10 Best Non-Legendary Fires in the Series, Ranked

Since the beginning, Pokémon Types have been an integral part of the franchise. As of the current generation, there are 18 different Pokémon types, ranging from the classic Fire, Water, and Grass to Fairy’s newest addition. It can be difficult to pick a favorite, let alone keep track of its strengths and weaknesses. It can be difficult to compare each type with another, but it is quite another to look at the different members of a particular type.

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There are 85 Fire-Type Pokémon across the eight generations, including all evolutions and legendary. Their ranks include the ever-popular Charizard line from Kanto, as well as some relatively unknowns like Blacephalon from the Alola region. While you usually can’t go wrong with a Fire-Type, these ten Pokémon (and their evolutionary lines) stood out from the crowd.


10 Litleo/Pyroar

From the Kalos region, Litleo and its evolution Pyroar are Lion-based Pokémon with Fire and Normal Typing. Like their real-life inspiration, Pyroar has a male and female form, although these design differences don’t affect their in-game abilities.

The highest stat is HP, closely followed by Special Attack and Speed. All the moves it naturally teaches are Fire-Type and Normal-Type, which is great to take advantage of the Same Type Attack bonus, but worthless to have options for strategy. Fortunately, it can learn a lot from TM.

9 heat mor

Introduced in Generation V, Heatmor is a single evolution, anteater-based Pokémon. The best stat is Special Attack, which is always a bonus for Fire-Type. However, it doesn’t naturally learn many Fire-Type moves and has a fairly shallow pool of motion outside of TMs.

When it comes to moves it can be learned by TM, it has an impressive variety with grass and water type moves that can really surprise your opponents. For the patient trainer, Heatmor can be an excellent and versatile partner.

8 Turtonator

Turtonator is an extremely frustrating Pokémon to battle, and it can be an absolute nightmare to catch. With his Shell Trap attack, he deals massive damage when hit when he has the trap in place. If you try to catch one in the wild, it will likely use Explosion, so it’s wise to have a Ghost-Type for your party.

The best stat is defense, and it has a set that reflects that. This is a Pokémon meant to take the heavy blows before causing a big scene with its high damage, high level attacking moves. Use Shell Trap to your advantage, or use the old favorite Overheat. There’s always Explosion when it’s time to end the battle in one go.

7 Numel/Camerupt

Introduced in Generation III, Numel and its evolution Camerupt are dual Ground/Fire-Types. They are sturdy companions with a good balance of stats. The type combo makes them very weak to water type moves, but their strengths more than make up for it.

It has good attack stats and good defense stats, but crappy speed. The displacement set doesn’t depend on speed though, so it won’t be much of an issue. There’s a good amount of versatility in his moves, so you’ll have plenty of room to experiment.

6 Fletchling/FletchinderTalonflame

The Fletchling line is one of the better regional bird Pokemon, and there aren’t many double Fire/Flying types that aren’t legendary. Talonflame is also a great example of the cool final form of a cute pre-evolution that still retains the key design features that define the line.

Talonflame is built to use Speed ​​during combat, and it has a good balance in its other stats so you have some flexibility in how you want to do it. The natural movement pool leans more toward Flying-Type moves than Fire-Type, so keep that in mind when building your team.

5 Scorbunny/Raboot/Cinderace

The Fire-Type starter from the Galar region is going through a bit of an awkward teenage phase in its mid-evolution, but there’s no denying that Scorbunny is a cutie. Cinderace’s signature move, Pyro Ball, is also incredibly powerful and dangerously accurate.

Speed ​​is the best stat of the line, followed by Attack, so you’re almost certain to hit first unless your opponent uses a move that always goes first. This line is incredibly versatile for Pokémon that rely on Speed, with both Flying-Type and Psychic-Type moves in their natural learning pool.

4 Houndor/Houndoom

A Fire/Dark-Type line, Houndor and Houndoom were introduced in the Gold and Silver games. With a design reminiscent of the mythical hellhound, these Pokémon are quite intimidating and have the power to match. But don’t worry, they are very good dogs.

Special Attack is their specialty, but Defense is their weak point. It is in your best interest to avoid hitting them, either by dodging or by lowering the accuracy of your opponents. Once you know how to balance their weakness, they are unstoppable.

3 Growlithe/Arcanine

The original good dogs of the Pokémon franchise, it was no wonder Growlithe and Arcanine would end up so high on the list. They are fan favorites and have earned that place by being powerful and versatile. If you need both a physical attacker and a Pokémon capable of dealing with special attacks, this rule might be your answer.

Their move set is incredibly long, both for moves they learn through leveling and moves they learn through TM which means you have a lot of tricks to teach this old dog. Attack is his best stat, though the others aren’t too shabby either. No wonder they are so popular!

2 Litwick/Lamp/Chandelure

You can’t go wrong with a Fire/Ghost combo. Chandelure and its pre-evolutions are cool to watch, rich in knowledge and powerful in battle. They’re also creepy and cute at the same time, which is always a bonus. With their types, it’s the best choice to focus their move on using their high Special Attack stats.

When it comes to their moving pool, there is a lot to choose from. Aside from the expected Ghost-Type and Fire-Type moves, there are a number of powerful Psychic-Type and Dark-Type moves, including a few that are unique to this line. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these guys.

1 Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion

Two-time starter and all-round joy of a Pokémon, Cyndaquil is hands down the best Fire-Type starter and the evolution line is generally the best Fire-Type on this list. While Special Attack is Typhlosion’s best stat, the other stats are well balanced. By the time it’s fully evolved, it can withstand surprisingly hard hits from almost any type of attack except rock and water.

In terms of both design cohesion and an easy-to-customize displacement kit, the Cyndaquil line is the best of the bunch. There is a natural growth in its evolutions that makes it really feel like the same Pokémon despite its changes. While it doesn’t have the flashiest moves, there’s nothing that doesn’t put it to good use on the list. Typhlosion and its pre-evolutions are sturdy companions that will guide you through any adventure.

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