10 Coolest Berserk Characters, Ranked

Berserk is one of the biggest names in the world of seinen manga and anime, telling the legendary saga of the dark fantasy swordsman Guts and his quest to defeat the ambitious super villain Griffith. Fans love this series not only for its deep characters and solid world building, but also for its sheer coolness factor. Berserklike the gritty action scenes and amazing set pieces.

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Naturally, Berserks main characters are really cool too, and there’s a good reason why anime fans make awesome fan art of these characters or pay top dollar for figurines of them. In terms of their visual design, personalities, skills and dialogue, different Berserk characters stand out as the coolest. It is they who keep the story moving even after all these years.

10 Luca is the responsible big sister type

not all Berserks coolest characters are blood soaked warriors or iconic action heroes. Some of them are cool because they have inspiring, comforting personalities, with Luca as an example. She’s not a warrior, but she’s a responsible, caring type of big sister, making her a notable support character in Berserk.

Luca has emotional strength and maturity that make her a mainstay of her impoverished community, and she made an impression Berserk fans with her selfless effort to take care of everyone. She even made a good impression on the Skull Knight, that’s saying something.

9 Judeau was Guts’ first band of The Hawk Friend

In the early Golden Age, Guts recruited himself into the Band of the Hawk, but many members didn’t care or even annoy him, like Corkus. A welcome exception was the tough but fair soldier Judeau, who made a real effort to be Guts’ friend.

Judah is not Berserks most memorable character, but he’s pretty cool in his own right. He has a friendly, punkish, and mature personality and some serious knife throwing combat skills, and he’s even trained Guts. Finally, he bravely gave his life to help Casca escape the Apostles of the Eclipse.

8 Father Mozgus is cheeky, but he’s also pretty cool

In a dark and twisted way, the fanatical Father Mozgus is one of Berserks cooler characters, even if he’s a heartless monster of a villain. He was imposing and imposing as a high-ranking inquisitor and engaged in grand dialogue as commander of dedicated legions.

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Vader Mozgus was pretty heavy metal throughout Conviction’s storyline, including his constant use of torture, and he even had an alternate form. He got some cool angel wings before becoming a tough, scary and ultra cool pseudo-apostle to serve as a boss fight for Guts.

7 Roderick Is Berserk’s Captain Jack Sparrow

Later in the Falcon of the Millennium Empire storyline, Guts and his friends met a handsome, reckless ship captain named Roderick, a proud sailor from the nation of Iith. He feels at home in the open sea and is cool when he is in his element.

Roderick is confident, charming and highly skilled as a ship captain who outsmarts any pirate or bandit on the high seas, as Isidro himself saw. Anyone who enjoyed the cool pirates and ship captains in the pirates of the caribbean movies should meet Roderick next.

6 Serpico is Farnese’s protective half-brother

Serpico was initially hostile to Guts, and despite his inferior physical strength and the limited size of his rapier, he was actually a match for Guts, something few swordsmen can claim. Serpico deeply impressed Berserk fans with his cocky, confident skill in fighting Guts, earning him many cool points.

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Serpico’s coolness extends to his smooth, witty dialogue and roguish personality, making him an anti-hero like no other in Berserk. He later learned to use the Slyph Sword, giving him the power of supernatural wind in battle.

5 Casca was Griffith’s best knight for a while

Casca is one of the three main characters of Berserk, which means that she has gone through a lot of development as a cool, fun, likeable and exciting action heroine in the story. Even though her life is largely defined by suffering and trauma, Casca holds her head high and faces the future with her sword in hand.

Casca shone especially in the Golden Age. She was an ideal mix of strong, vulnerable, flawed and capable, making for an impressive package. She was even cooler when she led the charge and led her men to victory in the battle for Fort Doldrey.

4 Nosferatu Zodd is a beast in battle

Some anime warriors fight to survive, and others, like Nosferatu Zodd, survive so they can keep fighting forever. Zodd lives for battle and eagerly plunges into each battle to test his strength and enjoy the bloody exchange of swords in one fight after another.

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Overall, Zodd’s design as a brutal but honorable super warrior makes him really cool, even through Berserk standards. He also spread horrifying omens in the Golden Age, and best of all, he can morph into a demonic form with curled horns, a lion-like face, and bat-like wings.

3 The Skull Knight is Guts’ creepy ally

Even after reading 360+ chapters of Berserks manga, fans know little about the Skull Knight such as where he came from or how he became a living skeleton. Yet there is no doubt that this undead warrior on horseback is one of the Berserks coolest characters.

The Skull Knight has everything from stylish dialogue and cryptic messages to super cool armor, a sword of Behelits and a seductive aura of mystery around him. Whenever he deigns to appear, Berserk fans sit up and notice the arrival of this cool character.

2 Griffith is a compelling super villain

Ever since the wily Griffith appeared early in the Golden Age storyline, he’s been a mega cool Berserk character. Even if he has committed unforgivable acts, fans find him highly compelling. Griffith is confident, sophisticated, charming, intelligent, highly skilled and quite ambitious in his quest for his own kingdom.

Griffith rides around in cool armor, charms everyone in the Midland royal court, kills his would-be assassins, leads his army into battle and more. Now he is reborn as an impossibly beautiful and powerful super being who will rule and protect the world from monsters and the Kushan Empire.

1 Guts is the coolest Seinen hero of them all

If only one seinen protagonist can be called cool, it has to be Guts, the “black swordsman” himself. Other signal heroes, such as Thorfinn from Vinland Saga and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebopare pretty cool, but Berserk’s own main character takes the crown.

Guts exudes a constant air of classy badassery with his cool armor, iconic dragon slayer sword, frenzied combat style, succinct dialogue and gritty, brutal character arc. Guts has defeated thousands of enemies and endured severe hardships, but none of that has broken him. His hopeful spirit is radiant, which is equally cool and inspiring.

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