10 Laziest Anime Villains

Anime villains are generally seen as masterminds who work behind the scenes to manipulate everyone around them, both heroes and villains. In other cases, the villain is so powerful that no one ever challenges them, even if they are always looking for a fight.

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But some anime villains aren’t masterminds who manipulate the world with their massive armies; they are just lazy. These villains don’t want to roll up their sleeves and get to work until the heroes have their backs against the wall. Some villains avoid doing any work they don’t have to do, especially if that work is beyond the scope of their original mission.

10 Majin Buu would rather take a nap than do evil deeds (Dragon Ball Z)

Sealed for millions of years, the first thing Majin Buu wanted to do when he was released was eat some food. With the Kai in him, much of the evil that drove him to wreak destruction no longer existed. in truth Dragon Ball Z mode e still likes to fight and has a terrible temper, and he will turn people into candy without thinking about it.

A big part of how Hercule was able to get Majin Buu by his side, though, was how lazy the character was from the start. If Babidi had indulged in that a little more, he might still have it under control.

9 Saizuchi relied on someone else to do all the work for him (Rurouni Kenshin)

Saizuchi was one of the most worthless members of Shisio’s Juppongatana in Rurouni Kenshin. He didn’t know how to fight and didn’t seem interested in learning how. He was in control of the giant Fuji whom he ordered to fight for him instead.

Once Hiko arrived to rescue the group from Fuji, there is no further threat. Saizuchi doesn’t even have a backup plan in case Fuji turns against him, his only plan was to assume a literal giant would follow his orders forever.

8 Lotus Whomalt only does what is strictly asked of him (Black Clover)

Black Covers Lotus Whomalt is a devoted soldier of the Diamond Kingdom, a group that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty if it means gaining more power than the neighboring kingdoms. While most of them are twisted and evil, Lotus is a villain.

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He is not interested in inflicting additional cruelty, and he is not interested in fighting at all if he can avoid it. He cares much more about being able to return home to his wife and child, and he constantly takes the easiest method to complete his mission. He’s lazy, but no one can say he’s not smart.

7 Kumagawa Misogi refuses to take anything seriously because he always loses (Medaka Box)

Kumagawa is a nurse with absurd powers, even for Medaka box. He can make everything in reality cease to exist with his “All Fiction” skill if he wants to. He is extremely talented at everything and endowed with superhuman strength and reflexes, but he hates to put in the effort.

He believes that everything he does will inevitably fail and considers himself the weakest person in the world. So despite his abilities, he never tries to win at whatever he does, but only loses in a way that is satisfying to him.

Unsurprisingly, a creature that embodies Sloth is lazy. He is so incredibly lazy that he doesn’t even want to think if he doesn’t have to, and prefers to do nothing. It’s not that he can’t do anything, he’s one of the strongest people in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoodthough he is not invincible.

He is also industrious, having spent decades building a tunnel under an entire country at his father’s command. But that’s only when ordered, and he usually follows those orders because it’s easier to get someone to think for him than to think for himself. In the end, he decides that even life was too much for him.

5 Frieza has Vegeta and the Z Warriors wipe out his entire army before he does anything (Dragon Ball Z)

Frieza’s actions against Namek only make sense because he’s a spoiled kid who never had to work. While searching for the Dragon Balls, Frieza ever refused to do anything. Even when Vegeta killed his aides one by one, his answer wasn’t to get on the field himself. Instead, his answer was to call: Lake people to fight his battles for him, summoning the Ginyu Force.

When all his aces were dead, he entered the field, but by then it’s much too late. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Frieza only lost because he was naturally strong and had never trained before. His anger at being killed made him really try, but he still wasn’t zealous enough to master his new Golden Form first.

4 Raia won’t work unless he has to (Black Clover)

Raia is the master of Copy Magic, which means he can copy the spells of anyone he fights against. That suits him well, because he doesn’t really like to learn anything new. When he gets into a fight with Mereleona from the Crimson Lions, he still doesn’t like to try.

He pulls out several spells he copied from his spellbook to fight her, and when she seems to be able to handle one, he moves on to the next without making any further effort. Because he masters the spells of every grimoire he touches, he can be as lazy as he likes, trying only in mandatory situations.

3 Admiral Aokiji is usually found sleeping somewhere (One Piece)

One Piece’s master of the self-described “Lazy Justice”, Aokij, has a default position of either lying down or sitting. Even the people around him think he shouldn’t be able to reach the position he has because he seems to hate work so much.

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That’s not to say he isn’t powerful, he was able to defeat all Straw Hats without any help. He also fought Akainu for several days because he didn’t want Akainu to become head of the Marines. But despite that level of dedication, once he lost, he chose to leave the Marines completely rather than continue working for such a ruthless person.

2 Brandish prefers sight-seeing and traveling than fighting (Fairy Tail)

Supposedly, Brandish is one of the most powerful members of the Spriggan 12. She has the ability to grow and shrink anything she uses her magic on, with no limit to the size of anything she targets. The Fairy Tail group had no answer to her powers, but they didn’t need any either.

Brandish doesn’t care about fighting and barely wants to be a part of the Spriggan 12. She prefers long hot tubs, sightseeing in places she’s never been, and trying famous candies over any work. She stops fighting Fairy Tail before the war starts.

1 Coyote Starrk is so lazy he tried to pretend he was fighting someone (bleach)

Of bleach Coyote Starrk, laziness is the point. Despite being #1 Espada, the ranking has no meaning to him. For him, power has only been a burden, and he would rather not use it at all. His strength was long enough that even being close to him killed weaker Hollows.

Though his strength would make him the leader of the Espada, he was only too happy to hand over the role to Barraggan, who wanted to rule more than he did. Starrk’s laziness is so great that when Kyoryaku challenged him to a fight, he offered them to just “pretend” to fight to avoid having to do any work.

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