10 Coolest Anime Characters Without Powers

Characters don’t always need superpowers to be cool. In anime, there are so many protagonists who can move faster than the eye can see, or hit a tank with little effort. That doesn’t include the feats characters in Battle Shonen like Dragon Ball Z or magical girl shows like Sailor Moon are able to.

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However, anime is more than just great powers, it’s also about interesting people. Some characters don’t have any special abilities or superhuman powers, but they still find their way into the pantheon of the coolest characters in anime.

10/10 Mugen does everything in his own way

Samurai Champloo

Mugen makes his first appearance in Samurai Champloo episode one fights evenly against a skilled swordsman like Jin. He is almost completely self-taught and combines breakdancing with his sword techniques to make him completely unpredictable.

At a time when fighters all had masters and schools of rigid mindsets, Mugen took things in his own way. It’s this willpower that made him such a compelling character to follow. It also helped that he often reacted to the group’s situations in a recognizable way.

9/10 Mystogan doesn’t need powers to help

Fairy tale

You might think that in a universe of mages, Mystogan would be a powerful mage. Mystogan actually hails from Edolas, a world where humans possess no magic. They have magical tools, but are otherwise normal people. Despite this, Mystogan became an S-Class magician working with his guild.

It was eventually revealed that he was actually the Edolas version of Jellal and a prince in his world. When he travels back to Edolas, Mystogan was willing to give up any chance to even come close to magic just to help his people.

8/10 Zechs Merquise is the best of the Char Clones

Gundam Wing

Zechs Merquise comes from a long line of clones of Universal Century Gundam antagonist, Char Aznable. Despite being a pilot in a mobile suit, Char also had powers. He was a NewType, who had developed skills beyond those of humans living on Earth. Zechs has no special skills for him, and in fact he has to earn everything he does by working hard.

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The only reason he could use the Tallgeese was because he was disciplined enough to master the suit’s G-forces, making him a match for the Gundams as his army was destroyed. In the end, he was also the only pilot talented enough to duel Heero Yuy.

7/10 Yang Wen-Li is the strategist who doesn’t want power

Legend of Galactic Heroes

In the midst of a war that has been going on for over a hundred years, the Free Planets Alliance began to disintegrate until Yang Wen-Li stepped in. Legend of Galactic Heroes. Most of the leaders in the Free Planets Alliance were incompetent politicians who wanted to keep their jobs, but Yang was different.

He was aware of what was happening on his side of the battlefield as well as on that of his opponent. He showed due respect for the Galactic Empire and the dangers of war, but he always did it with a smile on his face. He was not looking for power, but for a long-lasting peace where people could be happy.

6/10 Gotou Kiichi can be calm leading Division 2 . preserve


Patlabor’s Goto can keep his cool while leading Division 2. One of the noisiest, toughest divisions in the Tokyo Police Department, and he knows how to keep them under control. He remains nonchalant about any situation, so it’s easy to believe that he just doesn’t have a handle on what’s happening.

But more than anyone in the series, Goto Kiichi seems to understand himself, his department, and even his enemies. He is always several steps ahead, which is why he commands the respect of his subordinates.

5/10 Kaito Kuroba is the greatest phantom thief

Magic Kaito 1412

Kaito Kid is such an exceptional phantom thief that he has never been caught, despite having the most obvious real name in the world. Although Kaito Kuroba had no experience carrying out heists when his series began, he learned quickly.

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Kaito combines his magic as a magician with his ghost heists, making him particularly elusive. No matter how cleverly the police try to get hold of him, Kaito has always been one step ahead of him. It’s not easy being a thief and being a student; it’s even harder to look cool when you do it.

4/10 Roger Smith is Batman with a giant robot

Big O

Batman is already a beloved character, and the smooth-talking Roger Smith is what happens when Batman had no secret identity and fought crime in a tuxedo, trading the Batmobile for a giant robot. Roger Smith is rarely caught without an answer to the situation.

Several people rely on him, even the police call on him when their affairs get out of hand and they have to deal with giant robots. Big O was loved when it came out on Toonami, and the biggest part of that was how much the fanbase loved the main character of the series.

3/10 Loid Forger will do anything to accomplish his mission

Spy x Family

Spy x Family is far from a typical action series. Most of the focus is on getting Anya everything she needs to make sure Loid can get close to his target. Still, Loid as Twilight is a brilliant secret agent. Not only is he able to embarrass a whole group of enemies, he can do so while tracking down his adopted daughter.

Although he doesn’t quite understand how raising a child works, Loid is a better father than many biological fathers in anime. The effort he puts in being both a spy and a parent makes him one of the most likeable anime characters in modern manga.

2/10 Ryo Saeba is the best shot ever

city ​​fighter

It might be a little hard to believe that Ryo can be cool when people usually see him acting like a goof about beautiful women. But all those things are meant to make his customers less concerned, Saeba Ryo is one of the most dangerous people in his series.

He has no special powers, he is just well trained after his time in South America. He has a purpose bordering on superhuman, and he uses his modified rifle to do everything from firing the propellers on a helicopter to taking out an army of armored drones.

1/10 Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter in space

Cowboy Bebop

Everyone inside Cowboy Bebop is the epitome of cool, that’s kind of the point. But everything about Spike Spiegel, from his mysterious past to his Jeet Kune Do martial arts use, is designed to trick people into thinking he’s the coolest person ever. The first episode also goes a long way in making him look great.

After his target rips through a massive crowd thanks to his use of Red Eye, Spike still takes him into the show’s best martial arts scene by far. That fight scene is just cool enough to make people forget how he loses all his others.

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