10 Hilarious Memes About Pokémon Special Attacks

The pokemon franchise is no stranger to “evolution”, as even its signature combat style has improved over time. Gone are the simple days of Pokémon Yellow, in which there were no wild gimmicks, types, and strategies for players to use. Generation V introduced the special attack stat, which was a literal game changer for fans.

Special attacks have been improved, allowing for more strategy and inspiring some hilarious memes pokemon in every way. In addition to the stats, there are some extra special moves assigned to specific Pokémon that only they can learn. as the pokemon universe is expanding, as is the fan base, which continues to keep the community down with memes.


HM Slaves

This meme features the two new legends of Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon violetwhich will be released in November 2022. Koraidon and Miraidon are inspired by motorcycles and it seems that many players will only want to use them for that purpose, although they will certainly come with special attacks as well.

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These legendaries have seen mixed reception from fans, such as the creator of this meme, who foresees that the legendaries will be the new “HM slaves”, a reference to early-generation Pokémon games in which players had to have certain Pokémon at their parties. for essential movements such as clipping, flashing and surfing. This meme implies that the new legendaries are similar, Pokémon that players must keep nearby to use their cycling skills and special attacks.


this classic It’s always sunny in Philadelphia meme made it pokemon fandom, depicting Magikarp. The meme refers to the useless but signature move of the pocket monster, splash.

This funny meme is a great take on the Danny DeVito original format, which became popular on Reddit, according to Know Your Meme. Any seasoned player will understand the tedious process of using Magikarp’s special attack “splash” to level it up to Gyarados, a time consuming but worthwhile endeavor. For this reason, Magikarp is the inspiration for many Pokémon memes that summarize water species.

A single sheet

Swampert is a tank-y third-generation Pokémon whose “muddy water” special move is incredibly useful for players, as in addition to the 90 damage it deals, it can reduce opponents’ accuracy. However, when confronted by a grass-type Pokémon, it quickly becomes useless.

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This meme points to the hilarious irony of Swampert’s muscular build and weakness on a blade of grass. Appearance means nothing when it comes to grass, leaves, or other grass-type movements, which it is weak to. How a muscle-bound amphibian can be hurt by grass doesn’t make sense, but it’s good to know for players who want to come up with a strategy. This hilarious meme on r/pokememes points to the irony.


Pikachu was no match for Snivy in an iconic battle from the anime that fans refer to in this meme. Snivy’s special attack “leaf tornado” was enough to take down one of anime’s cutest mascots.

Fans created this hilarious meme where Snivy looks down on Pikachu in a fancy suit. It’s not often that Ash’s Pikachu loses a fight, even against the likes of Lucario and Latios, but this baby Pokemon managed. This is a creative and hilarious rendition of this undersung gen five starter.

Power vs Stats

Looking at Onix and Wurmple, it seems obvious which Pokémon is stronger, but a look at their stats reveals that they’re actually just as strong. This is another great example of pokemon logic that inspires funny memes.

Once Wurmple evolves, it becomes a strong special attacker in Beautifly or Dustox form, while Onix’s evolution can only learn Steelix one special attack. However, these two Pokémon make for an interesting juxtaposition that shows players cannot judge a Pokémon by its appearance. A look at the stats of many Pokémon shows how size and appearance are often misleading, leading to funny discoveries and memes by players.

Special skills

The introduction of Pokémon skills like Beast Boost, which increases a Pokémon’s special attack stats, are game changers. However, upon release, players had little information to rely on when building their strategies.

This funny meme discusses how Pokémon skills have evolved since their introduction in Gen 3, where their effects were still unclear and inexplicable to players. Fortunately, with the evolution of the franchise, more information came, allowing players to plan powerful builds and special attacks using skills. The community continues to remind new players of Pokémon’s past and keep it alive through memes.

pull 25

Some of the franchise’s most recognizable Pokémon are normal types, such as Snorlax, Furret, and Blissey. Unfortunately, while their abilities can make them surprisingly useful Pokémon in battle, their types make them completely disadvantageous.

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While normal types have some devastating special attacks, such as Drampa which is one of the strongest special attacking Pokémon of them all, they still lack beneficial matchups. Even ghost-type Pokémon can learn alternate attack types, so normal Pokémon don’t seem to be able to take a break. As this hilarious meme shows, it seems the Game Freak would rather draw 25 cards in it uno then change the dynamics of the classical normal types.

nice ice cream

spongebob and pokemon meet again in this meme comparing ice creams to handsome Squidward and Squidward in his natural form. Ice-type Pokémon are known to be strong special attackers, but they’re often glass cannons that, due to their poor defensive skills, are great against dragon-types, but not much else.

While Ice Type Pokémon offer some of the coolest designs, Ice Types are often the butt of Pokémon attack memes. Their weakness against four types, fighting, fire, rock and steel, makes them a Pokemon that requires strategy to succeed. As this meme shows, you’re readying an ice type against a dragon type for a gentle showdown that would impress even the handsome Squidward.


It’s a good thing Infernape is a fire type as he gets roasted in this meme. Found on r/pokememes, this meme pokes fun at Infernape’s lack of a signature move of any kind. It looks like this Pokémon has been left behind while others are admitted to Game Freak’s latest and “greatest” gimmicks.

This one pokemon meme features fire types having a discussion with poor Infernape realizing he didn’t get any special attacks. Thankfully, as Redditor DrABee mentions in the answers, Infernape is featured in one of the anime’s most iconic battles, helping Ash win the Sinnoh League and give it the glory it deserves. This clever meme shows Infernape well, despite his lack of special attacks.

Game Breaking

Spongebob Squarepants and pokemon meet again in this hilarious meme about “Dexit” – the fan-given name for Game Freak’s controversial decision not to include all Pokémon in the Sword and Shield spell. Why are so many overpowered special attacks and gimmicks being developed for the games when it is necessary to remove certain Pokémon for “game balancing purposes”, players wonder?

Dracovish and Dracovolt, who were introduced in Sword and shield, are considered “broken” by many players because of their exclusive special moves “fisheous rend” and “volt beak”, which deliver a 170 damage attack if the Pokémon moves first. If Game Freak was serious about balancing the game, the addition of these two Pokémon during “Dexit” certainly doesn’t show it. This meme gives players something to laugh about amid the calamity while they wait Pokemon Scarlet and purple this fall, which will hopefully include all the Pokémon.

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