10 Funny Introverted Anime Characters

The most popular anime characters have iconic personalities that are recognizable to many people from generation to generation and from all over the world. Some characters are known for their overbearing optimism, while others are known for their persistent pessimism. Either way, fans around the world love to watch how their favorite character’s personalities affect and are influenced by the world they live in.

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More recently, there are more and more anime characters who are introverted yet have a sense of humor. Reserved characters are easier to understand and appeal to more introverted viewers. The jokes that some anime characters get for their social awkwardness make them all the more lovable to their fans.

10 Houtarou Oreki just wants to be able to spend time alone (Hyouka)

Oreki from Hyouka is the standard dark-haired staple type staring out a window at the back of the class. He has strikingly similar personality traits to Shikamaru from Naruto. Oreki and Shikamaru have a relaxed attitude and describe many activities as too “tricky” or exhausting.

Oreki and Shikamaru actively avoid strenuous activities such as clubbing and socializing because it exhausts them too much. Oreki spends most of his screen time trying to get out of social situations discreetly, but eventually gets involved in his friends’ activities.

9 Ledo rarely gets the hint (Gargantia)

Gargantia on the green planet Ledo had an atypical childhood, which made it difficult for him to socialize when meeting new people. Ledo initially struggled to change his learned habits, but as he made more friends, he also improved his ability to communicate.

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Ledo’s initial social disconnect made him appear cold and indifferent and made it difficult for him to get close to people. Instead of feeling no emotions, he just found it hard to share his feelings with those he cared about.

8 Tatsuhiro Sato spends all his time in his bedroom (welcome to the NHK)

Welcome to the NHKs Tatsuhiro is a high school dropout who spends his time in his apartment on the Internet. He found fewer reasons for wanting to go out and only began to enjoy the fantasy worlds he saw in various media.

Tastuhiros began to spend more and more time indoors until he lost all desire to leave the house. He only rarely left his house to buy new games, manga or food. The amount of time he spent alone backfired when he had to go outside and struggled to talk to others due to his lack of exercise.

7 Komi Masayoshi struggles to communicate with his daughter (Komi can’t communicate)

Komi Masayoshi from Komi can’t communicate is one of the few examples of a present and decent anime dad. While he may seem very intimidating at first, the series soon reveals that he has just as much trouble talking to people as Komi.

Masayoshi even tried to take Komi out for lunch, but then he struggled to ask how her school life was going. His extreme hesitation in social situations explains why he talks so little Komi can’t communicate. He was silent because he was nervous.

6 Palm Siberia is an antisocial butterfly (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter x Hunter’s Palm Siberia is one of many anime characters whose simping makes up most of their personality. When she first appears, Palm’s blunt personality ensures that she makes a strong impression on both the show’s characters and viewers.

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Palm is straightforward and shares even her darkest thoughts and feelings. However, later in Hunter Hunter, Palm’s personality changed dramatically. She gained the ability to share her real emotions less seriously and got closer to many other characters in the anime.

5 Megumi Ishimaru loses sleep through manga and light novels (Devil’s Line)

In Devil’s LineDetective Ishimaru made a lasting impression on the main cast due to his vampire-like appearance. His tired eyes and pale skin confused Anzai into thinking he was also a devil, when really he was just an avid manga reader.

Ishimaru’s character design perfectly personifies the effects of staying up late. Ironically, Ishimaru’s features and attitude indicate that some people watch programs like the one he’s in instead of sleeping and are tired at work the next day, just like him.

4 L Lawliet often misses social cues (death Note)

L Lawliet out Obituary has a very memorable personality. Many fans find his mannerisms endearing during his interactions with the Task Force. L is known for spending a lot of time alone while working on cases, sometimes having difficulty communicating with others and causing disagreements within the police force.

L also tends to misinterpret social situations. In episode 19, Light sank as he pondered and L, assuming Light was thinking of cake, offered him some. L’s quirky habits and willingness to share his beloved desserts make him a fan favorite.

3 Shino Aburame socializes with himself (Naruto)

In NarutoShino’s reserved nature makes it difficult for anyone but Hinata and Kiba to get close to him. Even Naruto did not recognize him after his return from training.

During a joint mission, Shino asked Naruto to introduce him to Sai. Shino soon realized that Naruto knew nothing about him and decided to share some random facts about himself. Although Shino is rarely recognized by his peers, his fans know that his favorite things are Wild Grass Salad, Winter Melon, the color Moss Green and the Chameleon Flower.

2 Kusuo Saiki will go to great lengths to avoid social situations (Saiki K’s disastrous life.)

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. has become extremely popular since its original release. Saiki’s honest personality and meta comments on his series added a unique comedic element to the anime and made it more fun to watch.

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The plot of most episodes revolves around the extent to which Saiki will go to avoid annoying people in his life and of course eat his beloved coffee jelly. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. was a hit because it dramatized the struggles of introverted teens in a funny and engaging way.

1 Tomoko Kuroki is a hopeless weeb (WataMote)

In WataMote, Tomoko is one of the most famous anime characters in the world. Her struggles with socializing, obsession with otome games, and tendency to daydream are painfully easy for some fans to identify with. However, Tomoko also has an abrasive personality that doesn’t make it any easier for her to socialize.

Tomoko’s narcissistic, self-righteous view of the world makes her think everyone else is the problem and prevents her from changing. She is a stereotypical gamer who likes online simulators more than real people.

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