10 Great Mystery Anime Like Detective Conan

Detective Conan is one of the longest-running anime of all time, featuring intriguing crimes to be solved by the ghost of Shinichi Kudo, who has also mysteriously turned into a child! The end result is a funny and dramatic show where Shinichi has to try and impersonate multiple people to get his point across without being completely rejected.

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Considering how addictive this anime can be at times, it goes without saying that most people who get addicted to this show want to see more series in the same vein. Fortunately, there are several mystery anime, just like Detective Conan that are worth checking out, the most notable of which is mentioned below.


10 Obituary

Speaking of mystery anime without mentioning the brilliance of Obituary equals heresy. After all, this series is one of the most famous anime of all time and served as a gateway for several people to access this amazing medium.

The battle of wits between Light and L was amazing to watch, with each character pushing the other to the limit over and over again.

9 Sample

A mystery thriller in which an unsuspecting doctor finds himself embroiled in a controversy for years, Sample is a brilliant show that is still considered by many to be one of the best anime of all time. The show has a little bit of everything, which will certainly make it interesting enough as it is.

The seventy-four episodes in this anime take viewers on a journey through the ages. Given the incredible nature of the conclusion, it can easily be said that: Sample is a game worth everyone’s time!

8 Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is easily one of the most complicated anime on this list. In fact, the systems in this anime are so complex that it takes a few episodes to get the ball rolling.

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However, it’s worth waiting for the series to get good, which it certainly does after a point. Steins;Gate maybe a slow burn, but it’s when the fire is at its brightest that viewers can enjoy what is easily one of the best anime of all time.

7 Future Diary

Predicting the future is easily one of the most powerful skills anyone can have. However, it is the way Future Diary works around these concepts, making it such a captivating watch from start to finish.

The dynamics that Yuki and Yuno share throughout the show are quite engaging, and the supporting cast is quite entertaining in its own right, too. The quest to become God drives people crazy as they try to kill each other to get this crown.

6 Baccano!

Baccano! is a show that positively buzzes with energy in every episode. It also has one of the most intricate stories in an anime, thanks in no small part to its non-linear narratives.

It may take a while for viewers to get in Baccano!, but finally managing to connect the threads of the plot is an infinitely satisfying experience. The mystery surrounding the events of Baccano! are great and make it a must-see for fans of this genre.

5 The Kindaichi Case Files

The idea of ​​a high school student posing as a detective to solve crimes sounds like a pretty unique concept. However, it’s really surprising how many times this setting has been played in anime.

The Kindaichi Case Files is one such anime that uses this setting with great success. The crimes are really compelling, and the way Hajime Kindaichi solves these cases is a joy to watch!

4 Detective School Q

The makers of The Kindaichi Case Files were clearly enamored with the idea of ​​high school students solving crimes. After all, they wrote another story like this in the form of Detective School Q also!

The cases present in this show can be very complex at times, but no case is complex enough to stop the main characters in their tracks. The constant chess games that follow in this show make it a beautiful watch indeed!

3 Psycho-Pass

The idea of ​​living in a world where people who are likely to commit crimes are arrested before they can do the same sounds strangely logical and at the same time incredibly dystopian. Unfortunately this is the world the people of Psycho-Pass living in.

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This premise lends itself to some tense scenes where characters try to figure out if this crime-solving system is a good one. Regardless of a viewer’s personal opinion, the main mystery and infinite suspense of Psycho-Pass make it an excellent anime worth watching.

2 Ergo proxy

The idea of ​​subordinate machines reaching consciousness is a horrifying concept that has been explored multiple times in various media. To the credit of Ergo proxythis anime manages to use these themes in a unique way that has not been seen anywhere else.

The mysteries present in Ergo proxy are quite intriguing…although they may be much more mature than the standard case setup present in Detective Conan. Anyway, it’s a great show that deserves to be seen by every anime fan.

1 ghost stories

Unlike most of the other anime on this list, ghost stories is a strange paranormal mystery anime with a funny backstory behind it. While the Japanese dub is fairly harmless, the English dub has completely rewritten the script to add a lot of grown-up and hilarious jokes.

The end result is one of the most unique anime of all time whose dub is definitely more interesting than the premise. However, the mysteries in this show are still somewhat intriguing… even though viewers may be too busy laughing at the show’s dubbing to care that much!

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