10 Harsh Realities Of Being A Boruto Fan

When Naruto eventually came to its iconic conclusion, it was the talk of anime communities everywhere. The final moments revealed the beloved characters’ lives as adults and introduced fans to a brand new generation. Everyone had high hopes for Boruto and his friends, so when? Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was announced, it generated a lot of hype.

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Sadly, many would find that the sequel didn’t come close to Narutohis greatness. But despite the backlash, boruto still has a steady fan base. It may not be that good, but fans want to believe that boruto can achieve something great. But even as fans hold hopes and the series shows improvement, it’s clear it’s a boruto fan comes with many harsh realities.

10 It’s just not as good as the original

Most fans are very disappointed in boruto compared to the original series. Naruto was one of the most popular anime series of its time, and it is still an iconic part of anime even after it has ended.

Because it’s so different from this beloved series, boruto just doesn’t match Naruto. It may be that fans’ expectations of the sequel series were too high, but whatever the reason, fans are having a hard time connecting to it as they did with its predecessor.

9 Fans deal with a lot of fillers

Fillers are nothing new for the Naruto universe. After all, the entire series has more than 300 filler episodes to its credit. However, boruto fillers are often more annoying for fans.

The padding in Boruto is especially annoying because the anime starts off with nothing but padding episodes, requiring fans to go through many storylines before actually getting into the manga’s storyline. While not everyone will mind these added episodes, they frustrate many fans who just want to give chase and spring into action.

8 It has a more lifelike feel, which some find boring

The world of boruto is very different from what fans are used to. Boruto and his friends live in a land of peace and are ignorant of the hardships of war. As such, many episodes have mundane plots that exude a more lifelike atmosphere than most would expect from a Naruto continuation.

While these kinds of stories have their own value, not everyone appreciates them, and many fans find them boring. Compared to the action and adventure of the previous series, it’s no wonder fans might be a little disappointed with this change.

7 Many beloved characters are sidelined

Fan-favorite characters being pushed aside in favor of the protagonist is nothing new to Naruto. However, when the main character isn’t as loved as before, it can be irritating to have to put up with him instead. Fans love almost every character except Boruto, but most don’t have a time of day.

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Plus, fans would love to see more of their original favorites mature, but they’re usually put on the back burner and barely feature in the series. It’s pretty disappointing for fans who have long been hoping to see them interact with their newfound families.

6 Naruto loses Kurama

It’s a bold decision for boruto to kill Kurama, and while it makes for a very interesting new story for Naruto, it’s not the most popular choice. Fans love Kurama and his friendship with Naruto, and many looked forward to their new adventures together as Naruto navigates through life as Hokage and a parent.

Losing Kurama is a devastating blow to both Naruto and the public. Not to mention that many feel that losing Naruto to Kurama weakens him significantly, which many fans are not in favor of. Overall, it was a surprising and bold choice, but it comes with mixed opinions from fans.

5 Sasuke loses his Rinnegan

Like Naruto’s tragic loss of Kurama, fans are outraged by the destruction of Sasuke’s Rinnegan. While it poses a new challenge to his character, many feel that he and Naruto have been needlessly weakened by these decisions.

It feels like their power has diminished to make Boruto and the other kids seem stronger in comparison, an idea that frustrates many viewers. Coupled with the fact that Sasuke loses this ability because of Boruto himself, fans can’t help but get mad.

4 Boruto seems too overpowered already

One of the best things about Naruto saw the characters struggle and work hard to get to where they are today. Naruto was the definition of an underdog protagonist, forcing him to make a name for himself and earn the respect of his village and the public. But Boruto has been privileged from the start.

Coming from two famous clans, Boruto immediately has a wealth of power. Even at such a young age, he’s already had so many power-ups that makes him feel like an overpowered and inexplicable character. It’s hard for fans to support him and get excited about his journey when everything seems to be going so smoothly for him.

3 The protagonist of the series is unlikely

Many fans find it difficult to like Boruto Uzumaki. Unlike his father, who was obnoxious but charming, Boruto is just obnoxious. He knows nothing about the struggles that Naruto and the others have had to endure while growing up, and because of that, he is completely spoiled and selfish.

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Boruto acts like a victim and annoys Naruto because of his position as Hokage. Given the harsh upbringing of the former protagonist, Boruto feels very unreachable and ungrateful to most fans. Because the series has a main character that is so hard to find, boruto is much harder for fans to get in than Naruto.

2 The fight scenes are not that good

As an action-packed Shonen series, everyone expects to see some epic fight scenes in boruto. While they’ve certainly gotten better lately, most found the fights in the series quite disappointing. Unlike the original series, borutoThe battles are often fast paced and boring, with much less action than the battles of the past.

Naruto fights were often a big deal in the series and left a lasting impression on fans. In comparison, many of the fight scenes in boruto are forgettable and leave much to be desired.

1 The series has had a very slow development

One of the worst things about boruto is how incredibly long it takes for something to happen. The Naruto franchise has always been slow in development, given the number of years the original series ran. However, like boruto started off with mundane storylines that led nowhere, it’s easy to see why fans get frustrated with the plot’s snails pace.

Recently, boruto has finally started to take off and get good. However, since the series has been airing since 2017, it shouldn’t have taken that long to get exciting. This slow development makes it feel like nothing is happening to the series, making it difficult for fans to maintain interest.

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