10 Fortnite Emotes That Haven’t Returned In Nearly 3 Years

There are about 657 emotes in Fortnite. Some are limited to the Battle Pass and become unreachable once the season ends, while others spin in and out of the item store. However, the rarest of the rare ones have not been seen in the game for an extended period of time – three years to be exact.

While the definition of “rare” will vary from player to player, it is usually measured by the amount of time a cosmetic item has not been seen in the item store.

Here are the 10 rarest emotes that haven’t been seen in Fortnite in almost three years.

Note: Last seen date information is taken from Fortnite.GG

Hot Marat, Widow’s Pirouette and 8 other Fortnite emotes that have not returned to the item shop on average for over 1000 days

1) Impetuous

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When it comes to rare emotes in Fortnite, Rambunctious is number one. It has not been seen in the item shop for more than 1435 days.

The emote is extremely rare and only a handful of players own it, despite its release during Chapter 1 Season 4. While the dance is kind of silly, it’s a fun emote to use in-game.

However, those hoping that the emote will return should keep their hopes low. Given that it is involved in a lawsuit, it will be kept until the end.

2) Fresh

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The Fresh emote was found in the game files at the very beginning of the Battle Royale mode. However, it wasn’t released until Chapter 1 Season 2 started.

The emote is based on the “Carlton dance” used by Alfonso Ribeiro in the fair prince series.

Despite a lawsuit in which the emote was removed, it was not added back to the game. It has been vaulted for 1426 days and still counting. Epic Games will likely keep it vaulted to avoid further disagreements.

3) Hot Marat

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During Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 6, as part of a short collaboration with Ralph Breaks the Internet, an emote was added to the game. While there wasn’t much to see or do during the crossover, the Hot Marat emote found a loving home in the community.

For unknown reasons, the emote was vaulted two days after the collaboration took place. From October 17, 2022, it will remain vaulted for 1422 days.

Since Epic Games and Disney have a good working relationship, it’s kind of odd that the emote was never added to the item store.

4) Neat

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Although Tidy became one of the most popular emotes when it was released in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3, it vaulted a few days later.

While the emote itself didn’t infringe on the original content, it did copy Snoop Dogg’s moves from his 2004 music video, Drop it like it’s hot. Since this was done without the rapper’s knowledge, the emote was removed from the item store and vaulted permanently.

As of today, October 17, 2022, it has not been seen for the past 1,405 days and will likely never be seen again.

5) Widow’s Pirouette

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Black Widow became a legend when she sacrificed herself to help the Avengers obtain the Soul Stone. Though the moment was filled with sadness, her memory lives on in Fortnite.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Black Widow’s emote, known as Window’s Pirouette, was vaulted and last seen 1,260 days ago. Considering she’s part of the MCU, which makes the character Disney’s property, this is rather odd.

Maybe one day it will return to the item store, along with other Marvel cosmetics.

6) Kiss the cup

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Those who played Fortnite in 2019 know this emote all too well. Kiss The Cup was the emote in Chapter 1 Season 9. It was part of the 2019 World Cup in which Bugha, aka Kyle Giersdorf, became the first champion of the game.

Since the emote was limited to the special event, it will likely never be brought back to the item store again. The only possible way it can return is if Epic Games hosts another World Cup for Fortnite. However, there is no guarantee that it will return even then.

7) Welcome and go home!

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Welcome and go home! emotes haven’t been seen since Fortnite’s OG days, and for good reason. Both were added to the game to celebrate or protest the Visitor. Considering how things turned out in the end, maybe the “Go Home!” emotion was better.

Aside from the storyline-related incidents, neither has been seen in the item store for 1,100 days. While Epic Games could easily add them back, both the charm and their rarity would be lost.

8) Airy

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Although Bendie and Twistie were recently spotted in the item shop, the emote that accompanies their cosmetic set is nowhere to be seen. For some reason, Epic Games has decided to keep the Breezy emote vaulted and out of the item store.

It had been last seen 1084 days ago and had gone on sale only four times. Since Epic Games generates revenue through the sale of cosmetics from the item shop, this is not done without reason.

9) Tsssss

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When it comes to unique animations for emotes in Fortnite, Tsssss stands out from many of them in terms of creativity. It is based on the Survivor franchise and was added to the game in Chapter 1 Season X. While it wasn’t much of a hit when it was released, it has become super rare at this point.

According to the official tracker, the emote was last seen 1079 days ago. Since there are no legal issues regarding the emote’s implementation and use, it’s a mystery why it was never added to the item store again.

10) Lively

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Vivacious was added to Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 5. It appeared in the item store nine times and became an instant hit among fans. However, it has not been seen for the past 1056 days.

Since there are no issues or controversies surrounding the emote, it’s unclear why Epic Games decided to keep it vaulted.

Anyway, if players were going to spend 800 V-Bucks on one item, why wouldn’t they? It may return one day, but until then players can only wait.

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