10 Best Wolf Pokémon, Ranked

pokemon is not known for its scary looking animals. One of the world’s most frightening and meanest animals is the wolf. Often depicted as a predator, this canine creature establishes a presence that is considered vicious, brutal, and dominant on those occasions when a person or other animal encounters a wolf in the wild.

Wolves have also become a visual basis for some of the menacing creatures from some of the stories we know, ranging from the mythical Fenrir of Norse mythology to the big bad wolf, the antagonist in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. And in the colorful and playful world of pokemonwolves are also rampant.

Some Pokémon are based on wolves, some are considered the quintessential predator, but some are also seen as cute creatures. But depending on which angle you can see through it, there will always be some standout points in the wolf-Pokémon pack.

Here’s our list of the best wolf Pokemon, ranked by skills, appearance, story significance, and overall community impact.

10 Best Wolf Pokémon, Ranked

10) Rockruff

Image via The Pokémon Company

The cute looking Rock type Rockruff is tenth on our list. It doesn’t look like an adult wolf-like creature, but Rockruff is too cute, putting it on our list. Imagine a baby wolf trying to be ferocious, but Rockruff being cute always stands out.

Lycanroc’s evolution (or evolutions) is the most viable option in terms of powers and abilities, as Rockruff’s stats aren’t that impressive to use in combat.

Still, the look offers a different perspective on wolves, giving their baby versions some spotlight when it comes to cuteness. Rockruff’s eyes can be described as something that can talk, and maybe we can’t help it.

9) Boltund

Image via The Pokémon Company

When it comes to cuteness, Boltund’s basic version, Yamper, is the obvious choice. But when it comes to a wolf-like Pokémon, Boltund is a much better option. Even if his round eyes can still be labeled as cute and shiny, this Electric type can work wonders in combat, embodying the aggressive vibe a wolf can impart.

Boltund has an impressive stat of 121 speeds, bringing the base total to 490. However, its HP is a bit low, listed at 69. But this Pokémon can do some of the flashiest Electric-type moves in the game, such as Spark, Wild Charge, and Electric Terrain. Boltund can be good if you’re trying to make it a pet or travel companion, but it can also be a viable weapon when needed in combat.

8) Absolutely

Image via The Pokémon Company

One of the most unusual picks on our list, Absol, the Generation III Pokémon, may not look like a wolf at first glance. Its body is covered in white fur, while its features somehow represent a camel with smaller knobs.

But if it makes a facial expression, you can see its menacing demeanor here, which can be compared to how a wolf behaves.

Absol’s neutral, mysterious atmosphere that can turn dangerous is surrounded by his impressive stats. It has a powerful attack stat of 130 and 150 in Mega Evolution, while it lists a base stat of 465 for the normal version, and the Mega Evolution is 565. Absol is a Dark-type Pokémon and grants it access to moves such as Knock Off, Night Slash, and Sucker Punch.

7) Poochyena

Image via The Pokémon Company

Rockruff is really cute and adorable in all its aspects. But if you want a wolf-like Pokémon that’s still cute yet has a more aggressive look than Rockruff, Poochyena could be your best bet. Mightyena’s baby version may not be the best when it comes to fighting, but this little creature resembles what looks like a ferocious baby wolf.

Poochyena’s debut in the anime series already showed that it has a fierce natural look. In the episode titled Get the show on the road, a couple of Poochyena chased and attacked Professor Birch. This alone makes our cute but wild Baby Wolf Pokemon a potential threat. And when it evolves into Mightyena, it’s a different case as it can be difficult to deal with its attitude and movements.

6) Lucario

Image via The Pokémon Company

Lucario, a Pokémon that can talk and stand with both feet, strongly portrays Anubis, a well-known Egyptian with a wolf head. This alone makes the dual-type Fighting/Steel Pokémon a contender on our list, in addition to its great combat prowess.

