10 Highest Pokémon in the Franchise

Pokémon are known for their strange shapes and sizes. There seems to be an ideal choice for any trainer with any preference. Do you want a pet stone? There are several options. Looking for an appetite stimulant? Some even look like ice. There is an endless supply of styles to get everyone motivated to go on an adventure.

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However, some people don’t mind having a certain form of Pokémon. Instead, they may want to have the fastest, smartest, strongest, or highest Pokémon. Well, the latter are lucky and can make their choice or choose from this long order list.


10/10 wishiwashi

Normally this Pokémon is a small solo fish that is only 0’08” or 0.2m in total. Despite the fact that Wishiwashi does not evolve, it does have a larger size at 26’11” or 8.2m.

Upon reaching level 20, it has the ability to switch forms. This is due to the fish’s unique ability – Schooling that causes a swarm of the smaller variant to group together and form its larger self.

9/10 onix

At 28’10” or 8.8m in length, the rocky snake is Pokémon – Onix. Once the biggest Pokémon in the game when it was released with the original 151, it keeps up with others and remains a big Pokémon inside the franchise.

This rock snake may tower over its fellow boulder-based companions, but it may not always appear that way. They can be seen curled and lying in balls. This often misleads trainers into thinking they are passing a pile of rocks before being terrified by the size.

8/10 Steelix

Evolving usually means increasing height, and that goes for Steelix. The evolved form of Onix has grown to a size of 9.2m or 30’02”. Introduced in Generation 2, this metal version of the original rock snake is ready to go bigger and bigger.

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To evolve an Onix into a Steelix, you must give it a Metal Coat before trading it. Then the high rolling boulder takes on a metal shell that grows both bigger and stronger.

7/10 celesteela

Face to face with Steelix, Celesteela stands at 30’02” or 9.2 m. It is rare for Pokémon to be the same height if they exceed a certain size, making Celesteela a rarity.

Celesteela is a Generation 7 Ultra Beast and is not known to evolve. Also known by the codename UB-04 Blaster, it is a Steel-type Pokémon, just like its height size Steelix.

6/10 Primal Kyogre

History tells us that insects and some other creatures were larger in prehistoric times. This applies to Primal Kyogre with a size of 9.8m or 32’02”.

Give Kyogre a Blue Orb to bring this ancient creature back to roam the seas. Then it can expand the oceans to their original roots, or it can just be a giant raft for a lucky trainer.

5/10 Mega Steelix

Evolutions continue to push the size of this serpent creature even further. At 34’05” or 10.5m in length, the Mega Steelix is ​​a giant among snake-like creatures that tower over most Pokémon.

Gift giving is the name of the game when it comes to developing this Onix initiator. A Steelixite will bring Steelix into Mega form, so keep your eyes peeled if a long snake is on the must-have list.

4/10 Mega Rayquaza

Legendary Pokémon that evolve is terrifying because these Pokémon are already massively powerful to begin with. The Legendary Rayquaza grows to a size of 10.8m or 35’05” when evolving into Mega Rayquaza.

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Keep the Z crystal out of a Rayquaza’s inventory if you want to evolve a Mega Rayquaza. Instead, get it to know Dragon Ascent, and you could become the trainer known for having a larger-than-life Mega Legendary.

3/10 Alolan Exeggutor

Different regions with variations of Pokémon brought some tropical changes to creatures that had been unchanged for centuries. The Alolan Exeggutor is one of these examples, towering over the original at 10.9m or 35’09”.

Like the original form, this Pokémon’s coconut heads are covered with palm leaves for hair. Unlike a typical Exeggutor, there is a neck, and it is responsible for most of the height of this large Pokémon.

2/10 wailord

Sea creatures can be microscopic or gigantic in the real world, so it makes sense that the same would be true in the Pokémon world. At the surface comes the 14.5 m or 47’07” ocean giant – Wailord.

This whale, found in Generation 3, is based on a real-life counterpart. The Blue Whale. Wailord represents the whale population with a calm yet imposing presence.

1/10 Eternatus

Legendaries are known around the world as rare and powerful Pokémon. Eternatus is also known for being huge. It would allow trainers to tell stories for generations to come around the campfire at 65’07” or 20m.

Eternatus is taller than many buildings and is a sight to behold. At certain times when it becomes Eternamax Eternatus, it gets even bigger at 100m or 328’01”. Not sure who would want to include it, but that’s a big Pokémon.

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