10 Longest Anime That Got Worse With More Episodes

In recent years, anime has moved to a more seasonal format. Shows are usually around 12-episode seasons that can continue over time. Anime didn’t always follow this format, though. Many shows from the past (and even some today) can last hundreds of episodes.

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Long-running anime was good at filling space on the airwaves, but was not a good idea in hindsight. Sure, seasonal anime has developed the problem of quantity over quality, but the same can be said about shows that run for hundreds of episodes. American viewers have seen shows like The Simpsonsfalling off a cliff after so many seasons so the same can happen with anime.

10 Attack On Titan is mostly for shock value (87+ episodes)

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime out there. The series started with a great drama and an epic battle to finish the first season. But then the story started to disappoint several times.

The anime got unnecessarily dark and tense. Characters were killed for almost no reason and actual genocide became a plot point. Attack on Titan started off with some promise, but as time went on it became apparent that there would be no frivolity between horrific deaths.

9 Toei Tried To Milk The Pole Star’s Fist Too Much (153 episodes)

Fist of the North Star was a classic 80s anime full of muscular guys who used mystical martial arts to literally explode each other. The show was entertaining at the beginning with lead character Kenshiro looking for his love and fighting against King’s generals. However, the show became very popular and Toei Animation wouldn’t let it go.

In front of Dragon Ball, this was one of Toei’s dairy cows. Toei did what they could to stretch and milk Fist of the North Star for everything it was worth it. A show with such an overwhelmed main character who can make people disintegrate on contact cannot last too long, and this went past 100 episodes.

8 Black Clover Couldn’t Use His Nasty Lead (170 Episodes)

black clover is one of Shonen JumpThe hottest new features. However, it didn’t get that far by being original. The series contains so many clichés that it almost seems like you are spending time researching TV Tropes.

black clover started off on the wrong foot and then got about 20 episodes right. However, the story started falling off a cliff about a hundred episodes later. No series is immune to seasonal rot, and black clover found it quite hard after a while.

7 Inuyasha felt like a broken record (193 episodes)

Inuyasha is arguably one of Rumiko Takahashi’s most successful series. The veteran manga artist is known for her romantic comedies, but Inuyasha was the first time she tried anything in the shonen action category. Romance and action can go well together, but Inuyasha felt like the main pair dragged their feet a bit too long.

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The eponymous Inuyasha and his love interest Kagome didn’t have the chemistry to carry a series over 100 episodes. This coupled with a meandering plot full of padding left many fans impatient. Plus the fact that so many parts have been modified in the 26 episodes final act proved that Takahashi wasn’t exactly good at pacing.

6 Dragon Ball Z was a classic blunder (291 episodes)

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular and influential anime series of all time. Almost everyone in the West knows it as a classic. Unfortunately, the show had tempo and story issues that really affected it later on.

Everything was cool in the Sayian Saga. It was a classic story about Goku racing to fight against Vegeta and the others, and when the fight finally happened, it was great. However, the story got caught up in constant editing changes and became infamous for its long, drawn-out power-up sequences.

5 Fairy Tail Was a Disappointment (328 episodes)

Fairy tale initially showed promise as a magic based show. The characters seemed fun and the battles were cool. The show dragged on for far too long and quickly became a soulless money grab. The story had ridiculous twists, such as the time travel aspects of the Magic Games arc.

Natsu became another dime shonen protagonist with more passion than wit. Co-leader Lucy had to deal with being objectified a number of times during the show. Fairy tale fell into many of the pitfalls that come when you renew a long-running series.

4 Bleach had way too many characters (366+ episodes)

Bleach started with a premise reminiscent of Yu Yu Hakusho: A teenager battles the supernatural after being given a second chance at life. After a few episodes, the lore was expanded with new Soul Reapers. The introduction of so many new characters at once led the series down a dark path.

The series was poor at both pacing and power scaling. Captains are supposed to be super powerful, but suddenly Arrancars appear that are even more powerful. Even worse are all the fill arcs fans had to deal with and the Fullbringer arc that led people to believe that random people with little combat experience were a threat.

3 Naruto Shippuden Was a Disaster (500 Episodes)

The original Naruto series was a great example of shonen done right. The story was epic and the battles were exciting. Then the time jump occurred and things started to get worse. Even after 85 episodes of filler in the previous incarnation, Shippuden ended up with filler after about a year or two.

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Even without the filler, the pace of Shippuden was terrible. Plus, there were several fake moments about who the real main villain was. Then they were space creatures after all. Something that worked outside of left field for Dragon Ball Z in context, but it damaged the credibility of Shippuden.

2 Detective Conan Is No Closer To Getting Answers (1054+ Episodes)

Detective Conan (also known as Case closed) is a popular detective manga about a teenage detective turned into a child by a strange drug. Shinichi Kudo, under the guise of Conan Edogawa, tries to solve the mystery behind the Black Organization. While chasing them, he helps out at his friend’s father’s detective agency and solves cases.

The series has been dragging on for far too long. Shinichi isn’t much closer to getting answers than when he started. Besides, most of the cases he solves are murders. How many people died in this city? The series started to lack variety a long time ago, and the anime doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

1 Pokémon is a Marketing Machine (1209+ Episodes)

pokemon is arguably the largest franchise in the world when it comes to sales. Fans can’t get enough of those little creatures and the ability to catch them all. However, the anime is usually a repeat of the same story over and over.

Credit is due to: pokemon travel, which has revived the formula, but the last generations have been all about travel and gym fights. The lack of variety in stories for hundreds of episodes, plus Ash being a mediocre protagonist, has resulted in fans turning off the television countless times.

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