Lucario has an impressive base total of 525, with 110 on his attack and 115 on special attack. But its potential can be unlocked when it mega-evolves, where it increases Mega Lucario’s base stats to 625 (145 of this is for his attack stats, while 140 is for his special attack). Some moves in Lucaro’s arsenal of combat attacks include Metal Claw, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed, and Close Combat. It also played in a handful pokemon movies, including the 2005 movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

5) Manectric

Image via The Pokémon Company

If you look at Manetric’s colors, neither the yellow nor the blue hue indicates that it might resemble a wolf. But the statute says otherwise, and being a canine Pokemon, it’s already a natural predator that could be even stronger thanks to Manetric’s Electric-type moves and abilities.

Introduced in Generation III, Manectric is the signature Pokémon of Wattson, the Electric-type Gym Leader of the Hoenn region. Manectric has the distinction of being a high-speed, special-attack Pokémon, with a 105 stat for each and a base stat of 75. Some of its moves include Discharge, Wild Charge, and Thunder, and Manectric can also mega-evolve. Don’t be surprised once it happens, because you might just see a huge lightning bolt with a little bit of Manetric.

4) Zacian and Zamazenta

Image via Pokemon

The Legendary Banner Pokémons of the Sword and Shield series, Zacian and Zamazenta, had become some of the best combat options when they arrived via the main games. Both Zacian and Zamazenta are Steel-type, with the former embodying the symbol of the sword and focusing more on attack, while the latter carries the shield banner and focuses heavily on defense.

They also share the same base stat total, listing up to 670 when in their base forms, and a powerful 720 when entering their crowned forms. As for their appearance, Zacian and Zamazenta are canine creatures, with their wolf-like eyes giving a neutral yet aggressive look. But their elegant appearance when they morph into their crowned form makes them extraordinary wolves that carry great power and significance to the story, especially to the Galar region.

3) Mightyena

Image via The Pokémon Company

To be fierce is an understatement to describe Mightyena. This Hyena slash Wolf creature is menacing at first glance. A Pokémon can give off a very intimidating aura, especially since its teeth are almost always visible. It can easily scare off other Pokémon, whether in combat or just in the wild.

But beyond its already wolf-like qualities, Mightyena is no stranger to being powerful in real-life combat. It has a good base stat of 420 and can use moves like Crunch, Sucker Punch and Play Rough. It already looks like a total force to be reckoned with when you see it, but just imagine there would be a Mega-Evolution of Mightyena in the future. That would just be a killer in stats and design and could definitely seal the deal to become one of the best wolf Pokemon.

2) Zoroark

Image via the Pokémon Company

Zoroark has a mix of a wolf and a fox-like creature, although it is completely covered in grayish-black fur with some red highlights. It is also bipedal, meaning it can stand with both feet and may not resemble the wolves’ usual four-legged stature. But what keeps Zoroark in second place on our list is the powerful abilities seen in combat.

Zoroark has access to many Dark-type moves, such as Night Slash, Night Daze, and Foul Play. It has a base stat of 510 and 120 is listed for its special attack stats. Zoroark starred in a pokemon movie, namely Pokémon – Zoroark: Master of Illusions. This shows how influential Zoruark is in the world of Pokémon and how it can be considered a great choice in determining some of the best wolf Pokémon in the franchise.

1) Lycanroc

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon that takes the top spot on our list is the one that can be considered the closest representation of a wolf in the vast and diverse world of pokemonthat is none other than Lycanroc.

Lycanroc already resembles a wolf by his appearance alone. From its head, nose, mouth, fangs, body, fur, tail and almost everything else, this Pokémon embodies the aesthetics and spirit of a wolf. Another bonus is that it has three forms, meaning it can take on three different forms of a wolf. When it enters one of its three forms, its red eyes are just the meanest wolf eyes you’ll ever encounter in the Pokémon world.

All Lycanroc forms display a base stat of 487. It can also use a diverse arsenal of moves such as Rock Slide, Crunch, and Stone Edge.

Lycanroc is indeed the best wolf Pokemon out there, and you should be very careful if you have the chance to run into it in the games – you’ve been warned!

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