flying type Pokémon, Masquerain being one of them. Pokémon that don’t have a unique or rare characterization are less memorable because they blend in easily with others. The Eyeball Pokémon evolves from Surskit, and some fans may be surprised to learn that it was introduced in Gen III.

The name Masquerain comes from the design, a winged insect that masquerades as a cat’s face. However, in pursuit of an intriguing design, the Pokémon was robbed of anything else to give it personality or a reason to remember it.

1 Lumineon is adrift in the darkness of people’s minds

Lumineon’s Pokédex entries mention how it makes its home on the deep sea floor to avoid predators. It has also avoided the attention of many people. Some can be forgiven for not realizing that Lumineon is the last form of Finneon.

A fish with butterfly-like fins, the Neon Pokémon exhibits bioluminescence, but has failed to get people to notice. There are so many more interesting fishy and watery Pokémon that it is difficult for humans to see Lumineon in the darkness, no matter how brightly he tries to shine.

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