10 Hilarious Memes About Dynamax Pokémon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet revealed the latest pokemon gimmick in Terastal Pokémon, which gives Pokémon a Tera type and makes their moves more powerful. Unlike the previous generation’s Dynamaxing, it doesn’t make Pokémon bigger.

Speaking of Dynamaxing, the phenomenon found in Pokémon Sword and Shield has seen quite a big reception online, leading to the creation of many memes. Some memes have a hilarious take on Dynamax Pokémon, while others even explore the concept itself.


Dynamax Pokémon = Kaiju

Kaiju monsters are a common figure of speech in Japanese fiction. These monsters are gigantic and destructive, destroying everything in their sight. The Kaiju genre has even made its way into the pokemon world, with the pseudo-legendary Tyranitar based in particular on a Kaiju monster.

In a way, Dynamax Pokémon is a concept very similar to Kaiju monsters in that these pocket monsters become giant towering beasts with powerful moves. For just three turns, a regular Pokémon can be the king or queen of the world — or at least the battlefield.

Dynamax Rowlet

Prior to the introduction of Dynamax, there would be no way for a humble Rowlet to even stand a chance against a Groudon. The grass quill Pokémon would be the count in any regular Pokémon battle against a third of the weather trio.

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However, the tables could easily switch if Rowlet were Dynamaxed. In fact, it would be Groudon sitting on the shorter end of the stick – no pun intended. As hilarious as it may sound, Groudon would be the one looking back at his Trainer and begging for mercy.

The Wrath of Zygarde

Dynamax Adventures is a special mode in the crown tundra DLC that allows players to capture Legendary and Ultra Beasts not encountered in the main game. Of the legendary legends to be found there, Zygarde is one of the hardest to fight – if not the hardest.

What makes Zygarde such a difficult cookie to deal with is when it goes into its Complete Forme. His signature move, Thousand Arrows – a powerful ground-type attack – will completely wipe the floor with any team, even despite the type’s advantages. So to get into Zygarde after a long adventure only to lose heavily would be a big pain in the ass.

Annoying Solrock

Players can always expect to have a crappy NPC trainer or two in a Dynamax battle. One trainer’s Eevee will constantly use a helping hand, while another trainer will have their Clefable try to help by using Follow Me. (And occasionally it will work.)

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However, no trainer is more infamous than Martin, who happens to own a Solrock. Martin’s Solrock has a strong tendency to use Cosmic Power even when an opportunity to attack a Dynamax Pokémon arises. It’s much more annoying to deal with if the Dynamax Pokémon removes all changes to stats and abilities.

Questionable AI in Dynamax Battles

What’s as annoying in a Dynamax battle as a Trainer’s questionable combat strategy is the poor AI. Not many NPC trainers seem to understand the benefits of type that well, and it often shows in the Pokémon they choose to use in battle.

The Dynamax Pokémon is a Raichu? A Trainer sends a Wishiwashi. Or what if the Dynamax Pokémon is a Vespiquen? A Trainer can use a Fighting-type Pokémon instead, such as Machamp. With their lack of understanding in matchups, these Trainers are not doing themselves (or the player) any favors.

Dynamax Voltorb

Voltorb (and its evolution electrode) has a reputation for being pretty fast – while also being super destructive. The ball Pokémon is known for using the Self-Destruct move, in which it will explode and deal tons of damage to its opponent – 250 HP to be exact.

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When a regular Voltorb can deal that much damage, you can only imagine how more devastating it would be if it was Dynamaxed. One Dynamax Voltorb self-destruct can even destroy an entire stadium! Fortunately, Dynamax Pokémon’s rules can prevent such an instance from occurring.

Dynamax… Bowser?

super mario villain Bowser was at his scariest and most intimidating in Bowser’s Fury, in the form of Fury Bowser. An incident where Bowser Jr. and some paints are involved, Bowser turns into a black kaiju monster, while he is damaged by a mysterious black goo.

In a way, Fury Bowser looks a lot like a Dynamax Pokémon, considering how huge it is. A Pokémon battle with him could easily capture the atmosphere and setting of any Dynamax battle; even the last battle in Bowser’s Fury has almost the same atmosphere.

Dynamax Kricketune

Kricketune is by no means a spectacular Pokémon, as it is one of the weakest ever, but it makes up for its shortcomings with its melodious cry. The cricket Pokémon has one of the most iconic cries in pokemon history, because the “DELELELEWOOOOOOOP” sound was pleasant pokemon fans since the days of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

It’s such a shame that Kricketune is not available in Sword and shield because it would be a treat to hear his cry when Dynamaxed. Dynamax Pokémon cries are usually low but loud, so hearing the shriek of a Dynamax Kricketune would be something else.

Dynamax Alolan Exxegutor

An Alolan Exeggutor’s neck is long and thin, thanks in part to the abundant sunlight in the Alola region. The coconut Pokémon looks more like a tropical palm tree than its Cantonian form, with some in Alola claiming that the Alolan Exeggutor is the Pokémon’s true form.

Given how ridiculously long his neck is, you might expect Alolan Exeggutor’s head to rise above the clouds when Dynamaxed. While that doesn’t necessarily happen in Sword and shieldthat hasn’t stopped this Twitter user from giving a more “accurate” view.

Dynamax Wailord

Wailord is one of the largest Pokémon any Trainer can catch, weighing 877 pounds and standing 47 feet tall. Not really a surprise as it is based on a blue whale. But what if Dynamaxed was?

With just how huge Wailord is, the floating whale Pokemon would be even more ginormous – maybe big enough to crush anyone unlucky enough to stand under it. When Dynamax was first introduced, many even suspected that a Dynamax Wailord would even crush the Earth!

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